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Found 7 results

  1. For the info Windows 11 Pro : 21H2 (22000.978) (I'm not in "Windows Insider Program") (Already up to date) Affinity Photo Version :
  2. Everytime I try to search/select a font by typing it's name on the Font menu, my Affinity Designer crashes and close. I´m using Windows 11, and Designer I tried to remove all installed fonts to check, but it still crashes when I try to type something in the font menu. Also tried: - Update gpu drivers - Reset preference files - Uninstall and Reinstall Affinity apps - Uninstall my Font Manager (Fontbase) EDIT: Just checked and the behavior can be replicated on all Affinity softwares. Tried some other softwares, like Word and Excel, without problem... but any Affinity software crashes when i try to type in the Font menu. Crashlogs attached. 9b875940-6d73-4157-b814-ef1e877040cd.dmp 9e20a760-200d-4699-a498-796f72d52740.dmp 21fbbe13-31e0-472d-8712-0212ad64a8cc.dmp 9418ada0-a1fd-4f4e-9585-dafbe2a63d6b.dmp bcbe4044-7772-4110-b77c-df9583b3b379.dmp
  3. I have the latest version of Affinity 1.10.5, and Windows 11 Pro, 21H2 version. I reinstalled the system from scratch a few weeks ago. Affinity Photos worked perfectly. I haven't used Affinity Photo for about a week or two. Today, when I start either the Artistic Text Tool or the Frame Text Tool, and I try to search for a font, Affinity Photo freezes for a few seconds, then closes. It happens in brand new files and in old files that used to work. I didn't even try anything more complex. Looking around the suggestions other people received when they complained about Affinity crashing since the end of September 2022... I'm not happy. Here are a few things I investigated after reading answers for other users for whom Affinity Photo kept crashing over the past few days" none of the things in this list is on my computer https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44770-issues-caused-by-third-party-software/ I disabled the Hardware acceleration option from Edit - Preferences - Performance. No change. my Crash reports folder is empty, I have nothing to attach. my OS is up to date (without any optional updates) I'm not part of the Windows insider program BUT although in my update history I don't see the KB5017264, but I have the 2022-09 cumulative update KB5017859, which apparently includes it. And this is a "known problem". If this Windows update is the reason Affinity doesn't work, I'm just not going to use Affinity for a while because I don't feel okay about removing a system update. Sorry, Serif, but if I have to choose between Microsoft and you, I'll have to trust Microsoft. My laptop is pretty clutter-free when it comes to apps, but none of my other apps acts up. There were various comments in this forum about this issue being a user problem, not an Affinity problem. If that's the case, maybe I'm not the right Affinity user, which is sad. I was a champion of this software. The only reason I'm posting this is to show that there are more people experiencing this issue. I don't expect any suggestions that weren't already suggested in the threads I read. It just seemed to me that most of the ones who posted were told that there weren't many complaints about it so there's not going to be a patch for this issue. I can live without Affinity for a few weeks, and I really hope that future Windows updates will fix this.
  4. Hi, most times i try change the text font affinity designer just crashes. I use windows and have the latest update installed. The problem hasn't happened before the update. Sometimes this also happens when i add picture or try to save the data. I am working on a book and the deadline is in four days. The same problem occured when designed postcards, so the size of the document can't be the problem. kind regards, Anna
  5. OS: Windows 10 (and have tried with exactly the same results under Windows 11 on a different system) Hardware acceleration is enabled STEPS TO REPRODUCE: - Create any new document - Add some text and highlight it with Ctrl + A - Click on the font entry field in the top left - Start typing a font name - The application will crash and close Attached is a screenshot taken just before typing in a font name Only modifications added to these systems of any relevance are fonts installed that are not included in the OS by default (commonly used ones such as Montserrat and Inter were installed) Has only been happening recently
  6. I just updated to the latest version and now when I want to select a font by typing in the font select window, the program crashes instantly before displaying anything typed. Also works with new blank documents. How to reproduce? 1. Start the program 2. Create a text block 3. Click the font dropdown 4. Start to type 5. Crash System I'm running a Windows 10 machine. And have quite a bunch of font faces installed (N > 100)
  7. If the Affinity apps are crashing when typing into the Font selection box please uninstall the following updates dependant on your version of Windows: Windows 11: KB5017264, KB5017267, KB5017271, KB5017859, KB5018341, KB5018546, KB5018859, KB5020695, KB5020617 Windows 10: KB5013887, KB5017262, KB5017266, KB5017858, KB5018329, KB5018543, KB5018544, KB5018545, KB5020613 Some users have also reported crashes/issues when placing images, updating resources, adding pages, amending table columns and converting colour profiles. If you're suddenly experiencing crashes when performing actions which worked previously it is also recommended that these updates be uninstalled. If you're unsure on how to uninstall these updates, please follow the below: Press the Windows Key + R and enter 'Control Panel' Go to 'Uninstall a program' Select 'View Installed updates' Find the associated KB number, right click and select 'Uninstall' Restart your PC On Windows 11 you may need to press the Windows Key and search for 'Uninstall Updates'. You will then be able to uninstall the relevant update. This update can then be hidden to prevent it being installed with future updates by following the guide in the link below. https://pureinfotech.com/show-hide-updates-windows-11/
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