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Found 6 results

  1. In V1.10, I edit a 45Mb TIFF file, merge visible, delete all other layers then save. This yields a 55Mb TIFF file. Using a similar process in V2.0.0 yields a 162Mb file! One difference in the dialogue is that I see is that V2 doesn't simply save as V1 did but gives a message saying the document has non-pixel elements and gives an option to save as TIFF with affinity layers or as an AFPHOTO file. Save history with document is disabled. Any suggestions as to what these new 'non-pixel' elements that are present in V2 but not in V1? More importantly, how can I get rid of them? For now, I have reverted back to using V1.10
  2. In my workflow, I develop RAW files in Lightroom 6.14 and transfer TIFF files to Affinity Foto. This is now possible with Affinity Photo 2 with a workaround (BAT--File by Walt), but after processing in Affinity Photo 2 it is not possible to return the TIFF to Lightroom. Affinity Photo 2 wants to save the TIFF file with layers even if there is only one. This problem did not exist in V1.
  3. When I do work on scanned tiff files (such as Inpainting, etc) and then try to save the file, it baulks and says there are non-pixel layers present. But I only see one layer and it looks different to usual. I can Save as... but cannot save the tiff. What's going on?
  4. Hi all, not sure if it is a bug or a feature, but obviously the way of handling *.tiff files has chnaged from AP v1 to AP v2. My typical workflow in v1 was: open the file do some work on it with layers - which meant, AP asked if I want to save the file with layers and of course made larger files after finishing all work: flatten the image (meaning: reduce it to just one layer) After that last step (reducing everything to just that one single "background" layer) AP automatically switched back to save it as "normal" *.tiff - without layers. Which produced normal sized files. As it seems, that doesn't work in AP v2 any more. Even if I flatten the image to one layer, AP v2 still handels the file as "*.tiff with layers" - meaning: the file size is much much higher (about 4 times larger) than it should be. Besides the file size, this results in another effect: the "*.tiff with layers" seems to contain AP v2 specific information - for what ever reason, because a flattened document with just one layer should not contain anything else. Unfortunately those files cannot be opened by older versions of AP any more, because of that hidden meta-information. The only way to get around this is: Export the flattened *.tiff as new file - this results in small-sized files which can be opened anywhere. To be honest: The need to change the complete workflow to produce files as before, saving it as second file, etc. isn't acceptable. PLease bring the "old" functionalities back - or at least implement an option to really flatten the file to a simple background layer without any AP v2 specific meta-information in it.
  5. Please fix it so Affinity does not save filename.tif.tiff files. It breaks rountriping in Lightroom and it's so frustrating. Please adopt the ability to just save .TIF files without the extra F. THANKS
  6. I open a TIFF image and apply the "Remove Background" filter. Now when I try to save the document, I get prompted with the "Save with Layers/Save As" options even though this image only has a single layer. The previous version of AP did not do this. Selecting "Save with Layers" results in a document I cannot pass to Topaz Denoise AI. Previously, I would merge visible layers, delete the non-merged layers, close the image and reopen in AP. After that, Topaz would work. Now, closing the document and reopening gives me a grayed out Topaz.
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