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Found 14 results

  1. I have created a Preset in the "File settings" panel of the export window, with "All pages" selected in the "Area" list. When I deal later with another project and use the SAME PRESET, the "Area" is again at the default "All spreads", whereas other settings that I had defined previously in my preset are OK. I have deleted, and redefinded my preset: the same behavior is observed; seemingly, the "Area" preset is not stored!
  2. I think that the default export to pdf should be Pages, not Spreads. I can't seem to get a preset to print to pages instead of spreads, and have to choose Pages every time, which I often forget.
  3. The "Area" setting in the PDF Export dialog box reverts to "All Spreads" every single time the "Export" command is invoked on any document. Other settings in that dialog box seem to be more persistent, so I assume this is a bug. I have to use the "All Pages" setting quite often, hence this can become a bit frustrating to change every time. And if I miss it, I have to go back and re-export the PDF one more time. Affinity Publisher 2.4.2 on Windows 10.
  4. Hi from France, I have defined a Preset for exporting files. In "File Settings" I chose "All pages" and I checked "Preview export…"; in advanced I "Use document resolution"; finally I "create preset" under the name CFstorage. It works well until I quit Publisher. If I quit Publisher, and then re-launch Publisher, using my "CFstorage" export preset shows "All spreads" instead of "All pages"; the other presettings are as expected. I need to change "All spreads" to "all pages" at any restart of Publisher. It seems that the "all pages" preset is not stored upon "Create preset"… After quiting, the default "all spreads" is systematic upon restart of Publisher. Mac OS 14.2.1, M1 processor. Cheers, PS: sorry for my "Frenglish" 😉
  5. Whenever I export an afpub file to pdf the system shows under 'Area' - 'All spreads' when it should be 'All Pages'. I correct this manually each time. Also, is there any way to fix this setting to 'All Pages'? See the screenshot I am sending along. Thank you very much in advance for your response.
  6. Hi, A little thing sometimes drives me crazy. Is there any way to specify in the PDF export dialog that "All Pages" is always selected first? For me, the setting switches back to "Current Page" for reasons I don't understand. It has happened to me a few times that I only sent the current page to a customer instead of all of them. Yes, I know I should actually check it every time, but I find that a little inconvenient. This setting may make sense, but I think that for (my) normal layout work, "All Pages" would make more sense as the default because I use it more often.
  7. Hello, I created a document with several artboards in Affinity Designer 2.4.0. If I now want to save an Affinity Designer document as a PDF, I can specify which page should be saved as a PDF file when exporting the PDF. Here I would like to always output all pages from the document. When exporting, I selected the entire document for the area. Now a PDF file with, for example, 6 documents is exported to me. So far everything is working quite well. If I want to output all the pages as a PDF file a second time, I have to specify this each time. Why can't Affinity Designer remember the settings for a document?
  8. I am disappointed to see that the longstanding "Default to All Spreads" when exporting as PDF bug still hasn't been fixed in this version. Reminder... From APu, Export > Select PDF > Change Area: to something other than "All Spreads" On subsequent exports, regardless of the last state or preset saved, the File Settings Area: returns "All Spreads"
  9. I got caught out again when my commercial printer asked why the pdf I sent him was in spreads not pages. A plea for this long standing issue to be fixed please. Issue: When exporting a pdf, the export as spreads rather than pages is the default. This happens regardless of a preset being set. In addition, the last used setting is ignored. It always defaults to spreads.
  10. It must have been close to two years when I mentioned this first and I was told then it would be fixed soon. Yet here we are and export still sucks. I often have to export lots of single SVGs from a document. I have made a preset for that but it DOES NOT REMEMBER the area. I ALWAYS want "Selected Area" and everytime it jumps back to "Whole Document". Imagine exporting 50+ SVGs and EVERY time I have to change this. This sucks so much, how hard can it be to fix this already? Sorry for the rant, but I just wasted a lot of my time AGAIN doing this. This is clearly a bug, and a very annoying one too. Please fix!
  11. After a successful export, when opening the export dialog again, all settings are remembered just not the "Area" selection field, it always resets back to "All Spreads"
  12. In the export options the "Area" always is reset to "All Spreads" after closing the window, regardless what was recently used. For example, I often just want to export a specific page (or selection) to check the result of my layout fine-tuning or various PDF options. I would expect and appreciate if my current area selection was remembered. Instead, I need to reuse the pulldown menu for each individual export to get a selection other than "All Spreads." Even though if I've used recently "All Pages" with a single page number, the UI remembers the page number – but not the area setting for pages but instead got reset to spreads again. Besides simply auto-remembering the last used Area setting even a File menu option like "Export once more" could be possible and useful and possibly would directly open the filename dialog, not displaying the export options at all. Useful, when changes in the document get fine-tuned and should get exported with identically settings each time. The general "All Spreads" is in particular disturbing for exports of a selection of specific objects which get exported again and again for detailed fine-tuning. For instance exports as jpg with finding an optimum for a certain object property or an optimum between export detail quality & compression rate or maybe file size.
  13. When exporting a PDF, the default seems to be "All Spreads." Is there a way to save a preference such that the "All Pages" setting is the default instead? Or do I have to select "All Pages" from the menu each time? I'm referring to Affinity Publisher and I don't see how to save this setting in version 1.9.3. Thanks for any clues.
  14. I often export SVGs and in 99.9% of the cases, I want the area to be "Selection without background". But EVERY TIME I export, the area resets to "Whole document" and I have to change it again and again and again for EVERY export, while most other settings are remembered from before. Also adding a new preset while "Selection without background" is selected does not help, this setting is simply ignored. Please fix, as this is extremely annoying and tiresome!
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