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Found 137 results

  1. Hi, there is a bug in the undo functionality. I can 100% reproduce a bug (also a screening - but both are confidential so that I did not attach it) in the undo functionality of changing a global color. 1. I open my project 2. go into a global color and change it (the results can be seen in the objects) and there will be history steps created for these modifications BUT if I use CMD+Z to go back so that there will be no more history step - the global color is not reseted to it's initial state. It still has the color of my first modification. Cheers, Stefan
  2. Hi all, I have a "problem" with the current "open recent file" behavior. status quo: - if "file ABC" has been opened and you step into the open recent file menu, choose that file, nothing happens - I see the point, because it is already open BUT if you have altered the file that behavior does not make sense anymore. It even confuses and causes unnecessary clicks if you want to get the file in its original state. BECAUSE - nothing happens if you have chosen to (re)open "file ABC" By other programs I am heavily used to the behavior that I will be prompted by a file dialog (offering the cancel, save change before the file will be loaded or open without saving the modification). That's exactly what I expected here. Cheers, Stefan
  3. Hi MEB, I experience the following bug in my current project-file: 1. I open my file 2. select 3 objects 3. hit "copy+c" OR use the menu to copy these objects 4. move my view around (to another artboard) as result: the selected 3 objects are squeezed and somewhere in the project file (far away from the original position, outside of their artboard). And because of the fact, that they are symbols, all artboards suffer from this bug. You cannot undo this step - because it is no real step (means: if I close my file, there is no popUp that asks for saving my modifications. MEB, can you give me a link to provide you my project file and a desktop-screening? Cheers, Stefan. Damn ... so many issues with symbols :/
  4. Hi there, Just updated to 1.5.5 version of affinity designer and i can't work with art boards anymore. The app crashes every time i try to move an art board, or try to resize it, or duplicate it.. I have an old computer one might say, but this very same computer ran the very same app with the same heavy document yesterday. Thanks ! k.
  5. Hallo, da englisch nicht meine Muttersprache ist und ich Deutscher bin, poste ich meinen Bug/Problem in Deutsch. Will man in AffinityDesigner einen Pfad/Linie in ein Objekt umwandeln, geht das nur über Kontur erweitern. Das Ergebnis sind unnötige Stützpunkte. Besser macht da z.B. Xara Designer Pro. Wird das noch geändert oder evtl. eine Funktion ähnlich Xara eingebaut? Es ist nämlich sehr Zeitaufwendig das zu säubern. Servus Ernie
  6. Hi, unfortunately I'm experiencing heavy issues by using symbols, but that is another story ... anyway: I just found this "bug": I got rid of all my symbols in a file by deleting them one by one (there is no option to delete all) and I still see and orange strip on the left on a text-object. Cheers guys, Stefan. AD_Bug_Karteileiche.afdesign
  7. Hi, there is a inconsistency between deleting a single artboard and multiple artboards: A.) 1. select an artboard 2. hit "backspace" to delete >> a popup dialog appears, offering 3 options (see screenshot) B.) 1. select two or more artboards 2. hit "backspace" to delete >> they will be erased without any question I expected here the same popup dialog UPDATE: C.) 1. select one artboard 2. click on its name to be able to rename it (the name is automatically marked to get be able to type in the new name - that's great btw) 3. instead of starting to type in something - hit "Esc" 4. hit "backspace" to delete >> it will be erased without any question I expected here the same popup dialog Cheers, Stefan
  8. Hi, adding a symbol behaves different (wrong) compared to adding just an object Watch the attached video to see how to reproduce the issue. Or: 1. create a rect 2. make it a symbol 3. use the symbol e.g. 3 times by dragging out of the lib 4. group the 3 symbols 5. make the group a symbol as well 6. use that group-symbol once again by dragging it from the lib, so you have 2 group-symbols 7. create a new object and move it into the hierarchy of one of the 2 group-symbols >> the object appears on the second group-symbol as well BUT if you make the object a symbol and use that symbol into one of the 2 group-symbols >> it will not appear - it will stay unique - so the 2 group-symbols are no longer identical Cheers, Stefan. AD_BugSymbolsWrongBehavior.mov
  9. Hi, under some circumstances you can damage your symbols / your scene. Watch the attached video to see how to reproduce the issue. But the steps should be something like the following: 1. create a rect 2. make it a symbol (get rid of it from your artboard) 3. use the symbol e.g. 3 times by dragging out of the lib 4. group the 3 symbols 5. make the group a symbol as well 6. drag that group-symbol once again by dragging it from the lib, so you have 2 group-symbols 7. drag the single rect-symbol out of the lib 8. modify the hierarchy by dragging the single rect-symbol into one of the group-symbols to make it a child object 9. delete that new child object (the rect-symbol) Cheers, Stefan. @MEB: Maybe this was the reason how I damaged my file (reported bug "AD crashes when moving artboard around" ?!? AD_SymbolFckUp.mov
  10. Hi, there is the following inconsistent naming issue, when creating symbols: 1. create a group 2. create a symbol out of the group >> in the layer hierarchy the name of the group will be displayed with "(Symbol)" as Suffix 1. create a layer 2. create a symbol out of the layer >> in the layer hierarchy the name of the layer will be displayed but NOT with "(Symbol)" as Suffix, it keeps its "(Layer)" Suffix That's confusing. You never know if it is a symbol or not. Especially if you are so forgetful like me or you have to work with files from different users. Cheers, Stefan.
  11. Hi, the font 'Steel Tongs' crashes my Windows 10 AD and AP with error code: 0xC0000005. http://www.fonts2u.com/steeltongs.font And: "Cannot start the Crash Reporter. The Crash Reporter cannot find an error report to send, or report is invalid." No font 'problems' with MS Word... Thanks Frank
  12. As I stated earlier in another thread, I have problems with the UI if I plug another monitor into my laptop. That external monitor is set as my primary display if plugged in and AD (in separated window mode) moves all windows and panels to that display but keeps the position of the studio panels and toolbars at the size of the laptop display, positioned somewhere around the bottom left in the viewport. But that’s not even the actual problem. The real problem is that if I unplug the monitor (after having manually aligned all panels and toolbars to the edges of the large display’s viewport) and everything goes back to the small laptop display, sometimes some panels/toolbars are apparently hidden outside the viewport and I can’t access them anymore. Yes, I can reset the studio but that sucks big time. And that doesn’t even solve my current issue because the context toolbar at the top has disappeared and doesn’t even come back after resetting the studio; apparently that’s only for the panels. I can probably reset AD on startup (I’ve forgotten the key combination for that, haha) but that can also not be a permanent solution.
  13. Hi! I'm experiencing a quite annoying bug... It seems that, randomly (like 1 every 4 ou five times), when I use cmd+c to copy a layer AD (latest version) freezes and the app doesn't respond anymore :( Any clue ? I'm running a mc book pro Retina 13-inch late 2013 with Sierra (latest update) Thanks for the answer
  14. If I hit the key combination ⌘-Return (a.k.a. Enter) AD crashes. I’ve uploaded a crash report to the Dropbox.
  15. Hi I have on occasion experienced crashes in AD while drawing avector shape or tracing over a shape,using the Pen Tool. In most instances the program just closes immediately with no warning and no access to Crash Reporter. On odd occasions it reveals a window box informing me of a Crash Report following -but nothing happens. I was hoping the latest update may have fixed the problem, but today it has re appeared. I am using the pen tool to create a vector outline shape and am wondering if it is the little curve tools on the drawing line- the ones you move to change the curve shape. Everything else I do seems to be running OK. I have Win Pro 10, 16Gig RAM with SSD for programs and standard 500Gigs HDD for storage (3 drives + reserved partition for win b/u program). I have 2 x Acer monitors and use NVidia GeoForce 500x (?) graphics card with 1 gig onboard RAM. Standard Microsoft mouse & keyboard. I suspect it could be i am not using the pen tool /curves correct? Thank you!
  16. If a PDF with oldstyle figures is placed in an Affinity Designer document the figures get changed to default style (but with horrible kerning). If the PDF was orgininally created in Designer all numbers are changed to default figure style (as far as I can tell). If the PDF was created in Illustrator only the numbers of some of the fonts are changed. Look at the two attached files (JPEG preview and Affinity Designer): On top is the text written directly in Designer, below the placed PDF made with Designer and below that, the PDF made with Illustrator. The three fonts I used in this example should be ok (Adobe Jenson Pro, Minion Pro and Myriad Pro). Both PDFs look ok in Adobe Acrobat. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong when exporting the PDF? Oldstyle-in-PDFs.afdesign
  17. No doubt again something simple, again probably a simple fix, but I've already conceded my infant level AD knowledge - help please. How do y'all explain the following behavior upon my reducing the image size in AD, on a 3 month old MacBook Pro running AD 1.5? I've attached 4 thumbnails below to help illustrate. I drag a me-made asset (that stupid black tote bag) onto a photographic image of Bigfoot in an attempt create a crude image of him carrying a black tote bag with a logo on it. Obviously, the scale of the tote is way too large so I begin to reduce it's size. I used both the Transform Panel (W+H) as well as constraining via Shift/Drag. In both cases, the smaller I reduce, the more I see proportional changes in certain layers in the logo (which are grouped). I did NOT have the 'Loch Children' box ticked - would this have bearing on the effect I'm getting? Most obvious IMO is the change in the curvature around the black 'C'...just saying. Thanks for any help! (I love playing with this program - can't wait 'til i have a better grasp of it all) -Christo
  18. Hello friends, how can I open more than one instance of AP & AD? I have two monitors and work on two different projects, am still young and multitasking capable ;) Since I can use AP / AD only as an instance, I'm forced to edit the second project parallel under Adobe CC (I find Adobe's licensing policy horrible!) and wants to get away from all Adobe products! Can you help me? ChristAlix
  19. Hi; I've found an unexpected behaviour (unexpected for me, of course) when adding a text to a circle shape. I was trying to write the text all around the circle by outside, but instead when I've written half the text, it jumps down and to the inner part of the circle (see attached image). Is there any way to prevent this, a workaround, or I'm doing sthing wrong? Thanks in advance; Val
  20. Hi AD pros, I have a problem with simple squares exactly aligned next to each other. In the UI (sometimes, depending on the zoom factor) and in the export I always get slim white lines as shown in this topic too. I've attached the AD file. Thank you very much for any help. Norbert Blitzer Problem MM.afdesign.zip
  21. Hi all, use the brush tool and create several curves (paths). When using Undo (Cmd+z) and normally you should be able to continue straight forward. Most of the times you can go on using the brush tool. But sometimes it switches to curve points (although the brush tool is active) which prevents from painting. Maybe it has to do with the speed of using CMD-Z or that I am using a Wacom Intuos PT S. One of the cheaper "beginner" tablets, but with touch-functionality of the tablet. And when using it, the hell of the hand is laying on it. I can't really say. Thanks, Stefan.
  22. When changing Raster DPI in the export settings, the dpi is lost or changed to pt. AD- and AD- (beta)
  23. Hey guys, Is there a way to reflect an object in Affinity Designer? I know I can duplicate an item, flip it and then move it to create the reflection. But is there a way I can do it in a single click? Thanks
  24. Pressure sensitivity is not working for me in Affinity Designer. It is working in other apps (tablet properties and Xara Designer demonstrated). Clean install of Windows 7 x64 Affinity Designer 1.5.36 Retail Wacom Graphire ET-0405-U USB Driver pro620-w5 (the last official driver to support the original Graphire tablet). "Pressure" is selected both within the brush and as the controller on the context toolbar
  25. Hi, juste as the title says, I wanted to know if i can find photo filters (or export some from photoshop) and if so where can i find them ?
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