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Found 116 results

  1. Hi everyone. I've been using the Windows beta, and I like so far. One thing I don't understand is how to manage the many artboards I generate when doing mockups for a website. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I am getting dozens at a given screen size. How am I supposed to keep them together without it being one large area that I have to spend so much time scrolling and it becomes unwieldy? I apologize if this is an obvious question, I don't typically do design work, so all this is new to me.
  2. I am excited to share with you the official announcement of my new Affinity Designer course on Lynda.com. It been out for a couple of weeks now and just getting around to sharing with those of you who might of missed it. Much of the course was based on the features found in Affinity 1.4, but I think their a good amount of tips and techniques in this short 1hr and 18 minute course. I made this course for the designer/developer who need to get up to speed on UX/UI specific tools and features fast. Anyway, check it out and again thank you all for your continued interest and support! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COURSE Course Description Learn how to incorporate Affinity Designer's features into your own design process. Here Ronnie McBride shows how to set up your preferences, use artboards, create custom color themes in the Swatches panel, apply styles and gradients, and create wire-frames, mock-ups, UI assets, and hero graphics—all with Affinity Designer's versatile tool set. Once you find out what you can do with Affinity Designer, you may never go back to expensive design software again. Topics include:Setting up your preferences and interface Creating new documents Using artboards Creating a wire-frame or mock-up Creating UI assets Exporting for prototyping ` Check out my other titles in my signature below.
  3. Hello, I love artboards in Designer. I would suggest though an option to enable grid-snapping for artboards, independent of object snapping. I guess most people don't require fine-tuned adjustments of their artboard layout. Currently, it seems I need to enable snapping, only to arrange them, e.g. horizontally or vertically align my artboards. The fact that they snap even to objects in other artboards complicates this further. I apologize if this is already a feature, in which case I'd like to know how to enable it :) Best Regards, John
  4. Hi, Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information for my problem at the moment. (Vimeo: Affinity Designer - Artboards: Basics) Maybe someone can help me. I’ve set up a Trifold Artboard and would like to know (secret...) how to put one image (big size) on the entire surface of the 3 Artboards (trifold) together. The same for one text (Title) on the 3 artboards (Trifold) Many thanks in advance cago
  5. I often resize artboards to match new variations in content, e.g. adjust artboard height after creating a design version which is bigger or more compact. Would be great if it was possible to quickly adjust the size of the artboard to perfectly match the content.
  6. Is it possible to PNG/JPG export a document with artboards into multiple files, one per artboard?
  7. I lost my artboards in the layers panel, yet the are still visible and function in the workspace. Voila_Capture 2016-07-14_04-24-46_PM.mov
  8. Hello, I'm observing a very annoying bug in Affinity Designer's export persona. If I export an artboard that's one among many others, and that contains lines with variable pressure (e.g. an oval that gets thinner on one side) using a format that supports vector shapes (e.g. EPS or PDF), the lines in the exported file will not show the correct pressure profile. If I delete all but the one artboard and export again, all is exporting as expected with unchanged settings. Attached are two files showing the same artboard, once exported with other artboards surrounding it and once exported being the only artboard, no changes between the two exports except deleting the surrounding artboards. I can provide the responsible Affinity Designer file on request, but won't post it publicly since it contains a lot of contract work. 25RundungVsGerade_broken.eps 25RundungVsGerade_correct.eps
  9. Only thing missing now is the option to change the background color of the pasteboard! Light grey doesn't have enough contrast against the white, even though that will be filled with color, shapes, etc. Thanks!!
  10. I am a complete novice and use Affinity Designer and Photo for odd bits of work here and there. I am currently putting together a programme for a music festival. I started by creating a new Designer document with artboard set to A5 (plus a bit extra for bleed), i've then created new artboards (same size) for each page. I now want to put the adjoining pages together to show them to my Festival colleagues before we get them printed, so I thought the quickest way to do this would be to export each artboard as a PDF and then create a new file as A4 landscape and place two of the adjoining exported pages in to show a double page layout. However one of my exported artboard files is bigger - as in when I place it into the new double page document it is larger than the page, unlike the other ones which were the exact size and slotted in nicely. I thought perhaps the programme was having a glitch so I closed affinity reopened, discarded the export that was wrong and re-exported it again, but it did the same thing. Any ideas? Obviously i am happy to just resize the export once I place it in the double page file but I was curious as to why this would have happened. Any help greatly received! I've been learning a lot from this forum over the past few days, it's fantastically helpful to a less than knowledgable user like me! Thanks, Amy
  11. I've opened pdf ( Created in AI) in Afinity and tried to work on the file. I am power user of Adobe but decided to check out both programs (and bought full licence for both). I am struggling to work with AD as when I have some layer selected in the artboard, I am almost unable to find it in Layer Panel (I keep scrolling and Scrolling) It is not like in PS when you select layer it automatically show it in Layer panel. Is there any magic trick? PLEASE HELP! Thanks, Marta
  12. I have a document with 5 artboards. I want to select 2 - the front and back of a flyer - and print them back to back. On the Scaling and Artboards dropdown on the print dialog, I can see the individual artboards but not how to select 2 at once. When there were only 3 artboards in the file, I got around this by selecting Entire Document and setting the page range to print pages 1 - 2 but if I try that now, there is a whole lot of extra white space showing on the pages. The document prints only the top snippet of each page, and this is positioned right at the bottom of the page. Do I have to export the artboards to pdf first? Any other ideas how to do this from AD please?
  13. Hi, I am looking at converting a text (2 pages A4 in LibreOffice) into a double sided A3 brochure, and I figured I could use Affinity Designer for it because it should allow me to play with the layout side of things (as Affinity Publisher doesn't yet exist - big beta tester nudge here :) ). I can also do it in LibreOffice, but What You See Is Not What You Get in LibreOffice once you drop the image in the place you are expecting it to go, and Affinity Designer has already been spectacularly helpful in helping to create good looking drawings so it has rather grown on me :) Content is ready so I don't have to worry about any ability to edit it later, but is there anything I as amateur need to know about doing this? The two images on these pages have been drawn with Designer and are 100% vector mode so they'll fit right in, and there is plenty of breathing space as the 2 pager was drawn up with headers and footers which the A3 version can ditch (as that ends up on the outside). I was thinking about creating text boxes per section and for each section header, and set up a general colour for the section headers so I can change them quickly in one go and more or less start from there, probably with grid snapping in place so it's quick to align. There may be a background image, but that would be very light/faint so we don't have to fling a lot of ink onto pages. I'll do inside and outside as separate files as that makes printing easier. Once this project is funded we'll get a professional who will probably take 30 seconds to do what might take me a full day, but part of me relishes the opportunity to learn something in the process :). Thank you in advance for any tips, gotchas I need to look out for, and any tutorials on brochure making.
  14. Do you have a plan to improve Artboard guides for universal workspace?(can see my attached file) I think this way is easier to create UI design, brochure and etc. On the current version is really awkward and rarely to use but It's better than nothings, however I can use copying an object from an Artboard and paste to other Artboards with the same position instead of making some guides ;). Cheers.
  15. Date Seen 15/04/2016 Versions OS X 10.11.4 Affinity Designer 1.4.1 Bug Description Clicking on an artboard that is not currently selected doesn't select it. Clicking on any layer which is not on a currently selected artbaord doesn't select it. Severity Major UI flaw Steps to Reproduce create a document with 2 or more artboards place some layers on each artboard select any artboard click on any of the non-active artboards or layers on the non-active artboards Actual Behavior Clicked objects are not selected and do not become active Expected Behavior Clicking on any artboard or any layer on any artboard should select that object Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted n/a Reproducible? Always Workaround Layers not on the current artboard have to be selected from the layers panel or the desired artboard has to be first selected either from the layers panel or by clicking on its title.
  16. When exporting to pdf from one document without dartboard the document bleed is included if well setup. But when you create an artboard or have multiple artboards which is useful with multiple designs in one document the bleed disappears when exporting to pdf? This isn't very useful! Is there a solution? BTW is there an option to see the bleed when you are working or is everything masked by default?
  17. When I add a new artboard, the canvas/workspace (what do you call it?) turns pale grey. i want it to remain dark grey. this doesn't happen in the video.
  18. Hello! I'm just making the jump from Adobe, and I love working with affinity designer! The art boards are very confusing to me, however. I've been drawing cartoons to accompany blog posts in illustrator with the following process: 1. Create art boards for each panel 2. Make three layers, "sketch" layer, "ink" layer, and "colors" layer. This way I can easily reduce the opacity of the sketch layer on all of the art boards, and delete it when I'm finished. It also allows me to ink and color all of the panels at once, and export them as separate images when I'm done. I've been trying to figure out how to deal with art boards in Affinity, and I'm stuck. I've made separate art boards for each panel, but I can't just create layers that apply to all of the art boards. I tried making a really big art board on top of the smaller art boards, but that doesn't work with exporting the final small panels. Is there a way to do this without the necessity of going through each art board one-by-one to delete the sketch layers? Is it possible to create "master layers" that can be chopped up with art boards in the final export? Thanks!
  19. Hi I noticed that guides are applied to selected layers. So to display the guides across all layers on the artboard, I selected the artboard and set up horizontal and vertical guides. Issue 1: Yesterday I option-dragged the second artboard to make another copy. And yesterday all was fine. However, this morning when I turned my guides on, only the vertical ones are displayed in the artboard copies. The horizontal ones are missing. All horizontal and vertical guides are still listed in the Guides Manager. So just to clarify: Artboard 1 = both horizontal and vertical guides are displayed and are listed in the Guides Manager. Artboard 2 (copy of Artboard 1) = Only vertical guides are displayed on the artboard even though both vertical and horizontal guides are listed in the Guides Manager. Artboard 3 (copy of Artboard 2) = Only vertical guides are displayed on the artboard even though both vertical and horizontal guides are listed in the Guides Manager. For each artboard the guides can be moved using the Guides Manager. It's just that for artboards 2 & 3, the horizontal guides are not displayed onscreen. Issue 2: This morning, I also noticed the artboards had moved 1.9 pts along the x axis and the artwork was no longer centred. I know it wasn't me because I made a point of checking both artboards and setting them to x=0 using the inspector. I have reset both artboards to x = 0 and all is fine now.
  20. I have 3 tabloid size art boards that I need to print on the fly, why do I get a lot of extra pages when I set up the printing dialog box in Mac OS El Capitan? I see the artboards in the scrolling preview on there but see also empty pages.
  21. My Strawberry Monkey

    15 Free Colour Icons

    Hey all, A little freebie for all from Affinity TV . A set of 15 colourful icons for you to use in your projects and designs... Icon Design.afdesign All neatly named and organised for you. Enjoy, Allan
  22. Dear all, I created a workspace with different artboards, choosing 300dpi for printing. One artboard shows a poster, another one the draft for a folder, but some other ones will be used for web, as a facebook header and as profile picture for example. As I do not need 300dpi for web graphics, I am wondering how I have to combine these artboards. Or should I create separate workspaces for print and web? I'd love to have everything on one workspace, as it makes copying and moving the elements from one artboard to another so comfortable and easy. As you can see, the facebook header is much to big, as I only used the dimensions but not the actual resolution for a header. The background for the website does have the correct size but does still have 300dpi. Plus, when exporting the website background as a jpg, it turns into extremely light neon colors... might that have something to do with the export? As I have to create and finish a six paged folder today, (as in the Beetle Builder example on Vimeo), any information on how to use / combine artboards for web and print would be highly highly highly recommended! Thank you very very much! :-)
  23. Dear all, as seen in the Beetle Builder Example, I am wondering how I can move a Background to the combined three Artboards, (The Leaflet's Artboards, Panel, Back and Front). Or do I have to cut some background in three equal parts and move them separately? :)
  24. i think you have to isolate the artboards from the layers completely. so there will be the possibility to edit objects simultaneously on more than one artboard. for example i can chance the color of many different objekts on many different artboards, if they are all on the same layer.
  25. I still don't like the existence of two separated document modes, but thinking of it there's only a couple of things that annoy me a bit. One is the different background color, topic that has been discussed already. Here's the other: I open a single-paged document, with a frontpage designed, for example. Hey, let's create a smaller version alongside it... I create a new artboard and pop! the original page dissapeared, and my design is now floating in the pasteboard. I know I can previously create an object that fits my page, convert it to an artboard, drag my design to it (in most cases the design dissapears, I need to tell AD that it's related to the artboard) and then create the new one. Complex. Or work directly in artboard mode by clicking 'create artboard' when creating a new document, but as there're now some features that work in single page but does not in artboards (unclip to canvas), I might want to start with single page. Or did it by mistake. So there's the feature request (finally! thanks for reading): When in single page mode, if you create a new artboard, AD automatically converts the original page to an artboard with its content already related to it. If you can add this, I even think that the 'Create artboard' checkbox when opening new document won't be necessary anymore, as single page has its pasteboard now. Congratulations for the good work, as usual! Val