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Found 7 results

  1. When I zoom by pressing ctrl + mouse wheel, or by pressing space+ ctrl and left click, I experienced several crashes while working on a jpg picture (3000x3000pxl more or less ) captured with my smartphone (google pixel 6). Before the crash the operations I performed where liquify, change exposure and contrast in develop persona, but the crases happened when I returned in the photo persona a fiew minutes after the previous operations right after I've used the clone stamp or patch. it does not happen as soon as I open the file, only after a while I'm working (like 5 or 10 minutes). might it be connected with some sort of flooding of the histiry or the ram? I can't attach an example file because it happens very often (this morning it happened 5 times with 5 different files, and it also happenend before very often, it happened also with version 1, in version 1 I experienced crashes while selecting and while zooming) Both my GPU drivers and affinity itself is updated at the latest version. I have windows 11 with a Nvidia RTX2060, 32 GB ram, and an i7 processor 10th gen (my pc is the MSI GS66 stealth) hardware acceleration based on OpenCL is disabled. I attached the last crash report I found in the folder C:\Users\....\.affinity\Photo\2.0\CrashReports\reports But I'm not sure if it's the correct one since the date is not correct. 11c296fd-f39e-4269-acaa-81655aefd96b.dmp
  2. So, these crashes have been happening in different (new and old) documents. The hardware acceleration is enabled. It just happens, a freeze, the software stops responding, I wait but it never responds. So when I click on the window the Windows warning pop-up (the software is not responding, it wants to wait.... bla bla bla) so I close and open it again. I can work on a document for 10min and a standard action like moving something or clicking on a layer causes it to freeze which results in a crash. Or I can work for 30min, 1h, 2h without problems, until suddenly it happens.... any action, anything at all can trigger it, even selecting an object may trigger the freeze. Sometimes I work from start to finish and nothing happens, it's completely random, but frequent. 2.0 Vanilla (unpatched) did not have this problem, I think it started from the first patch. I still have 1.0 installed, the freeze/crash does not happen there. My System I can't find the Designer 2 crash report location, the only one available here is 1.0. nor can I find information on the location of the 2.0 report
  3. Hi, since I'm using the V2, Affinity Designer is crashing every time I zoom in and out more often. Since I do this often, the program crashes non-stop. I absolutely cannot work like this. Can someone please help me? I'm running Windows 11 and have tried it with OpenCL acceleration enabled and disabled. In the settings is default and my graphics card selected. My GPU drivers are also up to date.
  4. Hello, I have faced this problem several times. Publisher v2 is freezing during zooming in and out. The only thing I can do is to kill the process in the task manager. My example file consists of 2 pages (B1 size) with a few paragraphs and bitmaps (150 dpi pixel layer), the color space is CMYK.
  5. Sometimes when zooming in using the shortcut Spacebar + Ctrl, left-click and drag the app freezes and the only way to close Designer is to End task in the Windows Task Manager. The issue has occurred a number of times in multiple documents. I did not have this issue in Designer v1 and there have been no changes to my computer hardware or hardware. Designer 2.0.0 Windows 10 21H2 and 22H2 Hardware acceleration is off
  6. In the middle of anything, my AD would freeze totally, without any reason. Zooming, moving things. No chance to recover from it : once it's in the "no answer" state, I just have to close my app as I could wait forever. How can I prevent these freezes?
  7. I have a Surface Pro 8 i7 16gb. Every few minutes the program goes completely unresponsive and hangs, requiring force-quit. It seems to be related to using multitouch gestures to zoom in and out, and to move around the document. However, when it happens appears to be random (I just tested it with a document I did not make any edits to and the freeze occurred after 43 seconds of using gestures the first time and 136 seconds the second time; the third time I attempted to continuously move for a protracted period without removing my fingers from the touchscreen and it did not freeze, so perhaps it has something to do with the speed of successive touch inputs). It happens in both Photo and Designer. I have not used Publisher yet so I can't say if it does the same there. It does not make a difference whether OpenCL is enabled or not (OpenCL did cause similar freezes and crashes for me in v1 several years ago on a Surface Pro 2017 i5, but I have tried it both enabled and disabled and still have this freeze). Currently it is disabled. Unfortunately I don't have any crash logs because the program doesn't crash, just hangs, and has to be closed as an unresponsive program.
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