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Found 3,594 results

  1. Hi, I do a lot of photo editing in Affinity Photo and Capture One. I also do a lot of vector editing in Affinity Designer. Last year, to speed up workflow, I bought a new Apple iMac Pro 3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W, 64GB memory, Radeon Pro Vega 64X 16 GB graphics card and 2 TB SSD. This machine did cost me 8500€! This is very very expensive for me, but previously I had a MacBook Pro (2016) that was too slow for my graphics editing. So I thought to me let's spend a little more money to get a really powerful and fast machine, so my graphics editing will be in realtime without waiting time at all. At least that was what I wished and thought. But I have to say that neither Affinity Photo nor Affinity Designer have become much faster with the new computer. Both programs often have very long waiting times when working. I always watch the CPU usage and see that no core is ever used to its maximum. Let alone that all cores are used. It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that I have waiting times in the programs if there are enough performance resources available but they are not being used. For example, I like to work with the Inpainting Brush in Affinity Photo. Sometimes I really have to wait about a minute for it to finish calculating. It is very annoying. During this time, my computer has enough resources that Affinity does not use to calculate it faster. It may take advantage of 2-3 cores in half and the GPU by a quarter. But the rest of the cores do almost nothing. And we're not talking about huge photos here. I recently edited a 12MP iPhone photo. Or I work in Affinity Designer with graphics that consist of approx. 2000 elements. It is almost impossible to select all of these elements and move them around. It is so jerky that the graphics are rendered here and there and lag behind. It is impossible to work with. Here too it can be observed that perhaps two of the CPU cores do something, but are also underutilized. The rest does nothing. The GPU doesn't do anything either. Believe me, I've tried every combination of performance settings in Affinity Photo and Designer. Because it really annoys me that everything is so slow! But it only got slower than faster. I would understand that there is a waiting period if all resources are used to the maximum and there are no resources left. But because the CPU and GPU of my machine are mostly idle while I see slow process bars and long waiting and reaction times, I wonder if something is wrong? My question is, can I do something about it e.g. use certain special settings or is Affinity Photo and Designer not developed for using the performance of my machine? I've already spoken to Apple Support who checked my machine. But everything is normal and fine. I have reinstalled macOS and every app. But it hasn't changed. I mean a year ago this machine was advertised as "Power for Pros" or as "the fastest Mac every build". It would only have been faster with the 18 cores version with 256GB memory. So I ask myself, what machine do I need to buy from Apple to have a noticeable speed advantage? Best regards, Christoph
  2. Good Sunday everybody. I need help since I cannot get through a shape cut in my current job. I made a bitmap to vector conversion with InkScape. I am in the need of creating various layers starting from the big shape created by the conversion process so I'll be able to modify them easily. I made a screenrecording. Thank you in advance. Ale 20200628095820.mov
  3. Fallen A return to inking....and a bit of experimentation AD 1.8 Original size 1500 x 500mm 300dpi Uploaded at 3543 x 1181 jpg Fallen:Sepia Version Fallen:Coloured Version
  4. About The Box Set is hundreds of vector and raster brushes made for Affinity Photo & Designer. Each brush was handmade using real materials scanned at high resolutions and crafted to simulate real media. I wanted the origin of the brushes to have a heritage of the materials they are simulating. Scanning pools of watercolor, swatches of paint, and stipples of charcoal contributed to creating brushes with the same idiosyncratic material magic. My only request is that you take these brushes, with their clever names, as suggestions. They work superbly out of the box, but I strongly encourage you to adjust the sliders, rearrange or remove the textures, and discover how they can suit your hand(s). Make. Discover. Repeat. Cheers and happy art making, -Jef (WREN) RASTER BRUSHES For use in Affinity Photo and Designer. The blending brush in the Oil Set is the only one exclusive to Affinity Photo. DRAFTING INK OIL Oil Brush Dynamics Most oil brushes have blending built into pen pressure. With a single brush and hue you can adjust the luminosity of the stroke- giving it an oily blend. The Brush's color in the example above is the color of the background. A normal pressure gives you the hue without any lightening or darkening. WATERCOLOR ACRYLIC VECTOR BRUSHES For use with Affinity Designer Only. Pen & Ink Charcoal & Graphite Sumi-E Painterly Drips Handlettering LINKS The Box Set
  5. Can't wait to share these live filters!! I've found it from this link, the author told me that he was saved Affinity Photo filters as Assets and now #AD can use live filters as well, but perspective fitler not working properly Any way it's definitely cool in #AD, try it now Afans Live Filters - for Designer 1.6.zip
  6. I signed up for some quick freelance work for a friend’s game... Made a few inventory items of sort, but using the iPad instead of the usual PC setup. Figured some stuff: Layer management becomes really troublesome when the number of layers/shapes increases. So I opted to separate each items as different files. Pro: Numbers of shapes and layers are manageable Con: you’ll have to open each files and then export all manually one by one. I wish there’s a batch export from the project preview (same as the screenshot) Ran into some trouble exporting assest as SVG. I realized that layer blending mode weren’t supported yet. Those with blending mode are rasterized upon export as svg. These assets will be exported in different dimension to be used in-game. It’s very tedious to do that in affinity designer for iPad... so i’d like the exported assets to be in vector and compatible with different vector softwares out there. I use figma.com to setup and automate image processing. Had to remove all blending modes and had to rely on fill opacity instead. They’re not a lot so it’s fine. Line weight tool is a favorite of mine... it gets annoying when i reach a number of nodes. Even the apple pencil is having a hard time with it. i wish there are other ways to manage line weight for complex shapes. Otherwise, I had a blast making these. The sketch to finish workflow is very streamlined.
  7. Dear Affinity community, I have a mystery that maybe one of you might help me to resolve ! I need to print a black and white vector drawing on a booklet. I made it with multiple black and white shapes or lines with Affinity Designer. When I print it directly from Affinity Designer (with file > print) it looks great : the vector lines look very sharp and the white color from my design is replaced by the color of my printing paper : this is exactly what I want ! I don't even have to export it first ! The problem comes with Affinity Publisher. When I insert this drawing in my composition (with file > insert) in order to illustrate my booklet ; I can't print it in the same way. Either my outlines look pixelized (like a low resolution .jpg file) Or my white color appear slightly different from the color of my printing paper (a very light grey) and I dont want that. I just want it to be transparent and replaced by the white color of my printing paper. Trust me, I tried every solution I could find on the internet to fix these problems (different export format, bend options, "erase white paper" option...) and nothing works. If anybody has a solution I would be very grateful for your help ! Thanks, in advance ! All the best, Lanval
  8. I've had this issue with Affinity Designer on Mac for years, but have always lived with it. Today it bit me three times so I'm motivated to finally ask a question! If I drag and drop a non native file such as a pdf or ai file into Designer it opens a small pop-up window to confirm parameters such as dpi, fonts etc. In itself that isn't a problem, however, depending on which window was last active, that pop up window can open behind the main Affinity Window. If that happens there is no way to access it. Affinity is waiting for input from that window, but there is no way to get to the window to provide that input. The main Affinity window is locked out, and will accept no input. Nor can you access it through the 'show all windows' option in the dock. The only way I've found to recover is to do a force quit on AD and start again. That often results in lost data and much cursing... Is there a way to avoid this problem or to recover from it? As I say this issue has been there in every version of AD since the beginning. I can usually avoid it by remembering to click n the AD window first to make sure it's active, but I forget from time to time.
  9. I have just purchased Affinity Designer 1.8.3 and have noticed a user interface bug in that the "Zoom" label isn't displaying correctly in the Context Toolbar. I have attached a screenshot to clarify what I mean.
  10. Just fooling around with triangles and texture in Affinity Designer. I then exported out layers and added some animation and audio.
  11. So I’ve been trying to export this picture that I made to PDF and it isn’t working. Random lines show up and letters are missing. Even some of the color that I put in has moved and isn’t showing up. I don’t know what’s going on at all. I’m trying to do PDF print and PDF for export so that I can use this as a logo. All of the layers are normal Would it be better to use PNG instead for printing a logo? I need the vector to come out beautifully. Gin Glow RGB final?.pdf Gin_Glow_RGB_).pdf
  12. Sorry if I am posting a question that has been answered; I searched previous topics and could not find this answer. In Gimp, there is a function to select and remove by color. Is this function available in Photo or Designer? WHERE, PRETEL?
  13. Hi, I am using AD to do some inking illustrations and it's doing the best job. better than Ai. However there is one little thing that hinders the work. When drawing with pen tool I don't always need to close a path (eg drawing a human figure) But after finishing one stroke as you move far away to start new stroke it automatically joins to the last point. In Ai what I would do is hit the shortcut 'p' on keyboard and I am able to draw a new stroke without closing the previous path. in AD as a workaround now after drawing a stroke with pen tool (unclosed path) I click 'v' for move tool and then click anywhere on canvas to get rid of the continuous path, and then again clicking 'p' for pen tool to draw new stroke. This adds 2 new steps and when you have to draw a lot it is kind of annoying and slowing you down. Is it possible to refresh the pen tool by clicking p so it drops the existing stoke and you are ready to draw new stroke. I hope I am able to explain. Let me know if I am missing any setting for this.( eg. keep path selected). Think of drawing something as simple as the attached jpg. thanks and regards, Raman
  14. Hi Everyone Am unable to locate the Artboard Tool in Affinity Designer. Has this tool been removed? I can create an artboard using Doc Setup. Can also select the artboard that gets created and duplicate into a new artboard and rename. However the actual Tool within toolbox is missing.
  15. Pen to watercolour This may be well-known or obvious, or not, but I found a way with vector drawings in Affinity Designer to produce images that are much better than I can do freehand at this time. I draw a line or curve using the Pen Tool and adjust it to what I want, then I change the line for a watercolour brush. So I get a watercolour line drawing with a precision that I just cannot do directly freehand at this time. William
  16. Hi, I have just downloaded the trial version of Affinity Designer. Whenever installing it says Setup Failed. I have the up to date version of .net When I search in the SetupUI this is what I get: Startup: 6/24/2020 9:00:35 AM OS version: 10.0.18362 ProductName: Designer ProductType: Retail Opening HKLM... OK Opening registry key: 'SOFTWARE\Serif\Affinity\Designer\1'... Failed Getting ProgramW6432 environment variable... OK Install path not found, using default: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer Opening MSI database: Affinity.msi Opening database view: SELECT `Value` FROM `Property` WHERE `Property`='ProductVersion' OK Can you help me work out why setup is failing? Thanks Rose
  17. Hi all! I’m trying to check if there is a way to get rulers or guides turned on when doing work within designer? many thanks!
  18. Hello, I would like some help locating the noise texture option in Affinity Designer. When just using the program I saw it under gradients all the time, and then it just disappeared i don't know if it was due to an update or if i had clicked something. I have held CRTL down when booting the program up and reset everything but "document presets" and it still does not appear. Kind Regards
  19. Hi everyone, I'm new to affinity designer and have a question, that may have been answered before, but bec. I don't know the right terminology couldn't find. What is the most effective and easy way to shape the right picture like the left one? Thank you so much for your help! - Julius
  20. Text usage is very slow. If I use a text frame, after less than a paragraph it starts to slow down -- I type in text and it takes a moment or two to show up on the screen. It gets slower as I integrate more text. Slightly worse with artistic text. Affinity Designer Version: (recent install) OS: Windows 10 [10.0.18363.778] Video card: Radeon RX 570 (in case it helps) OS was recently installed, with minimal number of fonts installed. Same issue even on a clean boot with no other applications running. Strange: I have a dual-screen setup -- when I use the second screen for the dockers (I would like to have this setup) the problem is MUCH worse. Note my main screen is landscape and my second screen is portrait orientation. This is not very much text. I realize for many pages of text this would be the wrong application and that might be an issue but this is just a few paragraphs, that might appear on any number of flyers, info sheets, etc. Any ideas are much appreciated!
  21. I don't have a problem getting access to full range of colors when I upload image w color or create my own from scratch but when I try to add colors to a black and white tiff image it converts all my colors to gray scale. Even when I can get to the menu to give me the option of selecting a color once I select it as my fill option it instantly turns it to gray. Am I missing something? Please help.
  22. Hello everyone I am facing an issue related to sizing of an Image. Mostly I use Affinity Designer for all kinds of work. Today I wanted to use Affinity photo and when I decrease the image size it got blurry. Then I opened the same photo in Designer and resized it but the quality remained intact. My question is why this quality difference between both software when Affinity photo is actually supposed to work well with photos. I have attached 2 photos from Affinity photo and designer.
  23. How does one get a png file into Affinity Designer please? I am trying to use one of the twenty png paper designs in the DAUB® Watercolours & Washes package. The files are png format. William
  24. If I have an image with a transparent background -in my case an SVG image I have imported in Affinity Designer to edit it, and I set one of the layer on "erase"'s blend mode. When I export the image in svg's format the whole image is flattened. In my case it rendered then a white background. I haven't tested on Affinity Photo or Publisher.
  25. I ran into an unusual bug these days: every time I selected a font from a font library collection, the weights were duplicated (even on system fonts, tested after deleting all user fonts). However, if i select the font from the upper menu or the studio window (all fonts) before I acess a collection, this doesn't seem to happen (after I acess one, they duplicate in every menu). This happens in all three apps, and I've already tried to solve this problem by: - deleting all user fonts; - changing the font manager to a 3rd party one; - deleting all the user settings & software and reinstalling (I have the apple store version); Does anyone know what can cause this type of bug or how solve it? Gravação_de_Tela_2020-06-19_às_23_01_19.mov
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