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Found 13 results

  1. I don't know what the problem may be, but when opening a document created in previous versions, the Publisher does not select frames. When you click on an object on the page, Publisher doesn't select it, but selectes it in Layers panel. This seems to happen when Publisher rupdate Resources on opening. How to reproduce. 1. Open any file that contains multiple pages with frames and images. 2. While the resources are updating, quickly navigate to any page that hasn't yet been updated and try to select any object on the page. For me, Publisher does not do nothing on the page, but selects the objects in Layers panel. This happens even when Publisher is already able to select an object on the page and you quickly navigate to another page. Nothing happens on the page. MacOs Ventura
  2. Ok here’s a problem which may be easily solved but at the moment I can’t get to the bottom of it. In publisher the bounding box and handles keep disappearing. I select a box either text or picture and the bounding box and handles appear. Next time I go to select it, the bounding and handles don’t appear. I can see in the layers panel that the box is selected but I can’t see the box or handles. If I select text tool and pull out a text box I can’t see the boundary box or handle but I know it has drawn out a box because I can see it in the layers panel. Anybody got any ideas what might be happening. I’ve looked in preferences etc but can’t drill down to see anything wrong. I’m sure it’s something simple but right now it’s driving me potty as I can’t create anything in publisher with it like this. Could it be a bug as I’ve updated to the latest update that came up on launch.
  3. This is an intermittent problem - cannot select an area with text frames, images etc. when mouse clicked and area selected - nothing happens. This corrects itself when the file is closed and re-opened. Is anyone else experiencing this? Macbook Pro 13" Ventura 13.4.1 (c) Affinity Publisher Beta 2.2.0 (1903)
  4. This is a new issue in the 2.2 beta, it doesn't happen in 2.1.1, and may be Mac specific. redraw.afpub Using this test document (but it happens with any document): Open the Layers panel for clarity Scroll to page 1 by dragging the scrollbar knob or clicking in the scrollbar well. Double click on the text frame or select the Text tool and click in the frame. Regardless of which option you choose the text frame will not appear to be selected although it will be selected in the Layers panel Choose Select All - the text will not appear as selected. Zoom in and now the text frame will be shown as selected and the text as selected This doesn't happen if you change pages with the trackpad or mouse scroll wheel.
  5. Text field in master: if the page is enlarged, e.g. to 100%, then the text field is inactive. Only changing it again, e.g. from 100% to 75%, activates the field. see signature
  6. This may relate to the same issue. Ever since uploading Publisher 2.2 (Mac Ver 13.4), I keep losing control of my cursors. The text "I" beam seems to work but it randomly refuses to show the text highlight shading so it looks like it is not selecting anything. The move tool also seems to be randomly refusing to select objects. Both problems will persist if I continue trying to use them but will disappear if I leave the program for awhile.
  7. Hello all, since update 2.2 i have big troubles since the indicators of text and object boxes disappear after switching to a different page of the document. When opening the document indicators of text and object boxes work fine. As soon as i switch to a different page of the document the indicators don`t appear anymore. Yes, zooming does help - but thats no good solution for long work! I see other users in this forum with the same problem. I also tried all possible performance settigngs with no success. And a downgrade to version 2.1 did not help either since i get the message that the file can`t be opened. I would be thankful for a problem solving advice - or a quick update that fixes the problem. MAC OS Ventura 13.6, Macbook Air M1
  8. Following the release of Affinity 2.2, our team have discovered an issue on macOS where using the scroll bar to the right-hand side / below the canvas, or showing/hiding the UI (TAB key shortcut) can stop the app from displaying certain selections, highlights or document properties until the user zooms over the document, forcing a re-draw of the canvas. This includes, but is not limited to; Bounding Boxes Text Selection Text Flow Indicators Text Caret ("I" beam) Our team are aware of this issue and we're working to resolve it as soon as possible. Unfortunately there's no way to stop this issue from triggering when using the above 2 methods, however simply zooming over the canvas should return the missing UI elements.
  9. I'm not sure of the protocol here...but I've run into a problem with Publisher and would appreciate any help from anyone. My 'check for updates' feature tells me I'm completely up to date with the latest version, 2.2.0. I'm working on a 20-pg document and gradually importing text. I click on the 'link to a new text frame' icon on the right side of the existing text frame in order to then go to a new page and click and drag again. Every couple of pages, all the guides vanish, including the 'link to anew text frame' icon, so I can no longer click on it and carry the text on to the next page. If I close the document and re-open it, everything works fine again...for about 2 minutes. It's VERY frustrating. Any ideas? This didn't happen until I upgraded to 2.2.
  10. Hi, I have the problem that the active selection doesn't showed, until I zoom in or out. I have used an idml File with mastersite as base, don't no if this had something to do with it?! Could you reproduce this problem with my file? Regards, Marc 2023-10-13_Roadbook-A5-quer.afpub
  11. Latest update Publisher 2.2.0 macOS Ventura 13.5.2 The selection frame does not show consistently, only comes on again after either zooming in or out. Other bugs as well, sorry I upgraded!
  12. Longtime InDesign user. Recently switched to Affinity, upgraded to Affinity Publisher 2.2.1, and suddenly text boxes don't seem to work for me. I'm on a Mac Ventura 13.6. When creating a new document, I can initially click and create a text box, fill it with placed text, and link it to another created text block. But after I do, I can only move the box I created; I can't change the dimensions of the box or click inside to edit the text. (When I click on the text block, the edges of the box do not show.) Also, I can't click the text box icon to create a new text block. Am I missing something obvious here?
  13. After using document window scrollbars by mouse the frame selection (blue outline) is lost in Publisher. To recover it you have to for example do zoom in or zoom out operation. Very annoing bug!
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