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Found 5 results

  1. This dreaded problem, that I've reported in the past, has again made its way back into Affinity Photo 1.9 after being absent for the past year or two. Every now and again Affinity Photo 1.9 won't let me save my documents, thus losing work and redoing everything from scratch. Please check the screenshots below. These are only a couple of instances among several that this have occurred to me since I installed 1.9 a few days ago.
  2. This file was destroyed, emptied by Affinity Designer v2.0.3! (see earlier post). Thank you for that. Stunning and jawdropping. Version 2 claims the file type is "not supported" - then your customers think that there is actually some content in the file that Affinity cannot read. So better to tell them that the file contains significantly less content than expected... You might add "It's not unlikely that Serif Software lost all your content and work, perhaps distracted by 'setting new standards', yet we remembered the filename! You could say we saved a percentage of your work. Zero is also a percent." Lost file thread:
  3. Hi, Affinity team, I'm still having this problem with the new version 2.0 of Affinity Photo. This happens sporadically only when saving to a mapped network drive (a brand new WD Red Pro HDD bought a few weeks ago). Thankfully, I can safely save the file on my desktop when this bug happens. Please see the screenshot below. Affinity Photo is the only software I use that refuses to save it's documents for unknown reasons and it's really bothersome. Sometimes I even lose documents I was unable to save on the network drive because I saved them on the desktop and deleted them by mistake when cleaning up my desktop. This bug has been plaguing Affinity Photo for more than 4 years now. Here's my first thread about it from all the way back in 2018 when a different HDD was used. Can you kindly look into this?
  4. Just encountered this shit today in Designer v2. Fortunately in a simple testfile when I experimented with different brushes and their invividual settings. MacOS latest Ventura, M1 2.0.3 File stored in iCloud - with one embedded jpg file, zero linked files, zero complexity, file a few days old Save as in a non-cloud folder resulted in the same error and a zero byte file The goofy advice to save locally like in the 90's is not what I will do - then the workaround is to retire Affinity alltogether. Which, by the way, is my New Year's resolution. My files are stored in Dropbox or iCloud, edited BOTH on a Mac M1 or on an iPad Pro M2 for weeks or months. I work from offices, trains, airplanes and homes on different devices. A beautiful workflow and maximum freedom. But apparently using Affinity software like this results in data loss: cannot write file or can write a corrupted file! If Serif - as the only company that I know of - is not able to support Dropbox, OneDrive or iCloud (while the entire industry goes cloud) I can only use the term their own marketing department loves so much: jawdropping!
  5. I have 2 computers. A 2016 MacBook Pro running Monterey. And a 2019 iMac running Ventura. I'm getting an error when saving. Typically it goes like this. I make changes and do the first save -- all is well. But on the second (or maybe 3rd or 4th) save, I get this error: Failed to save document: Filename Save failed because ownership of the file could not be verified. The document must now be closed. When I close the document, it tries to open the recovery file, but can't. I have to quit the application and then reopen it and go through the same thing all over again. This was happening on Ver 1 as well, just not as often. Here is a screenshot from my mbp. NOTE: I am saving to pCloud. MacFUSE is updated on both computers. I do not have this issue with iCloud or to my local drive. Thanks.
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