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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm sorry, but after having bought the universal license and done some testing, I deleted V2 Designer, Publisher and Photo from my iPad. Publisher would have been great to work on files due to using Designer and Photo tools via Studio link (I'm not even doing layout stuff!) and I'd have used Designer for its export persona if I don't need editing the file later on or port .svg to V1 (quite limited, but with knife and shape builder in V2 at least somewhat interesting). In its current state, however, the suite is a massive downgrade from V1 and even with the knife tool, shape builder and the quick menu being great tools that do work wonders on workflow efficiency, it's still much slower and quite risky to work with: - No V1 file compatibility - Online activation required as well as the following issues: - Only starts up to my files section if there are files already - Can't double tap layers to expand and collapse - Button lower left has to be disabled each time when opening a file - Bars left and right show last icon only by scrolling even though there is room for displaying them (iPad mini 5) - Frequent crashes (about 5-7 times per hour) by just using the knife, boolean operations or the shape builder - Shape outline sporadically creating blobs at start of vertex loop when shape was created by shape builder - Grouping layers (very basic) takes two taps instead of one, yet I got massive UI for sorting layers (probably rarely needed in general; personally, I never need it) - Couldn't find vector warp on iPad I can't remember alpha or beta testing any software that included such a number of huge workflow impairing issues that were regressions from a previous version. And this is a release. Frequent crashes and missing V1 compatibility are the worst ones. Sad. Not going for a refund, though. Hope it gets better (worthwhile). You did a great job with V1 after all. Not really going to discuss here any further. For the time being, I'll keep using V1 and be productive. Best wishes, Shu [EDIT: Two months later, testing again, some issues are solved, others appeared. Current issues: - No V1 file compatibility - Online activation required - Only starts up to my files section if there are files already - Button lower left has to be disabled each time when opening a file (changed now, but should probably be a per app setting rather than per document) - Bars left and right show last icon only by scrolling even though there is room for displaying them (iPad mini 5) - There is a new feature, using a tool by swiping on an icon, yet I need to scroll on the tool bar to get to certain tools. How does that work out? Badly. - 3D filter still only shows one light source when adding further ones. - It's great that Designer now has Duplicate when touch & holding by accessing the quick menu, but getting rid of the small menu bar completely isn't optimal either, since when you only need copy or paste (or duplicate in Photo), you now have much more screen travel than before on a funcion that's used quite frequently, making it incredibly exhausting. I'd suggest reinstantiating the old menu, including duplicate for Designer and invoking the new one by other means (maybe touch & hold, then swipe up).]
  2. Running Affinity Photo version on Windows 10.. In the HSL adjustments panel there is a tickbox labeled "HSV" which switches the adjustments to HSV mode. Keeping all the numbers the same, switching to HSV mode will look different since HSV has different properties. However, when you go to export a LUT , the LUT will look like HSL regardless. There are other little bugs with the lut export I've come across but this one is the most problematic for me (and I dont recall the others at the moment) because it means a LUT I try to design using HSV is unable to be saved as a LUT. I attached the LUTs exported using HSL and HSV modes respectively below. To reproduce this: 1. Make the following adjustments with the HSL adjustment layer: Yellow : Luminosity 15% Green: Saturation -40% ; Luminosity 70% Cyan: Hue -10% ; Saturation -35%; Luminosity -20% Blue: Saturation -5%; Luminosity 30% 2. Leave HSV checkbox unticked. Export a LUT and name it HSL. 3. Re open the adjustment layer, and tick the HSV box. Re-export a LUT named HSV. 4. Disable the adjument layer, and create a new LUT adjustment layer. Load the HSV lut. Notice that the results appear as if the HSL mode was used. Load the HSL lut and note that it is no different in appearance. HSL.cube HSV.cube
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