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Found 86 results

  1. Hi, I desperately try to find out how I can recreate the packaging example in the 1.5 promotion video: -> Minute 1:10 How can I perspectively transform in AD? How can I wrap the design around the box? (Are there multiple instances of an embedded file in the example or is it just one single file wrapped around the box?) I would be really glad if somebody could help me with this issue. Maybe anyone knows a tutorial for this? Thanks in advance! Great software btw :)
  2. Hi guys, I'm a 3D artist and quite interested in buying Affinity Photo. But I want to know how does it perform and work with 32 bit images like HDR and EXR. This is a huge weakness in PS and I hope AP can fulfill this gap for me. So, here are my questions: -Can AP create layers, blending modes, apply filters, masks and whatever I can do with standard 8bit images, so I can work non-destructively? -Is there any tone mapping tool in AP? Something on the lines of Camera Raw in PS? Does it work non-destructively too? -Does it have a Lens Blur so I can use ZDepth to apply DOF in post? To me it's very important to have non-destructive workflows as much as possible. Thanks in advance, -Eugenio
  3. Hi, When I watched the affinity designer promotional video on their website, I saw that they somehow were doing real-time 3d embedding on a shoebox for a fiction company. I know how to do real-time embedded document editing, but it looked like they were designing it on a flat surface, and then it appeared on a 3d looking shoe box. Thanks for any help you can give me! :) Here is the link to the video https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/ It is around 1:12 into the video.
  4. Kasper-V


    We visited Chatsworth House in Derbyshire Last month to see their Christmas makeover. The them was The Nutcracker (as in the ballet by Tchaikovsky). The light was very low, and I shot everything in RAW, which is a bit new to me. There's still a lot of noise I couldn't remove. The large "flat" photo is of the whole uncropped scene, while the smaller one is the stereo pair. This is set up in what's called "cross-eyes" stereo: the left-eye photo is on the right, and the right-eye photo on the left. If you're new to this, it might take a little while to get the hang of it (and some folks never do, so don't feel bad if it doesn't work!) Look at the centre white line and cross your eyes -- this will give you double vision -- and try to make the two images overlap till you see THREE images: the middle on will spring into glorious 3-D!
  5. Hi there, I played with some macro photography I shot a few days ago. Working with the brushes in Affinity Photo is a nice experience (the luminosity jitter it's really interesting). Below, a few samples of the photographs and the compositing. Best, Piero Macro #01 no PP: Bitmap painting #01: 100% view #01: Macro #02 no PP: Bitmap painting #02: 100% view #02: Macro #03 no PP: Bitmap painting + 3D #03: 100% view #03:
  6. Would be cool to have a set of tool for 3d artist. Stuff like: -Handle diffuse, bump, spec, normal... maps in a clever way. ex:Transformation on one map is applied to all the other. -Automatically export all maps (Different LOD possible). Maybe colorspace/format optimization (like greyscale for bump) -Previz of bump/spec.. maps -Handle PBR workflow
  7. It seems that the behavior of the 3D layer effect is broken, or at least that it has changed, in 1.5.3 compared to 1.5.1 and earlier--this is significantly distorting much of my artwork. I've attached a simple AD file (1 inch white circle with default 3D layer effect, except azimuth 0 and elevation 90), along with an export of this document using AD 1.5.1 and 1.5.3. It appears that 1.5.3 is not treating the parameters the same, and is wrong compared to 1.5.1. 3dTest.afdesign
  8. Hi, My purpose would be to create rubber stamps, ‘dry’ stamps ; anyhow, to ‘emboss’ patterns and texts. Can I create such 3D files with Affinity Designer, as I could possibly do with something like FreeCad or Blender ? Thanks !
  9. On the promo video, it shows artwork being designed in one window and it being overlayed on a shoe that is 3D. I have tried to find how this is done. Any suggestions?
  10. A thread about Penrose triangles prompted me to have a go at reproducing one of Oscar Reutersvärd's impossible windows. I've attached the result of my efforts.
  11. Just bought and sure it will be great.... First thing I want to do is design company logo. I want 4 letters typed in caps locking as tough going into the distance slightly with a '45 degree shadow of the same behind. Can't see any way to achieve it though. Similar effect to the link below though letters, colours, text all different. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JCB_(company) The yellow JCB logo. Would be really grateful for any help or advise. Thanks very much Stu
  12. I have a flat book cover and I want to turn it into a 3d cover like the image below. What affinity designer tools should I use to accomplish this?
  13. Helo, im currently working on this homework and Im trying to make this design have some 3d, volum and depth of field in its center, Ive been working on it for a while but I just cant get my head around, I havent found any good tutorials either for my design, I would appreciate all the help I can get.
  14. Hello fellow Affinity fans! I've just completed a multi-layered website design in Affinity Designer and would like to display each page at an angle to show how all of the different layers/planes relate to each other. I've searched around and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I tried using Affinity Photo's persecutive tool, but it destroys the quality of the site and doesn't enable me to do it in layers. ​Attached is an example of what I'm trying to achieve Help?:)
  15. Hi i'll start a new topic because my first one was a little confusing. I asked to be able to texture and colorize 3D model made in a 3D modeling software. So what I meant is to be able to import UV unwrap. Because the way I see it is Affinity Designer could do amazing job as a UX/UI design tool, for concept art and if it could do this (import UV unwrap) than I could certainly ditch Illustrator and Photoshop at the same time and reduce my pipeline of tools. Thank You
  16. giantlobsterprd

    café – web comic test

    Okay so this is a test frame for a web comic I'm working on - the backgrounds are Cinema 4D, the character is Affinity Designer and the whole thing has been comped and adjusted in Affinity Photo. There will be a lot more of this, once I've got the environment nailed down.
  17. Hi, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man den Glas Text Effekt erstellt. Das geht im wesentlichen über den Ebenenstil 3D. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the glass text effect. It works mainly with the layer style 3D. Ciao Jack YouTube-Tutorial "Glas Text Effekt"
  18. eebee

    Holographic Planet

    A friend of mine is making a no-budget Star Wars fan film. He likes to make models of ships and sets but of course there were a few things that required some digital effects. One thing he needed (and he needed it in a hurry!) was an animated "hologram" of the planet Coruscant (a planet completely coved by a giant city). I used Affinity Photo making heavy use of the Pixel Tool and the Mirror Distort (I wish I'd kept better track of the steps, but it was late and I was working fast!). I made three or four different small patterns like the two shown on the left. Then I copy pasted the patterns several times changing their scale and distributing them around the canvas. Next I used the eraser to remove small and large sections of the patterns to make them look different. More layers and shifted copies. Then a layer of just straight lines connecting "hubs". Finaly the pattern was colour adjusted to be bright red (I didn't want to stare a bright red the entire time I was working on it). The pattern was UV mapped onto a sphere in Blender and then animated with a slow 360 degree revolution on a tilted axis. The animation was later composed over the live action shot of Princess Leia, who was filmed with a red light shining on her.
  19. I'm not sure if it's there (support for these devices) as I'm waiting for windows version but if not, can you add it?
  20. Importing, using/moving/rotating/scaling, rendering and rastering .obj files (and in general 3D objects created in Maya or similar). This's the only real reason I can't leave Photoshop behind in favor of AffinityPhoto as of now. Thanks.
  21. Hier eine kleine Bildschirmaufnahme wie man z.B. bei einem Logo (PNG Datei mit transparentem Hintergrund) einen Glitch/3D Split Effekt macht. Habe unnötige bzw. falsche Schritte nicht rausgeschnitten. Erklärungen gibt es nicht, die Bildschirmaufnahme ist aussagekräftig genug. Here is a short tutorial for a Glitch / 3D Split Effect for Affinity Photo. I show this with a PNG File with transparent Background. There are no explanations, you get the point by viewing. Further didn't i cut out unnecessary or false steps. Grüße, Best regards, Ben. https://youtu.be/0i9WOd2KzK0
  22. RocketPoweredTennisBall

    3D offset

    3d offset 3D transform (or offset it, then provide an option to vectorize) layers for a layered 3D effect (see attached) Opens up menu with the following options: Perspective/Isometric (radio buttons) Viewing angle (slider and box) Tilt angle (one slider and box per layer, in pop-out) Identical offset distance/Varied offset distance (radio buttons) Offset distance from below layer (one slider and box per layer, in pop-out) Distance blur (checkbox) Focal point (slider and box, with a center on layer option: pick a layer, and its center is the focal point) Blur distance (slider and box) Blur layers around selected layer (slider and box, pick a layer, automatically defaults to the layer picked in 'Focal Point' and vice versa it defaults to this)
  23. I would like to see each light source inside the 3D effect to have independent settings control over color. For example: one light can be bright white from the right and the second source can come from below and blue and each have their own blend modes. That would be awesome. Here's what I can do so far, pretty good I think.
  24. One thing that prevents me from ditching Photoshop entirely is the ability to create and manipulate 3D layers. I know you are trying to keep things simple, but if you could implement it somehow, it would encourage a lot of people to ditch Photoshop.
  25. Ok, yes I am sure this is a massive stretch and a very unrealistic request but hey, if we don't ask, then who knows if it will ever happen right. So, sometimes, when I am putting together a project, I am looking at composition and design. I use software like Google Sketchup to get models to drop into Sketchup and arrange here and there to get my ideas. Then I have to snap an image of the layout and redrop it into illustrator, outline (trace) it and go from there. I can't tell you how often I was thinking it would be cool to just be able to open one program and in one window, create the 3D layout, then copy and paste it into another page where as the 3D layout turns into a nice 2D flat vector image to work with. Again, yes I know this is unrealistic and asking for a lot, but hey, does it hurt to ask. So, 3D Design capabilities like Google Sketchup with full compatibility with your wonderful vector software. That is my request. :D

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