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Found 3,573 results

  1. “Coffee Time” I’m really not very good with hand drawing (stick figures only!) so I really like the concept of vector drawing in which I can make changes after the fact and tweak to my hearts content. To learn how to use Affinity Designer (I have played with some vector stuff before in Inkscape but nothing much at all), I decided to make something look as real as I could that wouldn’t need too much raw drawing skill and I came up with “Coffee Time” : 100% created from scratch vector drawing (no brushes or pixel layers except for the use of the fx “Layer effects"). I did use a photo for reference but I didn’t do any tracing or anything. I’m really, really happy how it turned out. I tried out all sorts of things and learned a lot but it was a lot of fun :) As this is a "Learn and Share” forum, I thought I’d share exactly what I did (see the other other attached pictures). It’s not perfect and I’m a beginner, but hopefully others might be able to learn something, too Enjoy! :) My Process: 01 Create 2 sets of circle shapes to represent the top and bottom of the cup. Squish the top and the bottom with the move tool. The top circle has a smaller one on top to remove later to make a lip for the cup. I deliberately used bright colours to make the shapes easy to distinguish from each other. 02 Join the circles with the corners of a rectangle shape to form the side of the cup. 03 Shape the rectangle with the node tool. Add a handle. Clone the top circle and move it down to make the surface of the coffee. 04 Create a set of “shading shapes” to put on top of the side of the cup. These will then be given a gradient colour and transparency to give the illusion of a bumpy surface. 05 Create some circles and overlay some shading shapes . I used the the smart duplicate function to repeatedly rotate duplicates of the shading shape easily. 06 Squish the saucer with the move tool and move into place under the saucer 07 Change the colours to something closer to the final version and play with gradients and transparencies. I also blurred it to make it blend more naturally. Once I got something that looked good, I made a style of it and then applied it to the others and then hand tweaked each one. 08 Do the same to the saucer. Also added some detail (reflection of the inside of the cup and blurred it) to the coffee. 09 Add a background with a gradient. I used the noise slider to give it some texture. I also added some steam with just a hand drawn shape. 10 Add a shadow. I just duplicated the cup and saucer, blacked them out and then put them in place underneath everything and used the shear tool to project it out. I also added some fine detail on the edge of the side of the cup to add to the bumpiness illusion. Made the lip a nice shiny gold with a slightly tweaked version of the built in “metal” style. Added some self shadowing to the saucer and further deformed the circle shape it to give a more 3D look to it. 11 Added reflections and spectral highlights to the cup and saucer. Now it looks nice and shiny. For the final version, I also added some bubbles to the coffee (lots of circle shapes) and the text, converted to curves and then given a steam like style (actually the same one I used for the shading shapes!) and then each character rotated and scaled to make it look like steam from the coffee.
  2. Hey, Just did a new character for my game (Project Cuba) using Affinity. She's the wife of the guy on the left. :) My style for this game involves adding highlights/shadows areas and the "auto-masking" makes it a breeze. I honestly think it took me less than a 1/3 of the other character mostly because of this feature! Hope you like it! :)
  3. I could not help myself....I keep noodling around in the pixel personal. I think I am getting antsy about getting my hands on the Affinity Photo ;) Ohnmmmm, patience. Anyway, all done in Affinity no third party tools required. :)
  4. Just a couple Vector Images i've done since I got Affinity Designer Last week :) hope you enjoy! Kanye West Head.afdesign My Face Flat Design.afdesign Xavier Shaw Face.afdesign
  5. So, a potential client contacted me about doing some motion graphic work for a conference. They want to go with this true detective type of look. If your not familiar with the show check out the title screen found here Anyway, I probably will end up doing this in apple motion if I get the job. I decided, before I commit to the project, let me try and execute the look or get some what close to it in a still frame sample first. This what I am going to present to the client since I do not have a lot of sample work that reflects this sort of style. Most of the stuff I have done isn't anything I want to show anyone because they are dry, old, corporate project from the tech sector that really limits my creativity! Anyway, this would be a fun and challenging project if i get it! I created this entire image using nothing but the pixel persona tools. I am really curious to see what tools are available for image manipulation in Affinity Photo because i can pull off a lot of techniques that I would do in Adobe Photoshop in Affinity Designer already!
  6. I think my first attempt to post failed, sorry if I double posted. I'm looking forward to the symbols tool and a tool to adjust the amount of correction the software applies to your line. This software is very fun to use, fast and intuitive. http://f.cl.ly/items/093p100f1a0i381D1B3i/haardkoor.png A link because I couldn't upload. :v
  7. This is my fist post... not sure how to make the images smaller. hope it works out. Any way, this is my first experience with Affinity Designer. I'd like to share with you! Jake Zhang website: jakeanime.com instagram: instagram.com/jakeweirdpower
  8. Hello Guys! I made a small tutorial about the similarities between the Adobe Illustrator/Affinity Designer basic tools. I thought there might be some people coming from Ai who are interested. http://www.mediomix.de/affinity-designer-basics-spot-comparison-adobe-illustrator-tools/
  9. other test with affinity... :D
  10. Its been a while due to work commitments, although thought I post a piece of work I finished up yesterday, which I've been dipping in and out of over the last 2 weeks
  11. This is an eye test I created using Affinity Designer.
  12. Just bought Affinity Designer and so far I am really impressed. Whipped up this logo to test it out. ADAPT-Logo.pdf
  13. Here a small portion of a project I have been working on and hopefully I'll be able to share more with you soon. stay tuned. His name is Flint
  14. Ok, so the tv series does exist but if it did I would not mind having shot at doing the title graphics for it :) If I can do this in Affinity Designer I can't wait to get my hands on Affinity Photo! :P :o ;) This was all done in done in Affinity Designer and you can learn how you can do it check out my video. on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlX6_MWE56Q
  15. Sometimes a job takes so long; especially with no tablet. That it takes weeks and weeks: resulting in a sloppy rushed finish. This is not my best, but definitely the toughest. :unsure: I felt had to be done now, as it was getting to the point of never being finished and no longer fun. Hats off to those you who can knock something like this in an hour or so...no wonder I love my camera. Hilary this did faze me!
  16. This is a work in Progress. I not sure where I want to go with this or if I want to move further with it. The idea was to have him flight through a cloud. I kind of want it to be some what abstract. Thought any comments or ideas are welcome.
  17. I really should have titles this WIP: Disclaimer (This is really just a test I using really loose brush strokes on this and nothing really been cleaned up. ) So, this was just a quick little test in shading. I saw the movie, love the character so, why not draw him he seem to be be a simple study for shading techniques. :)
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