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  1. Apps: Publisher Platforms: All For any date fields you can now apply your own custom formats to them. For example below a current date & time field has been added. If you right click on the field / long press on iPad and choose "Edit Field" you will now have the option to switch between preset formats, or include your own custom format: There is a lot of flexibility available, the full list of format date field characters available is below: Symbol Meaning Pattern Example Output Notes G era designator G, GG, or GGG GGGG GGGGG AD Anno Domini A y year yy y or yyyy 23 2023 Q quarter Q QQ QQQ QQQQ QQQQQ 2 02 Q2 2nd quarter 2 M month in year M MM MMM MMMM MMMMM 9 09 Sep September S L stand-alone month in year L LL LLL LLLL LLLLL 9 09 Sep September S Some languages depending on the context will require a different spelling of the month. These can be accessed using these. For example in Polish MMMM will give you lipca for July, but LLLL will give lipiec. w week of year w 27 W week of month W 2 d day in month d dd 2 02 D day of year D 184 F day of week in month F 2 (2nd Wed in July) E day of week E, EE, or EEE EEEE EEEEE EEEEEE Tue Tuesday T Tu e local day of week e or ee eee eeee eeeee eeeeee 2 Tue Tuesday T Tu i.e in the US a Monday will be 2, as a week starts on Sunday. Where as in the UK a Monday will be 1 as the week starts on Monday a AM or PM a, aa, or aaa aaaaa PM p B Flexible time periods B, BB, BBB,BBBB or BBBBB at night i.e in the morning/in the afternoon/at night/noon h hour in am/pm (1~12) h hh 1 or 12 01 or 12 H hour in day (0~23) H HH 0 or 23 00 or 23 k hour in day (1~24) k kk 1 or 24 01 or 24 K hour in am/pm (0~11) K KK 0 or 11 00 or 11 m minute in hour m mm 8 or 59 08 or 59 s second in minute s ss 5 or 59 05 or 59 z Short/Long Timezone z, zz, or zzz zzzz BST British Summer Time O Time Zone: short localized GMT Time Zone: long localized GMT O OOOO GMT-8 GMT-08:00 V Time Zone: short time zone ID Time Zone: long time zone ID Time Zone: time zone exemplar city Time Zone: generic location V VV VVV VVVV gblon Europe/London London United Kingdom Time x Time Zone: ISO8601 basic hm Time Zone: ISO8601 basic hm Time Zone: ISO8601 extended hm x xx xxx +01, -0930 +0100, -0930 ' escape for text 'Today is' EEEE Today is Tuesday Must surround the text you wish to input with apostrophes ' ' two single quotes produce one 'Today''s date is' dd/MM/yyyy Today’s date is 03/07/2023
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