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  1. Hello everybody. So in the never ending quest to try and find my own "style" I decided to try something a bit abstract. I really enjoyed creating this piece as I wasn't really tied to light and shadow, just shapes that I think look good together. I would love some input and advice as I think I might continue with this style to see where it goes. Thank you!
  2. A little taste of retro: vector illustration (AD), finished with Affinity Photo beta.
  3. I am a complete newbie to Affinity and this is my first attempt at a project. I am attempting to copy a pattern used by an artist on the Web who is involved heavily with Sacred Geometry. If you are interested you can Google Charles Gilchrist or Sacred Geometry. The pattern was used as the base for one of his Mandala paintings. The pattern called Natures First Pattern is basically circles arranged to form a repeating pattern. This is the result of my first attempts with Affinity and vectors in general. Of course, I had to pick an easy one ! I am convinced that Affinity Desi
  4. This happened to me in three different files. (Nota :I translated back from french to english the tools names, I hope I got it right : "slices" (en) for "tranches" (fr) ) When I reopen the document (days or minutes, both case), the export slices I carefully designed in the export personae are all messed up. In fact they doubled their size AND position :X,Z, W, H where multiplied by two. This happened several times. The first time, for a fil with lot of UI elements, it took me two or three hors to get it right again BTW, It would be nice to : - be able to cut/copy/paste text in slice
  5. Portrait (vector illustration), using some self made brushes in AD (hair).
  6. I have a complex directory structure in iCloud outside of the Affinity Designer designated top-level directory. I have many .afdesign files in my complex directory structure. My issue its that when I open and work with those .afdesign files, they get copied to the designated top-level Affinity Designer directory. I'm not sure if this is a functionality issue with iCloud, or is intended, but this behavior gets rather annoying, as it takes up double the space unnecessarily. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!
  7. It's just a small bird (Kohlmeise, Great tit), but he has made me a little nervous. So many layers I had previously only in some large portrait illustrations. I thought so a bird is easy to draw, but he is not. Respect, little bird ;)
  8. Hi!, this's a illustration i did in Affinity Designer, i hope post more of my work. Greetings from Mexico.
  9. Hi! I have Fontexplorer installed where I have a font with some graphical glyphs in it. The glyphs have a character code / glyph id and unicode. How can I insert these types of graphics into Affinity? I struggle to find a way to insert font chars based on a "code".. I would optimally as a long time Adobe user see a way to "show glyphs" of fonts and insert them "that way" (like in Illustrator). Thanks for any help!
  10. Hi all, my name is Gregory and i'm a designer and illustrator (and a some other -er and -or :). I really like AD a lot, i'm using it for all my stuff from web design to doodling, so i'd like to share this small image i did back in May — its a kind of character, i doodle them a lot. So i decided to vectorize this one. Have a nice day everyone!
  11. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share this. I guess I'm getting better with the app. Awesome!
  12. Inspired by some guys who show their impressive cars in this forum; pure vector, without pixel persona. A lot of work, but it's fun to work with AD ;)
  13. Hi Everyone, Here are designs made with Affinity Designer. I guess I'm getting better with this awesome app.
  14. Hi everyone We're over the moon to announce that Affinity Designer has been recognised by Apple with a prestigious Apple Design Award at WWDC 2015 in San Francisco. Congratulations to the whole SerifLabs team for such a remarkable achievement, 5 years in the making. It's the stuff of dreams, thanks to all our fans and forum participants for helping to make it an awesome reality. Read more at https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-designer-wins-prestigious-apple-design-award Dale, on behalf of everyone at Serif.
  15. I have been trying to export a finished graphic from the latest Affinity Designer. For some odd reason, two of my groups disappear no matter what format I export in. If I export those slices individually, I am just left with a blank document. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated. I am on a deadline and would like to resolve this as soon as possible.
  16. Hello Everyone, Nice to see an active forum. I really love the work posted by the artist, nice designs. Yesterday I bought Affinity Designer. It's a cool software. First impression, I like it. Peaceful and neat UI. Good job. I really to see more tutorials and modular documentation for using the tool. Currently, you have good tutorials. But like to see Serif initiative to give design tutorial from scratch that give more confident to the new users I think. It's just a suggestion. One more thing, I made something in Affinity and like to share with you. Welcome to the Machine poster bas
  17. Finally found time to finish something! Simple sketch scanned in then given the Affinity magic. The end result is quite different but hopefully for the better. Thanks for viewing!
  18. My first work in Affinity Designer. In my search for alternatives to Adobe's Creative Clouds (without monthly payments subscriptions) is Affinity Designer the tool for me to replace Illustrator. The only thing I miss in Affinity Designer, is better print and export opportunities with crop marks and bleed options.
  19. Hello, Good morning, as i am designing new things i will be adding many things to adjust, Thank you in advance, 1-Selection of any part of the visual should make a full selection of it. with B/W move tools. 2-the ability to assign actions to keyboard buttons. 3- command + 0 isn't full yet 4- the softwares MUST be able to expand before going to Full Screen ( this applies to all softwares ) it makes less worries for users. 5- convert to curves or outlining text or rasterising... i am lost 6- all measurements are needed for compatibility 7- comaptibility in importing - exporting is CR
  20. Here's another dog, seems I'm on a roll... personal work this time. Thought I'd try out an all airbrush style paint piece using mostly pixel persona and the spray paint brushes in Designer. I had tried this guy a few years back in photoshop, this turned out much better. ;) Maybe I just suck at photoshop painting... :) Some discoveries made with this piece has got me thinking of some personal wish list items for Designer as it pertains particularly for painting: - rotate canvas - an option or toggle to hide the brush cursor while painting (some of the brush cursors outline pr
  21. Another vector portrait. I love to work with the pen tool, the gradient- & gaussian tool ^_^
  22. Pure vector illustration. Clear lines & perfect curves. Love ... Vector!
  23. Just purchased Affinity 2 mins ago (finally). I had made this bubble artwork some time ago with the beta version, and first time using it! I have different versions of it, with different software, and Affinity Designer performed very good. It has a friendly and fast learning curve and no cumbersome actions, or bloating in it. Congrats! Isabel.
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