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Found 5 results

  1. Hello team! With version 2.1.0 I ran into the following problem: any photo taken with the iPhone and opened in the application gives a gray shade that covers the entire workspace with the photo and it disappears from time to time, but it is not possible to work with photos. If you open any other example photo, then everything is displayed correctly. Unfortunately, I cannot fix the second case (when there is a gray layer), it is not displayed in the screenshots. I'll try to describe it in words: the area near the photo is grayer and the photo itself is too. If I move the cursor over this window, it sometimes disappears and is displayed correctly. If you open the files taken not with iPhone, everything is fine. What need to do from my side? Can't work at all. UPD: added video file. Thanks for time and helping. IMG_7957.mov
  2. I have version 2 of all three Affinity apps on my Mac Studio and M2 MacBook Air. All work perfectly, except for Photo 2 on my MBA. The background grey gets brighter if I move the pointer onto or off the image I am working on, or if I click the trackpad. If I stop moving the pointer, it goes back to where it should be, until I move the pointer again. I have tried adjusting all the preferences and settings for the Mac but nothing helps. I have tried changing the display profiles. It doesn't happen with any other program on the MBA. This happens on all images and if I transfer them to the Mac Studio, they work normally. The saved or exported file is normal. I have tried doing a screen recording and screen still grabs but the problem does not show. I have attached a short video from my iPhone to demonstrate. Any ideas what may be causing this? IMG_2330.mov
  3. Latest version (2.0.0) Yes. Open sample file or other TIFF generated by "Edit With" in Apple Photos (and possibly other files). Sample attached. MacOS Ventura Only occurs when "Display" is set to "Metal". Workspace flashes randomly, changing appearance of image and background. Open sample file and attempt any action (clicking, etc.). Video of issue attached. Issue doesn't occur while using OS screen capture. IMG_2146.MOV IMG_1874.tiff
  4. On my M2 Macbook Air [macOS 12.6 (21G115), 24GB RAM], I get flickering on Affinity Photo 1.10.5 as seen. Anytime the mouse focus changes or some other screen event happens, the image flickers to a washed-out look, then comes back to normal. This does not happen with Affinity Designer 1.10.5 on the same setup. I rebooted the system to no avail. I also tried using the built-in screen on the Macbook but the same thing happens. Here's a video of the effect:
  5. I have a new MacBook Pro M2, where I transferred all from my previous Mac i7. I opened a photo and... oh, it's overexposed! The image was absolutely clear. After few seconds the display turned to normal colors. Every about ten seconds, it switches from clear to normal and vice versa, making Photo totally unusable. I tried to get screenshots of this behaviour but they are always normal (or better: the screen changes to normal when I capture it). The problem is relative only to the edited image, all the screen (menus etc.) remains always normal. Very grateful for any help, I am completely stuck now. Thanks
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