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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, in the latest few months I have been designed photobooks using APub with the aim of printing them through Saal Digital. The creation of the photobook is fine: I follow the dimensions defined by Saal Digital in their Professional Zone. Then, I need to export two PDFs: one for the internal pages and one for the cover. Saal Digital provides instructions on how to export files with InDesing or Photoshop, but not for APub (https://www.saal-digital.com/service/professional-zone/create-your-files-in-indesign/ -> scroll down to PDF Export). These are the recommended settings for InDesign by Saal Digital: And this is how I tried to replicate such settings: The problem is that, upon printing of the file, everything that was centred is no longer centred and there is a slight offset towards the right. I attach here an example APub file for a cover where you can see that the vertical text is centred in the middle of the spine This sample file is for a cover is of a 21x28 cm (8.5x11) photobook, with padded cover and 70 internal pages. The dimensions reported by Saal Digital are the following ones: - Size: 465.4 x 288 mm (5497 x 3402 pixels with 300 DPI) - Bleed left/right: 9.3 mm (110 pixels) - Bleed top/bottom: 7 mm (83 pixels) Thus, the size of the document in APub is: (465,4-(9,3x2)) x (288-(7x2)) = 446,8 x 274 mm. However, if I try to set the units of the document to pixels, in APub I get the following size: 5277,2 x 3236,2 px but instead it should be (5497-(110x2))x(3402-(83x2))=5277x3236 px (I don't know if this is related to the problem that I'm experiencing). However, upon printing the result is the one shown in the picture below, and it is clearly visible that the text is not on the centre but it is slightly moved to the right (in the picture towards the bottom). I tried to contact Saal Digital but they were of no help. Do you have any suggestion to avoid this issue in the export process? Thanks a lot for your help! Davide Cover_Export_Issue.afpub
  2. Hi, A few days ago, I upgraded to Affinity Designer v2. After finishing a curent project, I have trouble exporting the document as PDF. The PDF gets exported successfully, but with the wrong dimensions. The width is 1,1mm bigger than set in the project and therefore not accepted by the printing service. The issue can be easily reproduced. How to reproduce: Create a new document in Affinity Designer 2 with width=145mm and height=211mm Export document as PDF Open the PDF document in Affinity Designer 2 (or any PDF reader) and check the file size -> Result: The PDF file is 211,1mm width - which is 0,1mm too large. Please find an example file attached to this thread. When I do the same in Affinity Designer v1 then the export is perfect. I am aware of this thread and know where the issue comes from (mm converted to inch and then rounded to (only) 2 decimal places). But there is still no solution to this topic and again: The same procedure works fine with Affinity Designer v1. Looking forward for any ideas. Currently I am stuck: The PDF is not accepted by the printing service and the file cannot be opened by Affinity Designer v1 anymore. Best regards, Felix Example Document.pdf Example Document.afdesign
  3. After exporting to a PDF X3 format, Preview and Adobe Acrobat output different document dimensions.Acrobat shows the correct size. Nevertheless, the printer does not accept the file because of wrong size.
  4. In this artboard(s), I have set the current width and resolution in the image and exported them to a PDF file. (The artboard has a bleed) However inspecting the details of the Page box in the PDF, with a program such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can see that the exported area has inaccurate values of the original ones. I know that such tiny change is not noticeable, but I'm required to deliver exact measurements for my University assignments.
  5. Hello Affinity-support-team, i've just purchased and installed the great new Affinity Publisher V2 (version 2.0.0) on windows 10. Unfortunately a bug I've reported to the affinity forums a long time ago is still present in the current 2.0.0 release. Bug: a single standard DinA4-page (210mm x 297mm) gets added 0,1mm in width while exporting to PDF-file. How to reproduce: 1. File > New > A4 > Create optional: add some text on the page 2. File > Export > PDF > choose some settings for example "PDF (for export)" (bug exists on every export-setting) 3. The exported PDF-file will get 0,1mm more in width. So 210,1mm x 297,0mm instead of 210,0mm x 297,0mm. How to "fix": If you export more than one DinA4-page (for example just duplicate page1) the PDF-file is correct with 210,0mm x 297,0mm dimensions. Afterswards you need some PDF-editing software and delete some pages if you only want the first page with correct millimeter-dimensions in the pdf-file. Here's a video from an earlier version which i've made to report the bug:
  6. Seems to only affect tertiary fractions or finer (e.g., 3-5/8 (i.e., 3.625)). I only noticed now since I don't think I've exported a document that wasn't a US standard size, or not some eighth or sixteenth of an inch. I would really appreciate if this could be added to the list. This can quickly make stepping objects a nightmare. I can only imagine trying to deal with it if I had to send files out. 😳
  7. I designed a bunch of Artboards for an online ad campaign. At export they got ugly transparent borders - see image. Of course the content on the artboard overlaps the edges by a fair amount. I opened one In Photoshop and laid a red background layer underneath to show it better (200% - red = transparent in the export from AD): If this is a bug it need to be addressed with the highest priority IMHO - this makes the whole thing unusable for the most kinds of export. Thanks for any help. Alex
  8. Hello, sorry for my english. I have a problem with the pdf export in affinity designer. I created a flyer (A6 format) in affinity designer and want to send it to the print shop. When i export the file to pdf (Preset: PDF for print) and check the document in preview (Mac) or acrobat reader (PC) the exported document is always 0,1 mm / 0.8 px bigger. When i open the exported file in Designer the gap is also there... but not in the original Affinity file. Could someone test this please: Create a new document (A6 Page Preset).. draw a rectangle across the entire page and export the file to pdf (pdf for print) and then look in a pdf viewer or import the pdf to designer. The same file exported to png does not have this problem. Am i doing something wrong?
  9. Hello Affinity-Team, i really like your software, but Affinity Publisher has some really strange PDF-export bug since a long time and still present in the latest beta version. (1.8.4) I made a video here. If you need the exported PDF-files hit me up :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNFzOcV8tDk
  10. I´m having troubles when I want to export a page to pdf. It always adds 1mm to one side (only on single page files). For example, when I create a file with 39,70 x 21,00 cm – the exported pdf is 39,70 x 21,01 cm. If I use a file with two pages and the same size, I have no problems, but when I create a new file with one page the problems are appearing and it adds 1mm.
  11. I have a 120 x 120mm document in AfDesigner. When it's exported as a PDF the size is 120.3 x 120.3. The release version also has the same problem. Publisher doesn't seem to have this problem.
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