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Found 8 results

  1. Hi folks, I feel there is a big regression on selection precision and a very effective productivity killer. The following is similar to this topic but applies more globally on my video. This first video shows the selection process using Affinity Designer V1: If I need the selection items inside a group or a shape, I'm pressing cmd. Please note that selecting the white rectangle works flawlessly whenever the pointer does not hover a text. This is all perfectly working. Affinity - V1 Selection Behavior.mov This second video shows the selection process using Affinity Designer V2: Here I'm trying to select the white rectangle. Even if my pointer clearly not overlap texts, those will select, making impossible to reach the white rectangle. It's like there is a huge invisible contour/offset around texts. Also, the tendency of the move tool to switch to text tool is super annoying. Affinity - V2 Selection Behavior.mov Hope this helps. Regards.
  2. Hi, if I want to select the red circle it always selects the text box, although the circle is outside the text box. That's because Affinity uses the whole paragraph size (blue area) for selecting and not the text box itself. This must be change. Uli
  3. Something like this happens all the time: Attached example: I click on the yellow rectangle to select it but the text is being selected instead (does not matter if it's artistic text or text frame) event though I am clicking outside of its bounding box Sometimes it is impossible to select objects that are close to text because always the text object is being selected instead...
  4. Dear developers, I have found various bugs using Publisher v. 2.00, I had absolutelly no similar experience in v. 1.x First, reccuring selection problems, on multiple machines: selecting a previously drawn line (that is a curve object, not a primitive object) sometimes is impossible selecting multiple curve points with the marque tool is not possible, I have to select one by one by clicking on them selecting objects sometimes is very hard when a text objects is near to the object, the selection automatically jumps to texts elements even if they are not too near to the object Disappearing images: yesterday I had a serious struggle in a document with multiple linked images, which disappeared, somehow I managed to reimport them, but it was tricky, the format was not particularly dangerous (transparent psd images saved with max compatibility), never had any issues similar to this beforehand Unchanged images as changed ones: Publisher constantly tryes to make me believe that one or more linked images had been changed since closing and reopening the document, these times I had to update them. The files are on local ssds, but within an Icloud shared folder, never had any similar issues beforehand with v 1.x. Wrap object with layer effect(s) applied: When I switch to Designer persona inside Publisher, and apply a wrap deformer, after this I revert back to Publisher persona, and try to apply a layer effect (for example drop shadows), the effect is applied only within a boxed area which is unusable and nonsensical, if I make this wrap object to a simple curve object then the effect works correctly. Color palette problems: sometimes the palette reverts to cmyk sliders, it is a little irritating compared to v 1.x with which I never had any similar experience Thank you for your attention. I hope these will be addressed very soon, because most of these are serious flaws in the new application. Anyway Publisher is my preferred tool in a lot of scenarios.
  5. Is this a Bug? Issue? or Working as Intended? I have some text above a layer which is a black box essentially with an opacity. Now when I am in selection tool (short cut v), and try to select the background which is a good size bigger than the text (say 40 to 60 pixels on each side more than the text), I keep getting the text tool activated and then find myself accidentally editing the text. I then have to zoom out click outside far away from the text to get out of text editing mode and then press V again to get back to selection mode to get things back to normal. Bug? Issue? or Working as Intended?
  6. Hello everybody. As I showed in the video, I compared v2 and v1 side by side with the same texts. In v2 when a text is very close to the other, it selects the top layer, even clicking on the other text, in v1 it is independent. Is there a way to disable this or is it native? TEXTOAFFINITYV2.mp4
  7. In Designer v2 I'm trying to select a text object below another text object and when I hover the cursor over the object I want to select and click the object above is always selected. I'm trying to do this at Zoom to Fit view. This does not happen in the previous version of Designer. Is there a work around or a setting I need to change in the Preferences that I'm not seeing?
  8. Hi, selecting texts in AD 2.0 is very annoying. If you want to select the smaller one, you basically need to click nearly above it, please take a look: Is it a bug or was it meant to work like that for some reason?
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