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  1. I just bought my copy off AD and it really seems to be exactly what I was looking for.. I'm quite new with vectors and AI is waaaay too complicated for my taste. Anyhows: AD and PS make one great team! -M
  2. I found Affinity Designer after deciding not to continue with Adobe Illustrator's monthly subscripton fees (after using it for several years). To learn the interface and tools, I decided to hand trace the classic Electric Light Orchestra logo from the 1976 "A New World Record" album cover. I love using AD, and looking forward to more features that will make it even better than Illustrator :)
  3. So far, PSD import in Affinity Designer has been pretty stellar. Export is my current problem. I created an email design in Affinity Designer, then attempted a PSD export with both "Preserve Editability" and "Preserved image precision" set. I've tried this both from our office server and from a working copy of the file on my desktop. Both give me an empty 2kb file and an "end of file" message when attempting to open in Photoshop.
  4. This was all done with text, vectors, and layer efffects. Watch the video here
  5. In this Affinity Designer tutorial, I will show you how to make text look like metal. For more Affinity Designer tutorials makes sure you subscribe to my channel. Watch the Video
  6. So I had to deal with the urgency of this double character design for an e-learning game. I used AD to refine the blue pencil sketch. Traced and refined shapes And now I'm searching for values that work Soon full colour version! Much faster than in AI days...
  7. Giving Affinity Designer a go on a few client projects—mostly, it's performing beautifully. Yet occasionally, after a bit of work, the node and move tools seem to go inactive. I have two or three groups of layers and a few individual layers. It's only occasional, but I'm hitting points where clicking doesn't even seem to select the layer group. I'll click around with the selection and direct selection tool and it makes no selections unless the layer is directly selected in the Layers panel.
  8. This were based on a chat between, an American, a Canadian and one of 'em blokes; from t'place stuffed with rhubarb, whippets, and flat caps.... Purely tongue in cheek lad! :P peter EDITED with grammar yorktube.afdesign
  9. I did not know that you could share with the community work done. I want to share with you my first job with Affinity Designer. Criticism and advice are welcome (if also explains how to get with Affinity Designer better. So the program learn more) I also share my account of Behance, but now is empty until I put up. Thanks to all (: Behance: www.behance.net/elzekah
  10. Hi everybody, I've created this book reading slug. The drawing is to be used as a colouring page for free download at a website for kids. I really like the abillity to draw using the pen tool and then add the pressure feeling afterwards :)
  11. Thanks to a request called How to make egg shapes by ameleen07 and a nifty solution by MattP... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/5519-how-to-make-egg-shapes/ I got I little carried away. Hope you enjoy them, these are some of my favourites. They really look good in a slightly different context. Peter.
  12. I so busy and so out of touch that I could not figure out what with all the eggs and bunny talk. Duh easter is next month. I so cluless! time to start pumping out some eggs and bunny drawing I guess!
  13. Meet Blue Bunny, he's a happy little fellow... :) Continuing the Bunny series from some client concept sketches that never got beyond the proof phase. Thought I'd try something different on this one and play with some pixel painting texturing and also attempt at adding fur to this little guy. The fur is made up of repeating individual groups of "fur shapes" copying, rotating, skewing, repeat... each with transparent gradients and blur to add softness and hide some of the edges and yes it was a lot of work... ;) Really loving the ease of vector and pixel workflow!
  14. A small scene that I'm working on, whenever I have some spare time. There is a deeper story to this scene...maybe someday this will turn into a one issue comic. haha. Anyways, I made this one in Affinity Design and added a little bit over color cast in Pixelmator (I could have done this of course also in AD, but I just got a free copy of Pixelmator and decided to try it out.) Cheers, Mike
  15. Helllo Affinity team, I wanted to make you aware of a slight bug in the color value input panel. When I try to manually input CMYK or any other value types the value adjusts, but like it has a mind of its own....not at all the value I inputted. The value sliders also have a slight issue wanting to jump to its own value input when I try to do it that way. Crazy as it may seem....it doesn't always do this. Help!
  16. I got the pen tool working. Now to figure out how to add color!
  17. I just started trying out Affinity Designer and I was trying to "ink" some pencil art I scanned in. I'm using the "brush" tool with the variance set at 100% trying to get good varied line widths. I trace the line and the preview, as I'm drawing the line, looks correct but when I lift my stylus, it's nothing like the preview. It's either all thick or it snaps back to being a thin wispy line. Even changing my sensitivity in the Wacom preferences doesn't seem to help much. Am I missing something? I'm using a Cintiq Companion Hybrid and also trying it with a Wacom Intuos Pro. Same thing happ
  18. Hi all, my name is Robert (aka Deadbyxmas!), I'm an illustrator, animator etc and by accident I bumped into Affinity Designer a couple of weeks ago (I was probably googling around for alternatives to Ai....don't we all), tried the demo (in between paid jobs...hmm) and then, once I had a better idea of its workflow, bought it and got cracking with a few sketches and ideas. As usual I tend to explore new software by trial and accident, without tutorials and stuff, so probably I'm still overlooking a lot of its features - I noticed that every time I use it I find a better way around things e
  19. Hi all, just some doodling here trying out painting inside of shapes in Designer. Started playing with Paolo's blender brushes he so graciously created. When using them in conjunction with the smudge tool you get some really nice mixing abilities. In the call out shape for instance I painted a mixture of the 2 main colours then applied some "blending" using one of Paolo's spatter blend brushes. It just spatters using the underlying colour and doesn't put any new colour down. Changing the size of the brush changes the size of the texture it paints. For the eyeball, (I didn't start out t
  20. Hi! I have had great fun with Affinity Designer's shapes and making this series. So relaxing! I have learned a lot while doing this, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell as I post more-- such as, how to use gradients, boolean operations, converting to curves, centering objects, grouping, bitmap fills, etc. Essentially I've learned how to use AD while making these. I will say that after a bit I realized that if I was going to call the series "Compass Roses" they should have at least multiples of four points, so some of the early ones broke that rule. That said, here are the first five
  21. I have just completed my fist piece of 'paid' branding in Affinity, its for a local Party Booth company launching very soon.
  22. Well hello there, I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with a lovely baby boy the last few weeks so haven't had much time to spend on this image. I really wanted to show everybody the characters though, so I've bunched em up and here they are! I've started a blog incase anybody's interested, http://craigearnshaw.net Why not follow me! Its pretty bare at the moment but hopefully I'll fill it up over time! Anyway thanks for having a look. Craig.
  23. Hi, here are some designs for my personal project: an iOS app for anglers: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23018151/iFishBook-App-Design (Still fighting with some AD bugs & UX inconsistencies, though :()
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