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Found 17 results

  1. When I open Affinity Photo the work area is too big to fit on the screen so: I can not see the tool bar at the top I can not see the tool bar on the right I can not see the red, yellow and red buttons to minimise etc I can see the left edge of the work area and move it to the right but I can not then move the resized area to the centre because I can not see the tool bar at the top I have access to all the items at the top in the Mac menu File Edit Text etc. Basically it's unusable. I have had all the updates. (I work with an X-Pen drawing display which is rubbish - it's the one they made where the display died and you can only use it as a tablet while looking at the Mac to see what is going on.) Any help appreciated Huw
  2. I often use an external screen with mu 2023 15" MB Air. When disconnecting the screen, the UI does not scale to the MB screen size making it unworkable. Please check the screenshot. Affinity Designer 2.3.0 Any idea on how to solve this? Hope the issue makes sense. Marcel
  3. I usually use Publisher on a larger second screen. Today, I unplugged it to work elsewhere and when I opened my .afpub document it didn't appear on the Mac's screen at all. With some fiddling, I got to show up on the Mac screen but it opened at the size of the external (larger) screen so all edges of the document were off-screen. Is something about "last screen used" being retained and Publisher isn't checking either the presence or size of the when it opens a document.
  4. I created a file with designer version 2.2.1 on macOS Sonoma on an M1 mac Mini. I tried to open that file with designer 2.2.1 on a macBook Pro on Ventura. The file won't open. It's a very simple design (a puzzle with some numbers on each tile). I also can not open the exported pdf on the mac Book. I didn't get any warning or errors. The files just won't open. What could be wrong? How can i contribute some logfiles or else? Kind rergards
  5. This is what I see on my laptop. I have a dual monitor display and try to open design on my big screen but it keeps opening on the small laptop screen. It just start doing this with the last beta and the current 1971. Designer 2.1 doesn't do this or the other Affinity apps.
  6. Hello, I've recently updated to Affinity Designer 2.2.1 and also updated to Mac OS 14.1. At work I use an external monitor to work with Affinity Photo and Designer. When I disconnect the monitor, the Affinity UI used to resize to the screen size of my laptop. But not anymore. The result is that the tools are somewhere besides my screen, and also the resize/minimize button is not in sight. So I cannot resize the UI and cannot select tools - and therefore cannot use the product. Any help or fix is appreciated! Tx - Daan
  7. I have a MacBook and larger second-display which I use with Photo for editing. If I use Photo with the second-display connected to edit photos. Then disconnect the second-display from my MacBook when taking it elsewhere. Start Photo without the second-display i.e. disconnected. This results in the Photo window being restored/displayed to a "virtual video region" for the second-display that is inaccessible since it was disconnected. Reconnecting the second-display will show the Photo window but that will not work if not home. Recovery attempts The Dock (Show All Windows) menu will display the hidden Photo window but there is no way to move it from the disconnected-second-display area to the MacBook-display area. The Photo > Window menu has a (Move to my Tablet), but there is no (move to my MBP) menu. MBP M1max 64GB, macOS 14.1, Photo 2.2.1
  8. Hi, I have attached second monitor (LG 32") positioned on the right side of the MacBook laptop in Display Settings and everything was OK until I disconect the LG. Now, when I open a new document in any Affinity apps (beta or retail) I can't get the full page with <COMMAND> <0> or any other shortcut. It looks like the upper and right part of the page is lost on the second monitor. The tools and Studio panels are lost, too.
  9. Macbook Pro 2015 Monterey AND Mac Mini 2012 Catalina. Having worked previously, today there is no toolbar and no Mac controls after loading the programme. I have a copy, same version which has been running on another Mac Mini 2012 Catalina, which is fine, but I am reluctant to reload it in case I have the same problem. I have tried deleting the app and re-downloading it on the other machines, but without improvement.
  10. Often after turning on AP v2.2.1 the opening window does not show context tool bar nor the toolbar as shown in the screen shot. Closing and reopening AP usually works then fine.
  11. Following the release of Affinity 2.2, our team have discovered an issue on macOS where when connecting or disconnecting an external monitor, the Affinity app window does not resize as expected. This causes either the top 'toolbar' of the Affinity app to be hidden from view (ie the app does not fully fit on the screen), or not showing the applications UI at all, only displaying the 'New Document' dialog. Our team are aware of this issue and we're working to resolve it as soon as possible. Unfortunately there's no way to stop this issue from triggering when connecting/disconnecting an external monitor, however simply navigating to Window > Zoom from the top menu should return the missing UI elements. If you're still having trouble returning the Affinity app to default view, you can reset the app using the method described below - If you aren't using an external monitor, please create a new thread describing the issue and your setup and our team will be happy to assist further.
  12. At my office I have a 27" 4K screen hooked up to my macbook (16" Pro, M2 Max, macOS 13.5.2). Then I get home, start my laptop again, start some Affinity program only to run in issues. Most of the time, the app is just way too large for the 16" screen but I'm able to resize it. It surprises me a bit Affinity doesn't verify the display size when starting up. Now I have an issue with Affinity Photo (2.2.1). When I start it, the startup dialog is on my MB screen. But as soon as I create a new image or load an image, it will behave as if the 27" screen is still connected. At Mission Control I do see the Affinity Photo window. I cannot drag it to the Macbook desktop or something. I have to connect that 27" screen again in order to make Photo usable again. Restarting doesn't resolve this. It surprises me a bit Affinity doesn't verify the availabi It suprises me a bit the Affinity software just loads the previous settings no matter what. As a solution I'd recommend the software to verify the connected screens as well as the available screen size and use whatever is best (or use the primary screen) if the settings of the previous session cannot be loaded.
  13. If I open Publisher V2 in my Mac, the window kind of hides and I can't find any way to see it. This makes it impossible to work... I can see it in Mission Control but can't work in it since it hides and goes "out of screen" if I click on it....
  14. Dear Affinity, this still hasn't been fixed. If I work on any of the three apps via my Apple Studio Display and then decide to work solely on the laptop, the Affinity apps STILL DO NOT RESIZE to fit the laptop screen. It's like trying to view an A3 sheet of paper through an A4 aperture. I have to try and grab a corner of the app window and shrink it - which isn't easy. I've attached 2 photographs showing this. Weirdly, if I take a screenshot of the oversized apps, the resulting screenshot is correct. So the screenshot is not showing what I'm actually seeing. Please fix this. It's pretty basic stuff. Many thanks Dougie
  15. Affinity Publisher 2.2.0; MacbookAir Sonoma 14.0 After upgrading to Sonoma, when I open Publisher the background screen is odd - it’s grey, and the wrong size (screenshot 1); then if I open a document (screenshot 2) the doc is too big, so are the tools on the left which as you can see have gone off the top of the screen, so I can’t access the text or pointer tools. I can use the hand tool to drag the doc into view, (screenshot 3) but still can’t access the tools. This has never happened before, but it all started when I plugged into an external monitor (new Samsung); and continues to happen on the laptop without the monitor. Can someone help please? I have to produce the next issue of my magazine in a couple of days time, and at the moment it’s unusable. Thanks - Linda
  16. After most recent update the window is not moved to primary display when secondary display is disconnected. I have 2 monitors, the second monitor is disconnected now, when I open file the window is not visible, because it is presented outside screen.
  17. I just opened all of the Affinity 2.2 apps on my laptop after disconnecting (and shutting down/restarting) from my desk monitor and I don't know what to do with this. I can see a small amount of the side toolbar, the detached character, paragraph, and text styles panel and nothing else. No title/command bar at the top, no studio, nothing. At first I thought I had hidden the UI by pressing tab ⇥ but the UI is there, it's just offscreen. This is really frustrating. I wish I had never updated to 2.2 this morning as it's brought nothing but annoyances (and bugs) today.
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