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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I'm fairly new with Affinity (loving it so far), but I can't find a way to see the values of an 32-bit image in the Color Sampler Info panel. No matter what mode I use it seems to always clip to 255 which is not the case of my image. Cheers, Juan
  2. Hi all, If I paint in a 32-bit document with a brush using color intensity higher than 1, the Color Picker clips the value to 1. Cheers, Juan
  3. Hi all, I noticed that in the Color Tab there is no 32-bit option, is this intended or just a missing feature?. Furthermore, the picker does not pick the Intensity set in the brush. Cheers, Juan
  4. Hi all, I have noticed that the Intensity Slider in the color chooser for 32-bit documents jumps from 0 to +20 or -20 but I'm unable to choose any intermediate values. Here is a short video: Cheers, Juan
  5. Hi, I searched quite a bit, but couldn't find a way to partially modify the exposure in a 32-bit image to create a, none tone mapped, HDRI to be used as lighting in 3d software. In a nutshell: I want to create a 32-bit HDRI and increase the exposure within masked areas to different values, pretty much like the Exposure control in Photoshop. The exposure adjustment layer would require me to paint the influence mask after applying, but it does not seem to be able to increase the exposure value in a way necessary for IB lighting. Using the Develop Persona allows me to increase the exposure value for the whole image, but requires me to calculate color values in advance to, e.g. create a grey background with "lights". Am I missing something or should this go into a feature request? TIA, Erik
  6. When stitching 32-bit HDR panorama from previously HDR merged OpenEXR source the panorama "persona" in Photo 1.6.6 does not offer the 32-bit preview panel, this can impede identification of stitching artefacts
  7. After having used the 32-bit modes almost exclusively now since we had them available I noticed some issues with OCIO configurations and maintaining them. What I'm suggesting is a more global config file. I've attached a YAML example. YAML because it's easy to read, duplicate and modify. It can be easily exchanged when working in groups. Download project config from Shotgun, merge with own config and use it right away. Affinity currently has a config switcher that doesn't switch configs. This way it would work and it would be easy for the user to manage. The ICC part is for Affinity to determine which profile is used for converting OCIO data to ICC data for delivery use to devices and services that don't use OCIO (print shops for example). ocio affinity.yaml
  8. Is thre a way to open a 32-bit exr file, withou applying the alpha channel to all the layers in the file? When opening a rendered file from 3ds max everything in the windows is just transparent pixels.
  9. Hi, I was SO looking forward to playing with the Windows Beta, but I don't have a 64-bit install and don't really want to go through a clean install. Too much risk for potential problems on my Parallels Mac/Windows set-up. Is there any chance at all that there will be a 32-bit version of AD Windows later? Or do I have to buy a brand new 64-bit PC? Thanks, Sheila P.S. Congrats on the beta release! :)
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