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  1. I have taken a crisp screen shot for a tutorial and want to edit it in Affinity Designer. But when I open the png in Affinity the image quality is noticeably degraded. If I upload straight to Wordpress the quality is even worse. The image size is 963 × 843 and the width of the area I'm placing it on my blog is 780. (If I resize the image down to 780 and upload to WP the quality is worse than leaving it at 963 ???) I don't understand why both Affinity and WP are degrading the quality of the image. I've attached a screen shot of the original image open in Preview next to the same image open
  2. A children's book style image using textured strokes in Affinity Designer
  3. Logo created for a bespoke cake and icing specialist in Bournemouth, resulting in free cake forever :)
  4. First off, this is not a bug in that the application is *wrong*, simply that IMHO it doesn't meet the users expectation and can lead to "bad files' with lots of duplicate objects, etc. In Affinity Designer if you drag to copy either by `alt` or `command` + click and drag, the object you selected will be copied in to the place you have moved it to. However, if you then do `command` + `z` or Undo, the action of moving the object is undone, but the act of copying is not. There is now 2 identical objects overlaying each other, and theres no good way to tell. This can lead to lots of sneak
  5. Dear Affinity Team, I love your application - it's just fantastic. Infinitely better than anything Adobe has contributed to the software market (and I have Adobe software). It is my preferred graphics editor hands down! I have been working on a few documents recently that are very large, with many elements, that I am tweaking for someone else after they paid for them to be created commercially. Unfortunately, the company that created the document didn't group or layer it very well. It's nigh on impossible to tweak the file without spending ages looking at each individual element. W
  6. Hola amigos, les presento mi primer arte en Afinity Designer, hoy es el primir dìa que lo uso espero que me vaya bien. que tengan buena noche.
  7. Not an original illustration of mine but all line-work and coloring done in vectors with Aff Designer. All vectors used vector brushes and created a soft vector brush for shading. Updated a couple of things... shading lines etc
  8. Hello From Canada!! I'm excited to announce that I have finally completed my epic puzzle platformer "Big Fun". I'm posting a gameplay video below and would love to hear your thoughts on the finished game. All of the artwork was done with Affinity Designer. Using scalable images really helped me out a lot. and Affinity designer is my preferred Vector Artwork program some really fabulous things can be accomplished with affinity even with limited artistic skills. Gameplay Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9id9a-VU7Xs Additional Game Art is available on my website : http://madduck
  9. Vector with Affinity Designer, image shows the contours/outlines (pen brushes) and the wireframe. This project was one of the first I've created with Affinity Designer. A good exercise, and there is still much to learn.
  10. Quick session from yesterday. Used the brushes for the sand. Vector shapes for the cacti. And then threw a water color texture over the sky. :)
  11. When I want to use a certain TTF-flavored font, both above mentioned apps (v. 1.4) will not accept it and automatically return to Helvetica. Though I cleared all font caches via FontExplorer, the issue continues. The font itself works fine with all other apps like Pages, Sketch 3 and AI CS6.
  12. Hi! I'm absolutely delighted by Affinity Designer from the first time I purchased and opened it, so first of all I'd like to thank all the devs for the great work they're doing! Now, I have a feature request, there's a little tool that I use every so often in Illustrator called the colorize tool. If I create some vector art in a color scheme (for instance in shades of blue and red) but then want to use it in a different background and would like it to be in different colors, I could go one by one to all the elements but if there are many it's tedious and time consuming. The colorize tool l
  13. Nina Simone, Feeling Good on the 1065 I Put a Spell On You album. She was a civil right political activist. Anyway to slice to a specific area then specify a smaller proportional size. Usually I just switch to ai or psd crop then save for export then close without saving so the crop doesn't take. Compliments on the bitmap gradient which I used here. Very nice and no need to use a square.
  14. Please help! I bought Affinity Designer from the Apple App Store, and the download hasn't been successful over the last 12 hours. They directed me to you. How should I address this problem?
  15. Messing about with AD....like it
  16. Hello! I've been updating some old drawings with AD. Some I save as .afdesign, others I keep as SVG. This one is some years old. I got rid of some masks, reorganized some layers, resized for my current desktop. Then I saw this "angel-like" shape I had not seen when I first made it. It may not be some of a merit for AD, but there's a chance it's something to do with the interface and how the original drawing looked on it. Anyway, it feels refreshed to me. Funny thing about me finding a new tool is how excited I am to review old stuff. There are a lot of things that are much easier
  17. Hi there, the "Support..." link in the "Help" menu seems to open fine, but it first loads a URL that causes a redirect to the actual Forums URL. This has the negative side effect that the Forums software doesn't respect the "Remember Me" login option and the user always has to "Sign In" again and again (CRSF protection or something?). It's slightly annoying. :) Easy fix: the "Support..." link in the menu should open the actual forum URL (proper link and protocol) directly, so there's no redirect anymore. Additional request: Maybe the link should say "Support and Community..." (or
  18. I told Affinity Team I was very impressed. I had not used AD like this yet. Could not wait to finish the work to post it. Affinity Designer is extraordinary! I drew the lines with pencil and inking pens. From then on, everything is AD, except for bitmap tracing - unfortunately. I have a high resolution drawing, with lots of layers and objects to create effects, ready to print, in a 800KB file. It's easy, fluid work. Great, great, great. Can't wait to finish the entire poster. All the best. Thank you all for your time. Luiz.
  19. Hi, I'm working on a print project and I wasn't able to export my project as a PDF/X-1a File. I've no idea what I did wrong and the message (attached) didn't help me either. Maybe some of you had the same problem and knows how to fix it. :) Thanks a lot! Moritz
  20. What do you do boxing day evening when the kids are tucked up and Netflix has been exhausted? You test how many layers, groups and masks you can squeeze out of Designer thats what :) This is a piece thats been on my desk for a while and finished up with excitement last night. (Items you can't see that are included are a toilet and bunkbeds).
  21. Hey, why there always some blue lines in the Affinity Designer??? My mouse didn't move on it. It confused me for a long time. Software verison: 1.4
  22. Hi guys, I got an AI file from my game designers. Since I do not use Adobe products any more, i tried opening the file with both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Both times, some of the layers do not look proper when opened with Affinity Products. Any idea why? This is not my profession, I am just using these products to make minor adjustments, change text copy, cut the image, move around some assets etc. Here is the comparison between how the file should look like (on the left hand side), and how it looks when opened with Affinity. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8wzqteabqy3jav/Pap
  23. Hey guys, I've noticed what I believe is a bug—a client requested using justified text instead of FLRR, so I gave it a shot. It condensed the text a bit too much, so I bumped up the minimum word spacing percentage to about 150% in the Paragraph -> Justification panel, and fairly often, this results in words being cut in half, with a stray first letter being left on the line above. Seemingly only way around it is just adding blank spaces in to move the character to the next line.
  24. So far I am loving the updates for AD and AP. I am however having one issue: In Designer and when working with an existing document, whenever I select the Pixel Persona and show the layer panel, no layers are shown. When I attempt to add a layer, I can see that a new layer has indeed been created as indicated on the bottom toolbar that displays tips/info. Again though, these layers don't show in the layer window when working with an existing document. I have found a workaround for it. When a new document is created, layers in the layer panel appear properly and function just fine. Af
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