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  1. Wireframe model (Fiat 500) of the vector graphics. Hey, do you like it? :) http://b-bertuleit.de/portfolio/vector/fiat-500-vintage-57/ New Link: http://b-bertuleit.de/fiat-500-vintage-57/
  2. I want to create a text box, with rounded corners and a background colour. Some of the text, I want to have different background and foreground colours from the rest. Unfortunately my 10 days has expired, so I can not try this. Thanks mcl
  3. Hello to all, I show you my latest creation, is fully developed in affinity designers, the trees I applied the finishing touches with the pixel persona. I enjoyed myself to realize it, and my idea of starting er aun colorful illustration suitable for example for a storybook, hope you like it, Greetings to all of you. and thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to look at my work.
  4. Thought I would share a lovely little project I have been working on this last couple of weeks. Two 30page page educational books for UK charity Epilepsy Action. The story has been adapted for both a Dad and mum version. To be published in hard form in 2016 also to be released as a digital download sometime before Christmas. Artwork had to adhere to many readability standards and fonts had to follow NHS guidelines for accessibility. All illustration was undertaken in Affinity Designer (of course) and page layout in InDesign (let change that soon hey, Serif Devs).
  5. Hi all, Here is a design i'm working on, I started this on my iPhone in a great vector based app called assembly then sent it over to Affinity Designer to do the bulk of the work then added a screenshot. Great workflow and for me it was nice to confirm I can work when I don't have my Mac with me then carry on when i'm back.. FYI I've also worked on a tutorial where I walk through this workflow - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/14867-new-tutorial-create-vector-artwork-on-iphone-and-edit-in-affinity-designer/ Allan
  6. In this lesson we look at how you can use your iPhone to design vector based artwork and send it over to Affinity Designer on your Mac. Also allows you to add additional shapes within Affinity to use... https://youtu.be/B9E_uahfeLo
  7. It's the first I've ever done in vektor work. I make a lot of mistakes and don't know how to correct them. ;)
  8. Hi, I'm trying to create a maze for a game - similar idea to Pac-Man, but with curved walls. In order for it to work properly, ideally the finished maze will be one large image with the paths cut out as holes. The best way I've found so far is to create a compound and subtract shapes in order to create these paths. This sort of works - you can see the results in the attached (green) image. The trouble with this is it only works with circles converted to donuts, and rectangles. I'd like to be able to create a maze of flowing, intersecting paths without any sharp corners, and where the p
  9. I have just started using the Trial of Affinity Designer in which I started placing some existing content into a new file. I tried both jpg as an eps, but after placing the image files I still didn't see it. I can select it, with the difference of the eps that it shows the outlines like in the screenshot below, but no fills etc. are shown. I also included the original eps-file, that's how it should appear. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks.
  10. Hi. cannot export EPS file, it's insane. Keep trying to reserve the file - it either hangs on my machine or just exports a useless eps file. Please help me ASAP, I need to send this for a job and am now totally dead in the water... Edit: I just received word of another problem wit a separate EPS export so I'm attaching the files in question on this post. medallions and armours.eps kopi xaraksi 3 sampe.afdesign kopi xaraksi 3 sample.eps
  11. Hi Folks, since I'm using Affinity designer to redesign our hole App-Icon Set I'm running i one problem. the basic file of the icon set is set with 96x96 pixels. If i create a shape in it, which leaves some parts of the file completly transparent over the full width or height of the file, these parts are cropped away. For example i've attached two icons, which are created in the same AD-Project-File with 96x96 pixels. The export results are different resoluted... Attachments Can anybody help me solving these issue? Thanks, Daniel
  12. My first attempt of comic book lettering in Affinity Designer ;)
  13. This is the first design that I have completed in Affinity Design. I had painted this a year ago in Corel Painter, based on a photo that I took of a squirrel who eats our bird seed. As you can see, he is well fed! I liked the composition, which is a tribute to my hero, Charley Harper, but I could not get the clean lines and shapes that I wanted with Painter. I LOVE Affinity Design program! I have never had a proper vector program, and it is pure heaven to be able to draw such smooth lines! There is quite a learning curve to master the vector style, but the journey is most enjoyable. After
  14. I would LOVE to see a persona for Affinity Designer that would serve for sketching. A persona that would allow me to get rid of sketchbook pro by Autodesk. Think about it, sketching can then take you to the draw persona where you can now make into vectors. A lot of designers, illustrators, bring in sketches into their vector app and begin to draw on top of the sketch... a persona can take care of this allowing for all to happen inside affinity designer!
  15. How many of you would be interested in including AppleScript functionality for Batch processing in Photo, Basic Template Creation is Designer and automated Catalogue/Book Creation in Publisher? The key is to automate repetitive tasks and let you focus more on the finer details on creative work? I am a bit of an AppleScript fanatic and like to automate certain things to free up my mind for the refining process of creative work. Adobe used to have AppleScript functionality built-in to their design apps (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) before, but now I am not so sure since they
  16. Hi fellow illustrators, artists and designers, I made a short and "classic" trace tutorial for Affinity Designer. I do a quick break-down of steps taken from sketch to "final". For me it is a also a short test for moving from Illustrator :) I take around a minute for each step. Original artwork is from micropython.org, so consider this trace as fanart for the above :) I will add my own sketches in the future when I get the time and hopefully also more complete in concptual illustration terms. For the moment, it is more of an exercise. Hopefully the tutorial will bring some value. D
  17. I am really happy with this, knocked it up in about 45 min. This is my second attempt at my wacom and affinity and vector art. I am really happy with the outcome . Please feel free to give feedback. Jon Fuller
  18. Modeled after a toy model, was really an exercise to see how much and how smooth the gradients could be in AD. The gradient tool is nice and fast I like how you can double click to add to the gradient and then are able to select one of the individual colors and adjust without having to open a separate dialog box. The background was done in bitmap - pixel persona. Need envelope/ perspective/warp tool please! :D
  19. I used to design lots of icons in Photoshop a few years back and designed my first icon in AD over the past few days. It's great to work fully in vector, but multiple artboards will come in handy (when they arrive) to do variations and the different (smaller) sizes. Here's my take on a replacement icon for Subler.
  20. I'm new to Affinity Designer (AD), and to vector graphics, so pls bear with me. Amazing piece of software, by the way! So, I created a vector graphic with AD (v1.3.5) that is to serve as a logo. The client wanted a grunge effect on one part of the graphic, which I did by adding vector grunge textures as layers. Long story short, I needed quite a few to get the exact effect we wanted. They were mostly laid over text. When I come to export, so the client can use the logo in the real world (i.e., .eps, .svg, and via Illustrator to .ai), everything works fine when I have a background p
  21. I'm new to Affinity Designer (AD), and to vector graphics, so pls bear with me. Amazing piece of software, by the way! Some images that relate to my query below: https://cldup.com/T__1kSZ5pa-3000x3000.jpeg So, I created a vector graphic with AD (v1.3.5) that is to serve as a logo. The client wanted a grunge effect on one part of the graphic, which I did by adding vector grunge textures as layers. Long story short, I needed quite a few to get the exact effect we wanted. They were mostly laid over text. Now I come to export, so the client can use the logo in the real world (i.e., .e
  22. It seems that Affinity Designer is rendering this SVG incorrectly: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/88/SriYantra.svg [Gathered from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SriYantra.svg] It is not rendering the triangle or petals shapes as repeat patterns, nor is it rendering the colours correctly. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Hoping to see a thread for this here today....but as there is not i made one :) Piece of artwork i made last night in about 6hours whilst being made to watch X-factor re-runs by the wife. Front end is a bit rushed, but really wanted to knock it out today for social sharing and fix later for prints.
  24. Greetings Affinity crew, I'm using the Beta of Affinity Designer and noticed a glitch while entering some text. If you type a comma in either text tool mode, the Split View mode is engaged (View > View Mode > Split View). The app is behaving properly, as the command for the Split View is currently the comma, so I'm thinking the command for Split View was an accident. Cheers! jB
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