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  1. When I open more than one document in Affinity Designer 1.3.2: And when WINDOW --> SEPARATED MODE is unchecked, only the current document is available. The other open documents do not appear in the WINDOW pull-down menu. But when SEPARATED MODE is checked, the other open documents do show up properly in the list. Image 1 shows SEPARATED MODE unchecked, and the one document in the list. Image 2 shows SEPARATED MODE checked, and tow documents in the list. Thanks.
  2. My first try with Affinity designer. Loved it a lot... Let me know your comments please. Inspired by one of the Affinity designed work.
  3. Fox Illustration Affinity Designer #Concept
  4. Hi Folks, another work ;) Drawn and edited with AD and AP (ship), using some free pics (landscape, children). Do you like it?
  5. I'm new to Designer and have created a few designs so far. All of my designs have exported correctly to JPEG/Best Quality however, my latest hangs for hours and have to Force Quit the app. Is there anything that I should look into to solve this problem, i.e. specific type of content, layers, groupings, etc.? Thanks for a great product and for your help on this!
  6. Hey there lads and lassies, Playing around with my creatures (and once I had found out the goodness of the outline tool) decided to try out some sticker designs. I think I need to tweak it a little further but they're nearly there. I likes them.... :D George
  7. A simple portrait (Vector Illustration), made with love. The feather boa has made me almost crazy ... ;)
  8. Hi, Occasionally I try to import an EPS image, I get the images from stock photo sites, I assume they were done in illustrator. What I am noticing is that they don't behave or render the same in Affinity Designer as they do in Adobe Illustrator: Here's an image I brought into AD, and tried to remove the 'person' on the left: http://www.screencast.com/t/F3llX3VWFvG: Note the problems: Removing the user leaves white space instead of the background, and there are lots of tiny white borders where there should be none. By Comparison, here's what it looks like in Adobe Illustrator
  9. I am trying to effectively do a "bucket fill" with transparency on a pixel image. The "Flood Fill Tool" does absolutely nothing for me (I have no idea how it works). The "Transparency Tool" only allows one gradient at a time. How can I use multiple instances of the transparency tool? Is there a way to draw/erase/fill transparency, or am I stuck using only one gradient? The same issue occurs with vector graphics that I've drawn from scratch using Designer. I've been struggling with this for over an hour. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thanks, --Joseph
  10. Hi Guys. My name is Andreas Schmidt from Germany. Who of you used Affinity Photo and Designer on a new MacPro with D300 graphics card? I use the programs Affinity Photo and Desinger on a new MacPro and I must say that's rather poor performance compared to my MacBookPro (2012). It takes more than 40-60 seconds before launch the two programs on the MacPro, on the MacBook just 2 seconds. Even when processing OpenType fonts, the Great is more sluggish compared to the Little ones. Can someone confirm the problem ???? It is a clean and newly installed OS X 10.10.4 with 16GB of memory. Access right
  11. Hey there guys, Just back from my holidays and I've been given the chance to advertise my eejits at a local creative festival/event. They want a couple of pop up banners to form part of the background as people walk through from one area to the next. So.... here's my first pop at my pop up banner. Putting it up here for comment, criticism and (another word beginning with c) Whaddya think?!? George
  12. Hi, Does anyone know how to import brushes into AD? I've looked at posts here and followed the instructions (ie clicked corner menu & selected 'import brushes') but .abr & .eps files are greyed out and I can't import anything. Do I have a glitch? Hoping someone can help. Cheers, Hannah
  13. Bought both apps yesterday in hopes of replacing the very expensive Adobe offerings. So far, I'm happy for the most part. Bought Designer first, and broke it in by re-drawing my bands logo. From this logo, I made a tri-color t-shirt logo as well. I'll post that too, if anyone would like to see how that came out. This logo was done entirely in Affinity Designer. No other apps or freehand drawing was done.
  14. Hello all! I threw together this social media template based on recommended sizes for 2015—largely based on Constant Contact's recommendations. It doesn't include quite everything, but it has slices already set up as well to help expedite most needs. Enjoy! :) social-media-template-2015.afdesign
  15. Making a few more versions of my Marijuana cartoon character to sell on shutterstock. Original is here. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-287061479/stock-vector-marijuana-cartoon-character-smoking-a-joint.html?src=xoHmbYFlClYWaIz4oett7w-1-27 Also making him holding brownies and dressed up as a doctor, haha.
  16. tailored taylored - portrait drawing with AD, maybe you like it.
  17. Just doodling with the Typography Tools and a little Texturing effect in Affinity Designer.
  18. :( :( :( Really does not sound hopefully. Serif told us even this year we get Publisher this year. Even the Designer is not finished for professional use and a complete CANVAS will start next month. If we get Publisher 2017 it will be finished 2020? …
  19. We all need the option of input and output of the cap height, to quickly get text that is exactly the same height like other objects. There is Software with that option. In Affinity Designer it could be ch=n. Not only because the Snapping is no help in that case up to now. _____________________________________________________________________________________ PS1: For users that are not professionals or typographers it is difficult to comprehend that: Putting in 15 mm here for a versal letter “H" … … results an height of about 13.9 mm (seen in the Transform field H
  20. Hi guys, I decided to make my icon pack free. I am busy with my startup and don’t have time nor interest to improve this further. Hope it comes useful to you. Thanks, Vlad Eclipse - Icon Pack.afdesign
  21. A more recent set of tutorials for 1.7 (and above) is available via affinity.serif.com or from Designer's Welcome screen. The legacy tutorial set, also available on YouTube, includes: 1. Getting Started • Discover Affinity Designer • For Beginners • For Beginners Too • Using the Help System • CMYK Setup • Designing from a Sketch • New from Clipboard • Actual Size Zoom • Editing PDF Text • Using the Grade UI Kit 2. Artboards • Artboards: Basics
  22. Hello, I bought Affinity Designer a few days ago. I had practically no experience with vector graphics. I tried Illustrator once, but found out I needed to see tutorials or read books in order to use it (maybe I am just too dumb). With AD I started drawing right away and with almost no documentation needed (though it would be nice to have an actual manual other than the Help in AD). All critiques are welcome! Thanks!
  23. I'm trying to figure out how to set the origin for the rulers in Designer, this is something I use regularly in Illustrator and have not been able to discover how to do this in Designer?
  24. HitFilm 3 Express is currently available for free over on this site: https://hitfilm.com/express While HitFilm is generally a vehicle for filmmakers, it has compositing features that make it ideal for generating motion graphics. A few things to remember: ~ HitFilm does not accept the import of vectors. You'll have to export all vectors to .png files to use them as assets. ~ Hitfilm's mac version only works with OS X 10.8 or higher. ~ In HitFilm, you must create a composite shot in order to use keyframing and effects. Composite shots are similar to After effects' precomposition
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