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Found 9 results

  1. I find very useful to see the portion of the image in the bleed area while working and not only in the export output. See attached images, one is designer and one is publisher. It is really useful to see the bleed portion in order to avoid mistakes as there is no immediate feedback to check if the image is properly placed or if I'm missing the bleed. The only way to check is selecting the image and see the bounding box. Thank you Amedeo
  2. Hello, Here the problems : 1/ It's possible to create bleeds in a Designer document, but not to see them. View > View mode > Clip to canvas is inaccessible (grey) and always checked. Don't know if it is a bug but it's difficult to design if we can not see the whole artboard with the bleed. 2/ When exporting artboard to PDF, checking "Include bleed" doesn't include bleed. The document is cropped at is final dimension. I think this is a bug. For me it make artboard unusable for printing document. Affinity Designer 2.1.0 Mac version Ventura 13.4
  3. Currently, bleed area of artboards is completely hidden. Even if you select "View->Show Bleed" it is still hidden, only the bleed boundary is shown, but not anything that's in that area.
  4. Hi! I can see the bleed margins, but i can't see the content when i'm trying to edit it. I only see the bleed content in the pdf. Is there any way i can see the bleed content? Thank you.
  5. When bleed is added to a document after it's creation, it's not displayed correctly (before someone asks: yes, I have selected "view bleed"). 1 -- This method works: a) create new document b) enter bleed value while creating the document c) result: the bleed area is visible, when content is moved into the bleed area, it's displayed 2 -- This does NOT work 🙂 a) create a new document without bleed b) add bleed through "document settings --> bleed" after the document has been created c) the bleed area is shown (blue lines), but the content stops at the artboard frame, even when pushed into the bleed area This is purely a display issue, output to PDF is fine.
  6. Unfortunatelly, the Designer still does not show the content of the bleed on Artwork. Is there a setting I am missing that the bleed shows the content? This is how it looks like as non-Artwork: This is a query I have asked few years ago but without any satisfying answer.
  7. To be clear, the bleed guides are visible, but content placed in the bleed is not visible, you have to trust its there and check in the exported file (it is). This is only documents with Artboards. Hard to believe that this is STILL not fixed since v1 when bleed was first added.
  8. Hi all I have been professionally working in print for over two decades now so I think I know the basics. That said I recently bought designer just for curiosity (and me not liking adobe politics). My first real project is giving me a hard time. I have created a title illustration in designer that I placed in a publisher document. When prepping for print I added 2mm bleed in the designer artboard (YES I know how to show the bleed and that there actually has to be content in the bleed area). But the bleed will neither show nor export to pdf... I googled a bit and this seems to be a bug. See here (german though). The "on/off" workaround works on a new empty project but not on my title illustration with 3 artboards. Any solutions other than "on/off" bleed in view options? This bug immediatly forbids using designer for pro work. What a pity... P.S. I do not work with personas. Rather I open the files in the corresponding app. Cheers
  9. Quick question, is there any reason why when placing Affinity Designer Artboards containing bleed into a APub doc the bleed area is not included, regardless of whether Bleed Box is selected as the Page Box?
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