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Found 116 results

  1. JackofDiamonds

    Artboards and Guides

    When creating a new artboard, previously existing guides on other artboards are moved if the new artboard is placed to the left or above the existing artboards. The guides can even be moved off of their artboard. Possible solutions? Guides should be recalculated if a new artboard changes the origin of the coordinate system by the amount the coordinate system is changed. or Guides should use artboard coordinates rather than document coordinates.
  2. Hi, I am using 1.4 version and having a problem with guides. I have setup thee artboards and I am setting up guides for each. When there is one dartboard all works fine. The problem is with more than one. It appears that the guides, while restricted to the relevant aboard for visual display, take their position from the 0,0 axis of the upper most dartboard (see image). Am I missing something? Thanks and Happy Christmas, Francis.
  3. Not sure if this is possible, But is there a way to resize artboards without its content getting all squished? eg, making an iphone app, need more room, so now I have to take out all the contents, resize, and put everything back in. This could be easier :D Cheers, Jason
  4. My Strawberry Monkey

    Album Covers

    Loving the new artboards, makes life in AD so much easier. Here is a selection of album artwork covers i'm working on. If you wanna see how these were made click here. Allan
  5. Hey, great work with the artboards, but there is something wrong with the guidelines on it. Everything is fine on the first artboard but the other artboards seem to use the same point of origin as the first one. For example a 50% guideline is not in the middle of the artboard, it is just in the middle of nowhere Another point is the use of percent values in the guideline dialog. In versin 1.3 you could simply type "%" or "mm" to create a guideline with a relative or an absolute value, but now i have to use the checkbox. WHY? THX! Designer 1.4 OS X 10.11.2
  6. Hi, Command A (Select All) is selecting the parent artboad, it (IMO) should select all the layers/items inside. Likewise when multi-layer select is on it selects all artboards. If I need to select all items at the moment I have to drag a selection around everything. Cheers.
  7. Hey, Just wanted to share the latest tutorial with you all. This week we take look at a practical use of the new artboards feature in Affinity Designer. In this episode we create four album artwork covers for use in iTunes or Soundcloud. Click the link below, enjoy and subscribe to stay up to date. Allan How to create album artwork
  8. Thank you so so so much for implementing this feature I am positive I am not the only one that feels this thankful. Please take what I'm about to say in the most positive way possible. I want this app to be the best it can be. I offer feedback because I believe it can be better.. :) and if it can be better than why not.... First off, I feel like an artboard isn't really a "Tool" so I find it odd that it has been implemented as one. When using the "Insert Artboard" button in the context menu you are given the option to create an artboard with the same dimensions as the "document" which is really just an artboard as well, just the initial one. Should naming be changed so "document" means the entire affinity designer file, and "artboard" means each board that allows for placement of layers and elements? I was thinking that the task flow can be: when nothing is selected (same as when the "Document Setup" button appears in the context menu), a button labeled "Artboards" appears as well and where clicking on this button brings up a menu similar to the "Document Setup" menu that allows users to enter the number of artboards we want to create, their sizes, and how we want to place them (using a grid of rows and columns) I've attached a file (New Artboard Implementation.png) to better demonstrate what I mean in this last part. I also feel that in the layers panel something should be done UI wise to denote that an artboard is different and higher level than a layer, maybe the triangle pointer icon enclosed in a circle should be exclusive to artboards and the previous triangle icon be used for layers like in the last version of AD? So sorry if I've offended anyone on the team with this, but the way it's currently implemented makes me scratch my head and reminds me of when I was trying to learn Illustrator and I cannot have AD be in any way like Illustrator in that sense. I want AD to be great so that is why I'm throwing in my 2 cents. Thanks for reading!
  9. Im sure you will have a day of questions like this, so sorry here goes... Bleed: On setting up a new Document there are no bleed settings until after you create a your first artboard, which you have to add by editing Document setup, but then after adding I cant see the bleed guides? am I missing something? Artboards: When working up logos I usually start with about 12 artboards. In the Affinity update I had to create more artboards using the layer pallet (which is a very brilliant way of working artboards) but is there a way of setting these (and bleed) on the new Document panel? Cheeky addition: Also as a nice possible addition, when setting bleed in Adobe products if you input 3mm into the first box, tabbing down duplicates the number so the user doesn't have to type 3mm in each of the 4 boxes
  10. Hello, As of this first AD beta with the artboards feature, I attempted to use the customise tools option to separate the Artboard tool from the Move tool so that it's positioned below the top tool position, as I prefer not to have that tool hidden away inside the Move tool in it's default setup. However once that is complete, when clicking on the Artboard tool from it's new position, the icon above also changes to another Artboard tool, hence making the Move tool disappear from view. Possible you are already aware, but could this be addressed? Thank you
  11. See XY positioning should be relative to currently active artboard. This is just one of the many problems with having artboards mixed with layers. Once that situation is fixed, what would happen here? We have an item outside the artboards, so what positioning would it follow? The closest artboard? That’s bad, as values could jump around wildly as that reference changes, and could lead to issues when between two equidistant artboards. A good, clear option would be to have its positioning be relative to the currently selected artboard. That would require some changes to the current implementation, though (and I do believe they are very much needed). Having artboards mixed with layers is just plain confusing. And we can even move them with the same tool we use to move other objects? Mistakes and disasters just around the corner. Freehand and Illustrator have pretty much the right idea, here. There should be a separate tool to move/scale artboards, and more importantly, they should have their own separate panel and behaviour. Illustrator took a long time to get there, and even though it feels a bit more constrained than Freehand’s behaviour, its paradigm works. Emulating their behaviour in this area would be a win; keeping them bundled with layers is a very bad idea.
  12. Currently, XY positioning is relative to the leftmost and the topmost artboards and those do not even have to be the same. What this means is that in the following situation: The leftmost artboard controls the absolute x, and the topmost controls the absolute y. To explain, if we now take the positioning of the left artboard, it is at x = 0, y = 10mm, while the right artboard is at x = 130mm, y = 0. Talk about a confusing mess. Affinity Designer has never been good at displaying accuracy (though that is the subject for another post) but this is just weird. XY positioning should change relatively to the active artboard, so each of them starts at x = 0, y = 0. Artboards are simulating pages and states, If we have them we want things inside them to matter more. Having a system that will change all the positioning of items inside one artboard when we move another artboard does not make sense. It is both absolute (every follows the same origin point) and relative (the origin point changes depending on how we organise things) at the same time, which is a recipe for disaster and confusion. There’s a bigger issue at work here, though, Artboards should not be mixed with layers, and there should always be one artboard.
  13. I'm not asking Serif to copy Adobe, but if Affinity is going to keep up with the pack, they'll need to add Artboards. Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop2015 have Artboards. this is critical for designing interfaces, and far more efficient than Layer Comps.
  14. Ok so since AD has come along I have always heard that this must have art boards in order to be competitive. My question is how do designers survive before art boards? What are the advantages of using. Maybe I'm not using them to the full extent. Just curious.
  15. Somewhere on the list can we have a GUI artboard / document sizing? Like Fireworks, photoshops crop with capacity to crop larger? (or illustrator, FH's artboard sizing tools) Am often building free form collections of elements and need to just resize the artboard in an intuitive way without thinking about units, origin points etc. But not as important as … many other things. T
  16. Hi, I've just had a short glimpse at the trial but these things would make this tool great for UI design (forget Sketch because of performance): Paragraph and character styles Automatic style updating or some easy-to-use alternative Different artboards in one view to design flows Easy-to-use symbols to complement the outsourced embedded files In the help it says: Am I missing something or text attributes are not part of styles? Please include this on the roadmap and the tool will finally destroy Adobe :P.