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Found 10 results

  1. 1. I placed an .afphoto file, having several layers with different colours, several times. 2. I assigned different colours by hiding the layers. 3. Export preview showed all colours, but only one colour showed up in the PDF. Sending to a printer worked fine.
  2. Just testing what happens, when I copy something using an AD 2 function to AD 1. 1. Write some Artistic Text in AD 2 and apply a mesh on it. Copy it. 2. Paste into AD 1. Result: In AD 1 the copied element gets much smaller. In my case from 60 mm to 17,428 mm. Both documents had the same resolution and colour space. Copy as SVG for both versions.
  3. This report cannot be considered as an improvement or feature request, this is a bug. I like the new design, but this is hardly usable. You can distinguish the strokes only via the tooltip. See attached screenshot. In V1 the lines were much thicker.
  4. Aktivieren des Isolationsmodus: Halten Sie die _-Taste und klicken Sie im Panel Ebenen auf die Miniatur einer Ebene, einer Gruppe oder eines Objekts. Here will be a Mac key shown instead of the ALT key on Windows. That Mac key is shown in several other parts of the German help file.
  5. I tidied the New dialogue a bit ... removing unwanted categories and presets and added A0 to A2 as presets. You can drag the presets to make your own order, which is nice, but this order is not kept after closing and restarting of APu.
  6. Guess this is not a bug, but more an improvement. 1. Create a group, click the consider icon. 2. You can now immediately select items of the group. 3. Click the consider icon once again to turn off this function. Result: Still you are able to select items of the group. You have to deselect first and then select the group again to get it e.g. moved.
  7. Is it just me or thumbnails are really not saved with the document? Option is checked in Preferences. Win 10 Enterprise Edit: Strange, after a while the thumbnail appears. Perhaps Windows is to blame? Or I did something else.
  8. I have to apologize in advance for being Monk or maybe my genes are to blame, but I HATE positioning of elements when there are too many decimal places at the position. Scenario: Document with baseline grid enabled (Display treshold at 90%), Snapping is set up properly for margins and baseline grid. Workflow A: I move the text frame with the mouse to the top left corner of a column (x 16 mm, y 16 mm). Result: Several attempts to get the element to the exact desired position. And I mean x 16 mm / y 16 mm and not x 16 mm / y 16,1234 mm. Workflow B: I zoom a bit out and position the text frame by moving the text frame handles to the desired position. Result: Monk-perfect position at the first attempt. Workflow C : Positioning via Transform panel. Yes, but sometimes I am faster with the mouse instead of typing x and y position into the Transform panel. A problem could be that there are too many snapping options like margins, baseline grid etc., as elements always tend to snap to the wrong direction. A preference to snap either top or bottom would be useful in my opinion.
  9. I do like, that in theory (and practically) it is possible to override layer visibility, but this feature is not to my full satisfaction. 1. PDF: Works if the PDF contains Acrobat Layers, BUT only in Interpret mode. When placing a layer in Transfer mode and hiding a layer the mode turns to Interpret. I would like to keep the Transfer mode, but there maybe technical obstacles. 2. AD document: It always "annoyed" me, that something in the Layers panel is not really a layer. Maybe Serif should talk here about Elements and Layers to avoid confusion. To get the feature work, the AD document has to be modified with "real" layers and I have to confess, that I packed the Elements seldom into Layers. It would be nice, if Groups and Elements visibility could be overridden too. 3. PSD: No support for "layers" in PSD. That would be a killer feature (for me) to have one PSD with Layer variants, placed multiple times in the Affinity document and using the layer variants (like in ID). 4. TIFF: Same wish as for PSD.
  10. How to reproduce crash: Create a textbox with some text. Open Hyperlinks panel from the Window menu. Each text line in APub ends with an white character (possibly a new line character). Highlight it: Having the white character selected create a new hyperlink (i.e. to a webpage) Select the textbox containing the text (and the hyperlink) and create another hyperlink I done steps 1-5 in the attached afpub file. In the Hyperlinks panel select the inner (white character) hyperlink and delete it. Reproducible with Public Release 2.0.0 hyperlink_delete_crash.afpub
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