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Found 5 results

  1. Every time I try to input any numeric value in the transform (or any other) field, the first number is always deleted... As you can see in the attached file, I'm trying to change the value from 506 to 762, but after I put the number 6, 7 is deleted. So, after some time this is very annoying... Big Sur 11.7.3 example.mov
  2. Hi, in Affinity Photo every time when I’d like to Document -> Resize Document and enter the new number the first digit I'm entering will be ignored: So, for example, I have an image with this size: width 4032px and height 3024px I’d like to reduce size to width 1024px and height 768px I mark "4032" and enter "1024". But I get "024" instead! (My keyboard works fine). It also happens with Document -> Resize Canvas File -> Export (and maybe others, I did not examine all options.) This happens since Affinity 2 and it also happens when adjusting the Document Size in Affinity Designer. It's quite annoying and disrupts the workflow enormously since updating to V2. Asking for bug fix. Greetings, Mima
  3. On the second keystroke, some input boxes in V2 apps flush whatever value there was and accept values from that 2nd keystroke on... Try? Create a new file but do not select 'Create artboard' option. Go: context bar 'Document setup...', 'Dimensions' tab. Position cursor in front or in between digits in either X or Y document dimension input box. Type two digits -> BUG: on second digit, input box empties and the value is replaced by your second digit only. Why is this problematic? Unnecessary and unintuitive disruption of the workflow. No observable benefit of the current behavior. (Most likely, temporal) loss of user settings. Annoyance by the fact that one of the oldest known GUI elements in window metaphor UI paradigm has not been implemented properly. You can play with it. Select a digit then type, select the whole value and type, and so on... This bug has been appearing throughout V2 applications. Some instances are repeatable, some not, which only adds to workflow disruption. Probably related to...
  4. Watch this movie. I am actually typing in 500. Doesn't happen every time but enough that I could get a screen recording. Untitled.mov
  5. I've discovered two text box related bugs that get in my workflow all the time. 1. Canvas resizing text box When you input new number of width or height by clicking on the box, it automatically selects the numeric portion without that "px". If you start typing, the first digit gets recorded and displayed in front of the "px", then the second digit will clear the entire box including the "px" instead of being appended to the first digit. Often I want to resize the canvas from the 4:3 ratio (5208x3888) to 3:2 (5208x3472). If I don't pay attention to the text box bug I will just resize the image to 5208x472 instead of 5208x3472 since the first digit "3" gets erased. 2. Color temperature text box in the development persona This text box itself has the unit "K" in there. When you click on the box the numeric portion is highlighted and the "K" is left alone. But if you only modify the numeric portion the "K" gets highlighted in red and the text box prompts a parsing error. Looks like the text box needs a regex to accept that "K".
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