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Found 24 results

  1. Tapping Adjustments > LUT > Load and uploading a LUT file is a sure way to crash the app and sometimes even whole iOS. If I create a LUT adjustment in the Mac app and save in Affinity native format, I can open it on iPad but have issues with rendering. Tested with LUTs in .cube format on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Really hope that this can be fixed as LUTs seem to be the easiest way to apply presets in Affinity Photo.
  2. Hello, I’ve been having a issue within Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, when working on a project and I need to swipe up from the button to activate the dock a single swipe will not open it and I normaly have to swipe 2 or more times. Is there anyway to fix this so I can do a single swipe up like any other app? This is with Affinity on the late 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 modle (the one without the home button) There are times where. I can single swipe up and it seems to happen depending on the colour of the dock bar indercator, white means I can swipe up with a single swipe and so
  3. For some reason the raw files I have added to the panorama will not stitch when I hit the stitch button.
  4. Hello there! First things first. Congrats on the Photo for iPad launching Serif guys! What a terrific job you've made here. I can't tell how excited I am about it. Although, after trying out the app for a couple of hours yesterday, I found that Photo recognizes my palm as an input when using the Apple Pencil and makes the canvas do some weird jittering before recognizing the pencil input. Sometimes zooms the canvas out, sometimes draws accidental spots all over the canvas (not very often)... Hope this issue can be addressed in future updates, because it makes the app very uncomfor
  5. Hello there, I've been playing with affinity photo for iPad and have noticed that I am unable to open my .NEF files from either iCloud or Google Drive. However I am able to open them from Amazon Cloud Drive. I figured that iCloud opening of .NEF files would have native support. Beyond that I can't open RAW files for use in an HDR merge, so to do an HDR I have to do the following. 1. Move RAW files to Amazon Cloud drive. 2. Open each up individually with import from cloud 3. Save out as JPEG or some other format 4. Open new HDR Merge Seems a bit cumbersome... I'm just rea
  6. I'm not getting any sound with the built-in tutorials. IPad sound does work on other apps.
  7. Hi. First, I have to say thank you. This app is huge. Trying to learn the interface, I worked on a project for about an hour and a half, and suddenly the app crashed. I can't tell if I was doing something specific (such as using a specific tool), but it suddenly turned black and crashed. When I opened it up again, the project I was working on was gone, completly. That's a huge problem for me. Other apps like procreate are doing a great job on preserving changes even when the app crashes, and I find it really reliable. I love your app, and I know fixing A misterious bug like this could
  8. Hello. I have a problem, when I try do a line with the Apple Pencil, having the pressure activated or not, every time the beggining of every line starts with an ugly and fat dot. I tried unlinked the pencil and linked again to the iPad and restart the software and that didn't fix it. When I started with other software, I had the same issue but they fixed it in an update, I hope you can fix this as well and soon. Regards. PS: in the attached files, the lines are done from down to up, so down you can see the uglies dot in the beggining of every line.
  9. Today's update resolved my raw banding issue, but created a new issue for me. Now, when using the brush to create targeted adjustments in raw, I am only able to paint on 2/3 of the photo. The top 1/3 is cut off...almost like there is a layer misalignment and at 2/3 height you hit the top of the photo.
  10. Hi. I cannot import a .psd file created and exported with the Sketchclub app in affinity photo ios. It crashes everytime. The .psd file is exported to icloud drive and imported from affinity photo. I think there is a problem with the created .psd file. Is there a chance that it's an unsupported file? I'll add the .psd. I can import the file in photoshop, and on desktop version of affinity when first opened and exported in ps. Should i contact the developer of Sketchclub app too? Thanks. sketch.psd
  11. I have watched the video on using the lighting filter and was able to get it to work. I have tried to add another lighting filter layer and I am unable to get it to do anything. The arms of the light shape are there but no light. Can I make more than one layer for lighting? No clue what I'm missing.
  12. When I try to edit a text box, i select the text box I want to edit, then Tap the text tool, and when I try to edit the text, the keyboard automatically covers the whole text, and I can't edit anything. It's constantly scrolling up when i tap the text box. I have to pan several times, and zoom out in order to view the text while I'm editing it. This is a known issue? I'm working on an iPad Pro 12,9. And congrats for the app. Amazing job!
  13. App crashes after attempting to add another pixel layer when all layers have been deleted. Steps to reproduce: 1. Delete all layers (See attached screenshot) 2. Add pixel layer 3. Crash iPad Pro 12.9" (A1584) IOS 10.3.2 Affinity Photo 1.6 Great work guys! I loved it on Windows in beta and now I'm loving it even more on my iPad. Thanks!
  14. For some reason, when loading RAW images, affinity is producing a TON of banding and artifacting on the images, specifically on the shadow end. The results are practically unusable upon opening. Am I missing a setting? I am importing 35MB images from a Nikon d810, and I'm pulling them in from a private server, so I know the files haven't been messed with by any third party. Help!
  15. App won't start say loading under the icon but never does. I have deleted it and downloaded it again, and tried a restart. To no avail, please help.
  16. I was interested in experimenting/comparing the HDR Merge on both my MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro. Initially I was impressed with how similar they were when the merge was completed. I am aware that the iPad app is in it's infancy so in hopes to help in the development these are the issues that I found. As I was using a Sony a6300 I was unsure how to export the five images to iCloud so I used .tiff. Once in AP mobile loading one image at a time into HDR merge was slow (I'm sure this will be improved). Once the merge started it was relatively fast and in comparison with image on MacBook
  17. hi folks :) has anyone had this bug happen? when importing a photo from photos the app crashes and restarts ,it is happening all the time its really starting to piss me off. what can I do? it happens on both the iPad Pro 12.9 and the iPad Pro 9.7
  18. Hi. When trying to import .afpalette from desktop version, i cannot. When making a custom palette by manual picking colors from document, i manage to save them as a application palette, yet when opening created swatch in new or other document, i cannot. Will an import from any Affinity OS version (via icloud or other via's) be possible in future? Or am i missing something? Thanks.
  19. Sometimes when I use the inpainting brush it crashes and sometimes just freezes. Really this gets fixed it's super annoying. Anybody else getting this?
  20. After conferming the liquify result and going back to Photo, the liquify result turns out differing hugely from the original result I made it in the liquify persona, making the liquify function unusable. And, I'm not an expert in liquifying, but it feels like the tools do not do what they're supposed to do.
  21. Hi, I've tried to place images from the command menu however this feature doesn't work. I've experimented with various images and canvas sizes and still the place image feature doesn't work. Once the option is selected, I can choose and image to place, but then once the image is chosen the menu exits and nothing happens.
  22. Heya, first of all, thank you very much for developing this app for the iPad! I was super psyched after seeing your demo on WWDC today, so I went ahead and downloaded your app on my iPad pro 12.9. However, it seems like your app crashes instantly when it's launched because my iPad's language setting is on Korean. I saw some Korean reviewers as well who reported the same thing on the App Store review page. Would you be so kind to let us "other language iPad owners" know the ETA on this fix? I really wish to work this app and I would really hate to issue a refund just because of this
  23. Hi there! Thank you for this amazing ipad app. Can you please help me get the most out of it? I can't find a way to manage the files created with the app. I can't rename files or delete them. I searched the help section with no success. Thanks for your answer ! Congrats for the launch! k.
  24. The following simple issues currently make this app virtually unusable for RAW users:- 1 Raw files imported into Photos via the camera connection kit cannot be processed by Affinity Photo - only the embedded jpg file gets imported into Affinity Photo. This issue alone makes Affinity Photo useless for MOBILE raw processing. 2 When importing a raw file from a Onedrive folder no preview images are shown, only file names. It is extremely difficult to select which image to be processed without preview images. 3 The Raw Develop Persona shadow slider only has a very minimal effect. The hi
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