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  1. Made some custom Affinity Icons for the Affinity Family of Apps. They're little more minimalistic than the originals. (Made in Affinity Designer) I don't why but I like them better without the markers, camera lens, and papers. I can't put my finger on it. UPDATE: I attached the icon files. Here is a quick video I made to show how to add and remove icons if you don't know: YouTube Video icns.zip
  2. My girlfriend took a picture of me and I created a vector-based portrait from it. It looks simple but it wasn't for me. I'm still getting used to vectors.
  3. Hey, Here's some recent work for a sea-themed client. My first fully made in Affinity. A real pleasure, intuitive and fluid, even on my 2008 MacBook. Not going back for sure. :)
  4. When I try to place an svg file ('HKA.svg', attached) in my Affinity Designer project, which I created using the svg() function in R, Designer seems not to display any of the text at all (see 'designer_screenshot.png'). If I open the same file with, say, GIMP, then the text displays fine (see 'GIMP_screenshot.png'). I'm running OSX Yosemite and R is generating .svg files using the cairo graphics library. I'm a bit of a novice with .svg files, but if I open the .svg file with a text editor I can't find any <font> elements, which I thought might have something to do with the probl
  5. Here is my first pass with affinity - based on the excellent tutorial on YouTube (you know how you are!!) and here's my quick take on it.
  6. All images are copyrighted © by William Mabey. The use of this image from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained. GameBoy.eps
  7. Designer's block at the moment. Scribbled this guy in sheer desperation.
  8. My first pig farmer customer... :lol: They are breeding a new kind of pig, strolling around ours hills freely. The commission was about a logo to make a trademark. After eating this (together with some red wine) I got the right inspiration.... I started sketching an outline, and harmonized it once in AD Playing with booleans and node tool I defined main curves And finalized the desired shape This is the final logo
  9. That's the final result, 100% vector! I'm quite happy with the work flow. This one unfortunately took 4 days to complete, but that is mostly because I was unhappy with the previous sketch and wanted to nail down the feel. Sometimes relying on an imperfect sketch is more time consuming than just doing everything from scratch again. Live and learn. The idea started with a pinup in mind related to other designs I am doing currently. The real inspiration for the pose, believe it or not, was the "Jesus Christ is My N----a" youtube video, where an old white lady turns her other "cheek" (itself
  10. In this lesson we set up a document inside of Affinity using guides to create bleeds. Then we go on to create a business card. Check it out and go create. https://youtu.be/tDxQaOVVWrg *Please note that this was created in 2015 using version 1.2, there have been a lot of updates since and the upcoming release of 1.7 will solve my work arounds for this tutorial. Allan
  11. Hi, It seems that AD converts all texts to curves when importing an eps. This is rather annoying when texts needs to be edited/adjusted, you need to rewrite them all. Any fix for that in pipeline? /Miro sample text.eps
  12. First off, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post so I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I'm a college student in the early stages of a big final project. I've been diagramming a section of my city with Affinity Designer. I'm using the trail at the moment to see if I can switch over from Illustrator. Until now it's been a glorious experience. However, I when I opened my Macbook Pro this morning, Affinity Designer (1.2) was unresponsive and my cursor was the dreaded spinning beach ball. I ended up having to force quit out. I figured it wasn't a big deal as I had saved my work
  13. First in my series of RayGuns: Noisy Cricket from Men in Black.
  14. A while ago I went to a portfolio show to get advice from some leading graphic designers in the area. When I showed one designer this logo that I did for a women’s group he said to me that at first didn’t realize that they were people due to their heads not being very visible in front of their arms. He also thought that the curves of the dress made it appear like they were rubber gloves. He suggested that I move the arms further apart so the head would be more visible and to straighten the dress out more. The image on the left is the redesign I did after listening to his advice. There many ot
  15. Good work peeps, every update the freehand vector brush tool improves and gets quicker and more fluent I'm hoping it's gonna be as great as Manga studio vector pen brush or mischief with the added ability to export and use in a pro manor - just did some exports to pdf and all vector info is retained, whereas in the previous version it would rasterise most of the vector work - the attached pic is a character Eric Idol who is the band mascot for the band THE IDOL DEAD - I'd love to be able to do the next ldol Dead job with affinity now things are getting quicker - but it's a new tour T-shirt whi
  16. Greetings, My first post.... I just downloaded the trial version on Sunday and finished my first illustration. I'm looking forward to hanging here around and picking up some good tips. Love the program, will be buying once I get back from Vacation. Cheers, Jollo
  17. I sketched in pixel persona, but everything is vector here. The only annoyance was the text, Affinity auto smooths too much. So I did the writing in pixel persona, and then traced the shape manually. Both works took about 3 days, if it were Illustrator, it would be 7. Vector still takes me at least twice as long, but before Affinity, I wouldn't attempt doing anything vector unless it had to be scaled up big. Now it is a breeze.
  18. Is there a morph tool to edit the picture or design you make on affinity designer?
  19. Hi everyone, Not really an Affinity resource but more a resource made in Affinity :) For those who like to have custom folders I think this can be usefull. Full editable file with some icons and text examples. Hope you like it. MacOSX Folders.afdesign
  20. WIP of a Better Call Saul illustration, been playing on my mind for a while and found time to make it today (see below)
  21. I've decided to experiment and try to design a range of Christmas cards. This is my first offering! I just wanted to create something fun and fresh looking, please tell me what you think.. Thanks Craig.
  22. Affinity Forums Hello friends, greetings from Honduras, now will share a link to download vectors and more. link: http://es.all-free-download.com The site is ideal for use with Affinity Designer. greetings To You
  23. A little test based on an illustration from a cereal box. Playing around and getting use to the pen tool and shapes...
  24. This is a design of the front of the Apple store and Genius Bar I work in as a trainer, was working on an animation for an internal project. Did the design in Affinity, loving it BTW then exported slices to use in Motion and FCPX. Hope you like my first, hopefully of many uploads. :)
  25. I'm trying to export a file to PSD but it will not open in Photoshop or Preview after export. I've rasterised all the layers, deleted the folders and still the export will not work. Any ideas?
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