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  1. I've been making 3D anaglyphs in Photoshop for years. There are tutorials in Affinity Photo on how to achieve a 3d "effect" using a single photo. I'm not looking to do just an effect. What I do in Photoshop is take 2 photos approximately the distance of your eyes apart. I touch them up then I copy the right photo and paste it into the Red Channel of the left. when I open all channels on the left photo I get the classic 3D "red/blue" separation that makes the photo pop using 3D glasses. Any idea how I recreate this process in Affinity Photo? Been trying for a while unsuccessfully. Please help me as my Photoshop on my old computer is slowly dying.
  2. Hello! Is there a way in AD to achieve the revolve and extrude features for flat to 3D shapes that's included in AI - or any tutorial? If not, what do you use as replacement to achieve this result? I was thinking about Blender but not sure is it worth to learn for this simple task. Thanks for the help
  3. I am not sure if I never mentioned on this forum what a kruhotvar is, but it is a very specific type of circular repetition of something simple. They have originally been 2D objects that have always started as a very simple shape drawn in Affinity Designer, exported to SVG, and then hand-processed by yours truly. This week I have been toying with the idea of converting them into 3D objects (because I have ordered a Prusa 3D printer and it is expected to ship this coming week, not my first 3D printer but should be the first one that actually works unlike the Ender-5 junk that I have had for a few years). I wrote a routine that writes a script for OpenSCAD to convert the above-mentioned simple shape to a 3D object. It can do it in a number of ways, based on some parameters processed by my routine. Ads an example, this morning I sketched this non-assuming shape using the pen tool of AD: (The source is krtko.afdesign.) I exported it to SVG, then wrote some C code that calls my procedure (you can find it here, if interested), used OpenSCAD to turn it into STL and PrusaSlicer to prepare it for 3D printing (after I receive and assemble my new printer, of course). The result should be a nice little plastic coaster seen in this image (ignore the green part, that is just a support required for the printing):
  4. Fun little Star Wars themed project. 3D work done in Blender. Photography was done in studio, processed in AP. Composited in AP.
  5. BEST SOFTWARE EVER! WE LOVE IT. and WE MISS 3D functions. then we can stop A dimension and other bad tools. hove your feel the same and wish 3D from AFFINITY. best wishes from germany red-baron
  6. Hi guys, here's a new video about how to create a 3D text in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  7. Easily take Affinity Photo shapes to the next level. Don't settle for the default shapes this Affinity Photo beginner tutorial shows how to change the shapes and add effects (FX) and blend modes to create unique graphics. This is number 41 in my Affinity Photo Power Tools playlist. the link to this playlist is below. https://youtu.be/JZrGgtn3RAA #madeinaffinity #affinityphoto #affinityserif #tutorial #photomanipulation #graphicdesign #affinity #digitallyfearless #AffinityiPad #iPad #shapes #fx #3D #blendmodes
  8. 3D texture with live lighting Affinity Photo tutorial on iPad and desktop. First I show the way I believe it was meant to be used, but then I tried something different. I used a photo of a flower and gave it live lighting with 3d texture. https://youtu.be/lFK-Gqz1x2I
  9. Affinity Photo beginner tutorial photo manipulation. In this beginner Affinity Photo tutorial I use the threshold filter to create some interesting photo manipulation effects. This is number 35 in the Digitally Fearless “Powerful Tools of Affinity” series. The links to the iPad and desktop versions of this tutorial in the video description and below. iPad version of this tutorial: https://youtu.be/OzVzMuVw5zw Desktop version of this tutorial: https://youtu.be/4RNqDk6qpIk
  10. Hey It would be wonderful if I could save the paths of my logos (in Affinity Photo) individually, similar to Photoshop as ai (PS: "path to illustrator" -> ai -> is supported by a lot of other programs as import for paths). I could then import this directly into Cinema4D, for example, in order to edit this logo in 3 dimensions and add textures. Greetings Till
  11. How Can I convert a texture to a nomal map (bump map) I affinity photo or affinity designer?
  12. Hello, I really like this software. ;) :) I'm a 3D artist and I need to know if it is possible to load a black and white picture (the z-depth channel created in the 3d software) and load it into a channel or a slection or something else in order to create a depth of field. Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEntwpYYKHE
  13. An easier way for beginners to use the pen tool for tracing or masking is shown in this Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo Tutorial. https://youtu.be/jsj5iAzL0cQ
  14. Create Marbles My Latest Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo tutorial - Easily create marbles. https://youtu.be/YHECNTQ4SgI
  15. Hi Folks! Would it be possible to get a divide blending mode? It gets used a tonne in vfx compositing where we want to separate different parts of an image so we can tweak things individually! Thanks! John
  16. I am wondering whether it is possible to export vector graphics from Affinity Designer with 3D effects as purely vectors. My experiments with this seem to indicate that those 3D effects always get rasterised on export. Is that the case? Whenever I export without rasterising being applied, the resulting file loses all 3d effects.
  17. Hello, I would find it very usefull if there was easy 3D object creation implemented into Affinity software, the same way as it is possible in Adobe software or in a similar way . Yours, Markusius
  18. Hello, I wonder how to achieve effect of turning a shape into a set of parallel lines, sometimes going in different directions, like the one attached. Is there any simple tool/method to use? And second, I often see an effect of differentiating lines width to gain a 3d structure effect (like https://www.behance.net/gallery/103252871/9-Styles-90-Logos-Volume-3?tracking_source=project_owner_other_projects ). The question remains the same - which tool should I use to achieve that?
  19. Affinity Photo beginner tutorial shows how to think out of the box when using the stamp tool and use it to create the look of a textured painting. https://youtu.be/rblO0JRIEQE #AffinityPhoto #stamptool #3d #texturedPaint #texturedbrush
  20. I need the support of the nVidia Photoshop plugin for exporting .dds textures. Thank you.
  21. Hello everybody. I thought about a software, it was about 3D software, (Affinity 3D Designer), what does the title mean, the idea of creating the software is that you can make many things out of 3D and that you can use the other software from Affinity can connect.
  22. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/WKdLQv Was practicing different mediums by mixing 3D sculpting and Greasepencil in Blender and then finally finishing it with a 2D paintover inside Affinity Photo. Was a lot fun! Here is the original Blender version before the paintover for those who are curious.
  23. Good day, I would like to propose some 3d effects I use on other software. Specifically, it'll be: 3D extrude 3D revolve This would greatly speed up the production especially on Isometric design (I love how Affinity Designer approach isometric design) I read on a thread here that you're not planning to create it as it is an 3D effect but kindly reconsider as this would greatly improve our workflow up to 120%. Kudos to team!
  24. Can Affinity Photo load up 3D models like Photoshop can, so they can either be painted, or more importantly used in an image?
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