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Found 12 results

  1. After multiple attempts and different fonts, I am observing that after expanding a stroke it is removing the inner section of the text (varies from words and font types). I am having to use the previous version to add strokes to fonts for my drop shadows.
  2. Is there a fix here? Embedding the files, including a video. Edit: Also it would be nice if the strokes weren't punch-throughs. It's just extra math for the program to do a punch out I feel like and subject to more error? I didn't mind using pathfinder to remove in AI. Also there's the issue with the edges not lining up if that is still an issue on save-out? pause-expand-stroke-after.afdesign pause-expand-stroke-before.afdesign 2022-05-09 16-41-00.mkv
  3. Expanding strokes are creating weird paths. Is this a known issue? test.afdesign
  4. Hey! As I always had problems with expanding strokes with rounded ending, the first thing I checked for is this. As you see, it has stroke pressure applied, has a round end, has a corner. If previously the same result produced an accurate line only without the rounded cap completely, now it seems even more buggy. I don't want to get into drama mode, but I would really like to see that shit finally got together, so I don't need to find some alternative to both Adobe and Affinity. The issue may seem custom and small, but I design logos on the daily basis. I'm tired of buggy lines. Hope, at least, the issue with round shapes not being properly round after Boolean transformations got fixed. Still need to check.
  5. Hi there! Some time ago, I made this Topic, about Expand Stroke issues. I made a new test and I see that this use case got a bit worse in the version: I attached the source file. Best regards!
  6. Hallo, ich weiß nicht, ob das Problem bekannt ist. Aber wenn man in Affinity Designer mit der neuesten App Version und macOS 11.2.2 den Druck einer Kontur verändert, dann ziehen sich die Ecken komisch in die Länge und sind verzerrt (siehe Foto oberes Beispiel). Wenn man die Kontur erweitert, dann sind die Ecken so wie sie meiner Meinung nach sein sollten, nämlich gleichmäßig rund (siehe Foto unteres Beispiel). Der gleiche Bug lässt sich auch in Affinity Publisher reproduzieren. Ich habe aber keine Ahnung, ob das schon immer so war oder erst jetzt auftritt.
  7. Hi, I am trying to export as curves some text and part of my styles contain decoration. I have desired effect on screen and in export if I rasterize the file, but in case I try to export as curves, as I am being asked for printing purposes, the PDF shows a completely different effect. What am I doing wrong? Publisher window: PDF Result: My export settings: My "decoration" uses 3 elements, I use the stroke as decoration 3 with some pressure adjustments as it was the only way I could figure to get the "chipped" box effect. Just as a note, if in export options I change "rasterize nothing" to "unsupported", then I achieve the result, but it's too pixelated for print. Hope there's a workaround out there for this! Thanks
  8. Hello, First, I want to warn that English is not my main language, so sorry if I don't express myself well. Since the arrival of version 1.9, I have a rather annoying bug with the vectorization of outlines (see photos attached). I didn't have this problem on version 1.8.5. I use this tool a lot so for the moment I have to work with the old version but I can no longer open my projects created with version 1.9.x. I have tried on several other PCs / Macs and the problem is the same. The bug only concerns versions since 1.9. Do you have a solution to this problem? Will it be fixing soon? Regards, Ant0ine
  9. Hi, I've read about problems with expand stroke before, but this is the first time I've actually encountered one myself. Super simple repro - create a circle with a thick stroke that has a linear 0-100% pressure curve applied. The expanded stroke is all wobbly. I also found that you start to get some bizarre buzzsaw strokes as the circle gets smaller, I assume due to losing precision. Expanding that stroke that makes a big mess too. Screenshots with settings attached. This is in Designer Thanks!
  10. Hi guys! I've download the latest AD 1.8 Updates a minutes ago, but I still found a bug on expand stroke. I just used a basic Star Tool But when I Expand the Stroke, it happens like this: Is anyone having the same issue? Please tell me if I do something wrong
  11. I tried expand stroke in different situations and it seems worst than before. Very sad :( See example here : https://imgur.com/a/iEanWPO
  12. In 173 I could draw a straight-lined polygon tool, select the nodes I wanted changed into smooth nodes. This is no longer possible : Straight-lined polygons now close automatically which hampers designing very smooth curved lines. Please bring the old function back. See screen recording, Thanks. AffDes_181-PolygonTool.mov
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