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Found 349 results

  1. Well, here we are into November and STILL no sign or whisper of Affinity Publisher. Does anyone have ANY idea when this may be published?
  2. Dear Affinity Team, I recently started using Affinity Designer for doing graphic design work. Unfortunately, I have encountered a bug making it challenging to complete my work. Issue: (please see attached 30 second videos) Affinity Designer will randomly start scrolling infinitely in one direction in the middle of working on my projects. Steps to reproduce: Exact steps are unknown. Seems to happen within about 30 mins of using Affinity Designer for me though, and it has happened every time I've launched Affinity Designer in the past two weeks. How I've tried to fix it: - Reinstalled macOS and Affinity Designer - Rebooted Mac - Reset NVRAM Still no luck. The only way to get the scrolling to stop has been to close my current document and re-open it. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. Thanks, Stetson Doggett Affinity Designer Bug.mov Affinity Designer Bug 2.mov Affinity Designer Bug 3.mov
  3. I have a photo that I outlined with the pen tool to attempt to clean up the lines. So, now I have my outlined created with the pen tool and I got rid of the background. How do I fill in my outline? I just want it to be filled in black. Attached is the file I am working on. Thanks, T10Pro new deer logo.afdesign
  4. Hi. Ive been trying to import luts into my app but I get a grayed out Dropbox icon. Please help! thanks in advance! im running on latest update of iOS 11 as of 17th October 2017. I’ve uploaded a photo as an example. I tried both MAC and windows version of the lut but it doesn’t work. Both appears the same as this just that the file name and size is different. All of the luts are cube files which I understand is a file type that can be used on affinity photo app on the iPad Pro. Thanks again!
  5. I need to take two files and move them into one. What I have is a bmp file and then a second bmp with the alpha information. How do I combine these two together to give the first image transparency? I used to know how to do this in photoshop but I can't figure it out within Affinity.
  6. I know this is kind of far fetched but If you guys made a video editor(one time buy of course) Then I would totally buy it.
  7. Hi I’m putting tutorials together on Skillshare about designing with grids, and I use Affinity Designer as my vector drawing tool of choice. Some teachers feature the software they use, e.g., Ai in the title and/or cover image for the class. What is Serif’s views on the use of the name ‘Affinity Designer’ and logo in third party tutorials, and are there any usage/style guide requirements? Chris
  8. If I need to select many objects quickly, is there an option to select by color?
  9. I imported a AI file a co-worker gave m into Affinity Designer so I could export it as multiple PDF files since Affinity Designer is incredible with exporting multiple art boards. But when I imported the file, the art boards were labeled as Page 1, Page 2, etc. I had to rename all the art boards before exporting. If possible, could the original art board names on the AI file be used?
  10. Hello everyone, I've been using AP for a month now some of the photos that I completed are taking to much room and would like to move them to cloud/offline storage. My question is can I export a complete folder or do I have to move 1 image at a time? Please let me know if you can help my out Thank you
  11. Hello everyone, I've been using AP for a month now some of the photos that I completed are taking to much room and would like to move them to cloud/offline storage. My question is can I export a complete folder or do I have to move 1 image at a time? Please let me know if you can help my out Thank you
  12. Greetings, After using Affinity for some time, I am noticing a gradiation problem that bugs me. Because when I did a print test, the same problem has occur. This happens when I do gradient or blur on my illustrations. Is this related t the software itself, color profile or simply the lack of a proper video card can cause this issue? SPECS RAM : 8GB Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 DirectX 12 Does better video card equals to better color banding? See attachment for the issue I currently have or is this related to the color profile. Want to find an answer to this problem, so I know what I have to work on to avoid this in the foreseeable future.
  13. Hello, I`m totally new here. Just bought Affinity Photo and it`s now downloading on one of my computers. I think I read somewhere that you can use the Product key more than once. So I tried to download it for my laptop too. I went on the homepage and signed in - it just says that I can buy it here. But I already did? How can I get it now for my laptop too? I hope you can understand what I mean, english is not my first language! Thank you so much!
  14. Hello, is it possible in af designer to copy the last object and copy its distance that i moved? like in illustrator, for example, i draw a circle, move to the side and press ctrl+d then the object and the movement is copied thank you
  15. Hello affinity, I am a very big fan of your photo editing softwares. In my freetime I use it very often but I want to editing videos too. So I searched about what video editing software is good and inexpensive. And I haven´t found anything. It would be too awesome, if you would bring out a new video editingsoftware. Please contact me if you have made a decision Max
  16. New User from Germany

    Access templates from HSL

    Hey there! I want to access templates I can save in affinity photo (for example HSL). When I'm in the RAW menu I know how I can access my saved settings, but when I'm working on adjustment layers I can save my settings as well. In the end I'm a little confused, because I do not know how to access the saved settings Already now thanks for your help!
  17. Hi, Since I became a User of Affinity products, in particular PHOTO, I have been asking BOTH Serif Affinity and Filter Forge( FF) to have FF compatible with Affiny Photo. Others have also asked too. Filter Forge are HAPPY to Oblige, but sttae that they are not hetting responses form Affinity.. e.g. QUOTE from FF in response to a FF user on the Official FF Face Book Page:- Hi Bill, honestly, we'll be able to make this fix if Serif will give us their licenses. We've contacted them long ago and still don't have Affinity licenses. If you can contact them with this, we'll be very grateful to you. I have also posted on the FF Facebook page, in there Affinity Forums and also in the Affinity Designer and Photo FB page... so, PLEASE could someone from Affinity contact Filter Fporge and get this ball rolling! I believe that some FF users may be interested in AP and and vice versa. What is the problem please? I am happy to do what i can to help all you guys out on this. one................... Thank You. Angela H Evans :)
  18. How do you copy objects, both text and image, without losing the original size? I tried to copy and paste content into a new document, but for some reason, it shrinks the original size, which will make my completion time longer. I want to simply copy and paste content, and it keep its attributes from size to format ,in-tact, in the new document.
  19. Please please Please could you add the following feature to Affinity Photo: -Targa/TGA Export. (i can open Targa files but cant export them as Targa) - Angle Snapping for 'polygonal' Free Hand Selection tool and for when rotating with the move tool. (Super useful for accurately aligning along a certain angle) These two are the most important feature for me and would happily ditch Photoshop for these features.
  20. Hello, good morning. I have bought Affinity for Windows because I have Windows on my computer at home. But i will buy a Mac soon, is there an option to download Affinity for Mac also, if I already have a product code? If not it's really a shame that I have to pay for a Windows version, and pay also for a Mac version. Regards.
  21. This bug is critical for normal usage! Sometimes when I move my mouse across the screen the whole app glitches
  22. Hi to the dev. team. Is there any solution for the problem I've encountered? I can't export the invites I laid out to pdf. You can see the dialog box appeared when I've tried exporting it. (refer to screen shot please) For a brief background on the work, it's only a one page lay out, the design is done separately and I laid them again (4 copies) to fit them in an A4 size paper for exporting. The saying "Estimated File Size:" , just gave me " Calculating for almost 7 minutes to 10 minutes. Your quick response will be appreciated. I'm using Affinity Designer for Windows (Win10)
  23. The Save History with Document is a brilliant function, that allows to screencast and build clean making-ofs. I noticed though that there's a cap around the hundreds or so; the first steps in the list disappear progressively. On purpose?
  24. Hi, I bought affinity photo on July 8th, and everytime I open it up it shows affinity photo 1.5 I was wondering if I already have this? And if not how do I download it? Thanks in advance
  25. Hi guys, i have a little problem with Affinity: In my job i have to convert lots of pictures. I switched to Affinity since photoshop is way to expensive. Affinity is great but one thing realy nervs. Converting the DPI of pictures! - The function about the size-task (strg+alt+I) does not work. Ok, i already got this one. Change the size first. Finally, under "File / Data-file" you have to go to the "export-picture" mode, klick on "more" and deactivate the Meta-Data button and it will save your DPI-Setting. When will it work without this intermediate step? Please Affinity, solve this! Now my main question since i know how to do it with single pictures: - Is there any way to do batch processing with changing the DPI as well? - I tried to with generating my own macros. But when recording the macro and deactivating the Meta-Data (see above mentioned solution for single pictures) it says "cannot record". At last the converted pictures do not change dpi when i use batch prozessing. - I have hundreds of pictures with the same ground-settings (cmyk, 300dpi, size about 18x12cm and tiff). I can't do the batch processing at all, also not for the other settings, if i have to export the pictures again for my dpi setting. I hope anyone can help me with this matter. Also hope you understand everything since my english is not that good. Thanks in advance + Brg!

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