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Found 19 results

  1. Delete key does not delete in Frame Text Tool. It just adds a space. Im in the Publisher Beta for Mac.
  2. I've been working on a book and It has quite a few tables. Sometimes I encounter an issue where I'm unable to backspace, delete or input another character into the table or other text boxes. It all results into these boxes that look like an empty character. This happens too if I use the arrow keys on my keyboard. It happened multiple times during working on the book but when I tried to replicate this bug or issue but was unable to. I will provide screenshots if this happens again. I mitigated this issue by saving and then closing the document and opened the document again.
  3. I am working on affinity publisher and it doesn´t let me use the apostrophes. I do not know why is so since two hours ago I could use them ( I am writing in Spanish, a language full of "tildes"). Besides, when I am inside a text frame, if I push the "delete" key, the whole text frame disappears, not just the character. I do not know the reason. May be I have changed something without noticing, but it is driving me crazy. Some help, please?
  4. When using Artistic text tool I am finding that the backspace no longer functions. When I press it it makes a square. It also only types in all caps. This just started happening. It's never been an issue before
  5. Hi. I'm new to Affinity Publisher. I'm working on a file that I've converted from Indesign via IDML. Things were going OK, but just now if I delete a paragraph return, the whole text box disappears. Any ideas...... please? Peter
  6. Hi I have an urgent matter, Affinity Publisher's text tool will randomly stop working correctly. It will change the font, capitalization, and the delete key will start adding spaces. I will have to save the document and restart the program for the bug to disappear, but there are times where this bug will happen 5 times within 1 hour. This makes it very difficult to use the program as it's delaying my creation process. I've also noticed someone has mentioned this back in 2019 and there was no solution found either ( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/96278-urgent-bug-delete-key-adding-a-space/ ) Are the developers working on addressing this issue? I am using the newest version of Publisher on Windows 10. I've attached a screen grab of the result of the bug. I'm not able to catch a screen record of the bug coming into play because it appears randomly. Affinity Publisher 2021-09-28 11-58-23.mp4
  7. What's happening here please? With reference to the video I accidentally pressed enter in the middle of the word 'Handel' and immediately pressed backspace to correct it, but as the video shows I can't go back. Every time I click backspace the format changes and the cursor is stuck at the beginning of the new line. Weird - or is it me? Untitled 1.mp4
  8. Hi would love some help, creating a frame text tool box, I paste in my text and go to edit it, when I hit the delete key to take out a space or remove a letter it deletes the whole box!!!! Second , I use the arrow keys it creates little boxes. I have used it before and it all works fine but I have no way how set this back to normal. How do I fix this?
  9. Yesterday, while experimenting with object pinning parameters, I experienced something that appeared similar, if not identical, to what others have reported in the past, i.e. pre-v1.10. Including on the Mac version. At one point, the backspace key no longer worked as expected. Instead, a hollow square, similar to the one that is displayed if your font does not support a particular character/glyph, would appear. Additionally, pressing the Delete key (with the cursor inside the text) would result in the entire current text frame disappear. (I believe, although I'm not 100% sure about this, that all other linked text frames on other pages also disappeared) As with the other reports of similar issues, mine fixed itself by restarting APub and reloading the saved document. Just a heads up to the devs that an old problem is still present in the code somewhere, although it seems rare and hard to reproduce.
  10. I cannot seem to get the backspace to work, when I press backspace, it types a square instead. Had to restart it to fix it.. Version:
  11. Affinity Publisher v2.0.4 Windows 10 I have been experiencing a strange bug, as of yet the only thing that somewhat reliably replicates this that i have been able to identify is modifying the border of a text frame or table. After this, if i attempt to type within one of my existing text boxes, my letters are automatically shifted to uppercase, my spacebar still functions but any special character AND the backspace key instead create an error symbol within the text. the attached screenshot was taken after i tested replicating the bug, the ? symbols are me trying to press my backspace. using the "delete" key while this bug is happening will delete the entire text frame that i was typing in, regardless of where i was typing or if i have text highlighted.
  12. All of a sudden, when I go back into a text frame to edit the text - things are happening that never happened before. If I use backspace, the whole text frame disappears. When I use the arrow keys to move about a text frame, a square is placed each time I press an arrow key. The one thing I did before this all started - may be the reason, but I don't know why - is that I chose to delete all unused text styles.
  13. When using Affinity Publisher and typing in an Artistic Text Tool it would randomly change to all caps even though I did not have that on and if I hit backspace it would add spaces or squares. I would save, close and restart Publisher and the problem would go away for awhile. This was an intermittent problem and it varied on how long the problem would come back. Windows updated my laptop to Windows 11 and then recently started crashing frequently. I searched the forums and found that this is a known problem with Windows 11. I have tried uninstalling several times and it wont let me. Apparently there is a 10 day grace period to go back to Windows 10 and I am beyond that. I found that the only way to uninstall now is to do a clean install of Windows 10 but that would wipe out all my files on my computer. I wanted to see if anyone knew of a way to get around wiping everything out. I don't mind Windows 11 but I need Affinity Publisher to work. I also have Designer and Photo but I don't use those enough to know if I also have issues with those as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. In typing a document, if I need to back space to erase a letter or word, it is deleting the complete document... what am I doing wrong?
  15. When I use the artistic text tool it will randomly change to all caps and then when I click the backspace or enter it will add squares sometimes with ? inside. I have to close out of the program then relaunch. There is no consistency to when this happens or how long between when it happens. It has been going on for a month or so. Usually when I relaunch it will be fine. I had downloaded Windows 11 a few weeks ago (but this problem had started before that) and then started having more crashing issues. I did contact Windows for them to help me get Windows 10 back since I was unable to uninstall Windows 11 and was having too may problems using Publisher. I have been using Publisher now for a few hours since going back to Windows 10 and started having the above issue with the Artistic Text Tool again. This time I have had to close and relaunch on each page I have an artistic text tool I am editing. I am attaching a screen shot of what is happening. I do have the newest version of Publisher. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  16. The delete key is adding a space instead of a backspace (delete action). Happens inside both the artistic text tool and frame text tool. I can not repeat the bug unfortunately. It just randomly occurred in my document. I was copying tables into my document. Maybe that triggered the issue. Thanks I have the full version (most up to date version 1.7.2) . Ok it is now 26/08/2019 and the bug has reappeared. This bug is really difficult to work with. Almost impossible to continue using the software. Here is a video of the bug in action. Please note I have the latest version. Also I have just noticed the arrow keys (ALL of the arrow keys) similarly add a space. So you cannot use the arrow keys to navigate. I hope this helps. Lastly I have also just noticed if you save your progress, quit the file and reopen, the bug disappears. So at least there is a simple walk around so that is great news. https://www.loom.com/share/0fbc1258124d41c099d671dbe2f8890d
  17. I just recently started learning Affinity 2.0 and when I created a new document, the text settings are messed up. For example, when I press the "backspace" key it responds like a space bar. The colon button displays a degree symbol. When I load a premade template from the Affinity store, it works fine. I checked through all the settings and I am totally stumped as to what to do. My language input is set to English on my laptop, so I know there is no issue there (the fact that the template works ok tells me that there is a setting somewhere within Affinity that is messed up). Also, everything types in caps even though the caps lock is off and the setting is correct with the Typography window.
  18. I have somehow gotten Publisher into a state where any use of the Delete, Backspace, or arrow (left/right/up/down) keys within the text frame on page 3 results in the insertion of a character that looks like an empty square. The .afpub file is too large to attach (29MB) but I'll supply it via the Dropbox link if someone on the Serif staff wants it.
  19. I downloaded the V2 suite for Mac yesterday and started using it today. In Publisher, when you are typing either in a text box or with artistic text, you expect that hitting the delete button on Mac (it acts like the back button on Windows) you would erase the last letter typed. Instead it deletes the whole item (text or text box). Basically you have to type perfectly, because if you make a mistake, you have to start over. This is very frustrating.
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