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  1. Hi, Came across something interesting: AD seems to have a problem with a Freemind SVG export. Just to check I loaded the SVG into another SVG capable program (Artboard), and that seemed fine after ungrouping the import. That suggests the issue is not the SVG file but rather what Affinity Designer does with it. Please find attached 1 - a Freemind file (made with version 1.1.0 beta 2) 2 - a screenshot of what it looks like on screen in Freemind itself 3 - the exported SVG of that file 4 - a screenshot of what Artboard makes of that SVG file 5 - a screenshot of what Affinity Design
  2. There's some really cool First Order propaganda posters out there. Playing around with making a few posters while learning AD. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Stormtrooper art 3.29.16v3.afdesign
  3. I have just finished a cherry blossom tree after spending quite some time on it. All the drawings are vectors. However, I had problems with the memory when I add the flowers. Therefore, I had to convert the flowers into png images, and use these images on the tree.
  4. When importing downloaded Illustrator (.ai) formatted files I often see multiple group layers set to the default Passthrough blend mode that each consist only of one filled shape and a 100% black rectangular mask. The mask seems superfluous since it is large enough to completely enclose the shape & it can be deleted with no visible changes in the document. The weird thing is the shape's fill color is always the same as that of the layer below its group, so I would not expect it to be visible against that color. But for reasons I don't understand the group it is in seems to be changing
  5. I have read on this forum that in order to quickly access an element of my design that is part of a group, I need to command click it. That works well half the time, but the other half of the time I find myself with a duplicate of the element I'm trying to select. This gets very messy very quickly! How can I make sure that I'm just selecting the element I want, not copying it? Also, why does AD have command as the click-drag copy key, rather than option/alt?
  6. let's say I have three objects; object A, object B and object C. I want object A above object B, object B above object C and object C above object A in the layer. Is it possible to have circular layer instead of linear layer?
  7. Playing with some new techniques. I've been sketching directly with vectors and so far I'm happy with the results. What do you think?. Any comment is welcome :)
  8. Between work this week, I've been playing with a new logo...partly because my bird doesn't work in printed applications but mainly because I'm a fussy idiot who cant stop tinkering. Anyway, Ive whittled my designs down to three feather designs, but cant pick which one is best. Earlier designs were way over complicated and way over engineered, so I have cut some fat and tried to keep an element of readability....the first rounded one although looks great also looks like a 'D' so the middle and last have a more feather look. (The logo will be used landscape and tower as it is now)
  9. Hello, is there any way to measure distance between objects like it done on Sketch 3 by hover over object and clicking "alt"
  10. Hey guys! Im setting up my document for wallpaper creation - (sidenote) I think we need all apple devices in, not just mobile. It would be nice to have iMac 5K, iMac 4K, 15" MBP Retina as options and iPad Pro 9.7 Anyways. When I did Device>iPad Pro>Insert Artboard - It gave a resolution higher than 5K Same goes for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, and 5 It would be nice to get the exact resolution that the website details. Is this a bug, or is there a reason Im not figuring out?
  11. Maybe a side effect of what I was used to before AD (let's call it Anno Designer -AD- :P), but I greatly appreciate the automatic selection of "Export Selection" mode (as opposed to "Export whole document") in packages such as Pixelmator or OmniGraffle when you choose Export with something highlighted, and I miss it in AD. Is there a way I can achieve that in AD? At the moment, everything is driven from the document size but if you're experimenting you just set up a large canvas and try out ideas, and to then have to hammer everything back into a specific document size is quite an enterp
  12. In AD, it's very easy to add custom Pressure effects to pen strokes and brush strokes. Out of pure curiosity, I wonder if the programers might make it possible to add pressure effects to a dashed line, so that it could be thin on one end, tick in the middle, and thin on the other end, for example. I've included a file to demonstrate the rough idea of the concept. Needless to say, it was not made by combining brush pressure with dashed line. Pressure Dash.afdesign
  13. I'm trying to do some shading in my illustration, but the brush has gone all pixellated at the edges. This happened to me once before and in playing around I managed to get it back to normal (smooth edges), but it just seemed to happen - I don't know how I fixed it. Take a look at the image below, and please please let me know how I can get back to painting normally again!
  14. Hola amigos hace mucho tiempo que no publico, aquí les traigo un trabajo hecho con affinity designer :D, espero que les sea de su agrado para conocer mas de que trata entrar aquí: https://www.facebook.com/Oficial.GreenGoliat/
  15. Hello everybody, I've bought Affinity designer to set up Artboards for webdesign. Right now I am working on an administrator dashboard for a SAAS application. I have a few artboards. To name a few: - Favicon artboard - Logo artboard - Background image artboard - Dashboard homepage design artboard. It would be nice if we could use artboards in other artboards, like a portal. Right now I am editting my logo in the logo artboard and then copy the logo over to the dashboard artboard. It would be nice if I could put a reference to the logo artboard in the dashboard artboard, so th
  16. Hey all, Take a look at this,.. In this tutorial we look at using a really cool app called Lingo to organise and store your assets, - icons, logo's illustrations, photos etc and how it works seamlessly with the Affinity Apps. Organising your assets -Tutorial Don't forget to click subscribe to stay up to date... Allan
  17. There must be some kind of tool because there´s no question about this in the forum: But how do I make a color selection in AD? (I know MacOSX has one aboard :D ) Cheers P.
  18. I have changed some preferences in my AD, restarted it and now it shows all menus in German, which, sorry, it's embarrassing, I don't know, . I can't find how to change it back to English. Help, please.
  19. Elements of my design are being lost on export: background shapes that I've applied gaussian blur or transparency to are completely GONE in the exported image. I've tried just about every one of the export presets to no avail, including those that claim to flatten. Export to png worked just fine the first time I tried it as a proof, but subsequent exports have the problem I've described above. Any idea what I might have done to cause this to happen?
  20. I updated AD yesterday evening, and today text in text boxes has somehow collapsed so there is no line-height. Changing the line height does not affect anything. Restarting the application does not make a difference. This is happening to all multi-line text in my document — on the day I need to export it and supply it to the printer! Edit: I jumped the gun a bit. This is _not_ happening to all text boxes. Just some of them. (Which is just as mysterious to me). And to make this even more fun, new text boxes don't seem to be affected by this. (However, copy/pasting the misbehaving text
  21. I love Affinity for its one time purchase and many of its great features but it desperately needs to support photoshop/illustrator smart layers to compete. I use the smart layers to easily create mock-ups for various projects and without this feature my work would be significantly more difficult. Thank you for your time, J. Wolfe Freelance Graphic Designer and Brand Works
  22. I seem to have managed to pick up a wonderful AD keyboard template PDF from somewhere, but I have no idea where from (there isn't a "downloads" or "resources" section on the Affinity website which is IMHO an omission). I find templates handy because they speed up the shortcut learning process, a lesson I learned long ago in the days of WordPerfect and Wordstar :). The challenge: I would like to adjust it as the key outlines are too faint for me (on account of the negative correlation between experience and eyesight), so I was wondering if Affinity was willing to release the source of this
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