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Found 21 results

  1. This is what help is telling me. Unfortunately this is not working - perhaps only in this specific case. Although "Install" is checked the text is displayed wrong. EDIT: I created a newnew 1.9 file (that one in the package was a 1.8x file) and here it worked. See attached file (stolen from another thread. While at it, I would like to point out to this topic: BugPDF_AP19.zip
  2. I've just been following James Ritson's video on the new Divide Blend Mode. Worked wonderfully until I reached the Lighting Live Filter; Divide Blend Mode element. Screen shot to illustrate the issue. And I tried with and without hardware acceleration in Preferences. No other applications open except YouTube Windows 10 Home: processor Intel Core i7-8700; 16.0 GB; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  3. It looks a bit strange typing text into Preflight Comment / Fields input fields which is justified during typing. Once "moved" out of the field, the text gets left aligned.
  4. You can simply save over files opened with AP. But there is a little flaw / bug when you do this with JPG files. 1. Open a JPG with 100% quality, add a pixel, undo this and save. Result: Open e.g. with IrfanView. Quality is still 100%. 2. Open a JPG with 99% quality, add a pixel, undo this and save. Result: Open e.g. with IrfanView. Quality has dropped to 90%. 3. Open a JPG with 98% quality, add a pixel, undo this and save. Result: Open e.g. with IrfanView. Quality has been lifted to 100%. What is so special about 99% that there is such a massive drop of quality? Here
  5. Hi, I'm getting confused how Affinity Photo handles "Color Formats" like RGB8, RGB16, RGB32. Question 1: How many colors are displayed for and RGB8 Color Format? To test how many colors are visible, i created a very simple test document: Create new 3840x2160 document with RGB8 and P3 profile Create a procedural text filter which creates the smoothest possible gradient from black to white. This will create steps of 1/3840 create a second procedural text filter which creates steps of 1 /256 (and is adjustable by the slides for later steps) Now the fun part be
  6. Since I work mobile and often put my computer to sleep in power saving mode, I have since the latest update ( all Affinity products incl. Designer) constantly problems with freezing of the program interface after "waking up" the computer. 2021-02-12-21-26-19.mp4 When I restart my computer then the Affinity programs work perfectly, as soon as the computer goes into power saving mode and is woken up again the user interface freezes in the Affinity programs used at the time (Designer, Photo, Publisher). As soon as I "kill" the frozen program and open it again, I can't c
  7. Whenever the topic is about AI files not being opened correctly with the Affinities, you'll get the information that Affinity can only read the PDF stream. Well, are doubts allowed or there must be more than this. Let's say I have an AI file (including PDF stream) with 1,12 MB and saved as PDF (keeping with AI edibility) with 73,7 KB. Now I place both in separate documents and export them as Press Ready. The PDF from the PDF has now 3,27 KB and PDF from the AI has 797 KB! So where are the additional 794 KB coming from, when only the PDF stream is read? One of the reasons may be, that
  8. I made three pages with different layouts for a mobile background and I wanted to export it as PNG-8 at a minimal file size. From this preset I removed "Embed ICC profile" and "Embed metadata" and worked from this basis. To my surprise, as I was not changing the size, different resample methods gave different estimated file sizes for page 3. Deleting the first two pages gave me different estimated file sizes again for page 3 (now page 1). Undoing deleting the first two pages gave me different estimated file sizes again. What I did not, was exporting the files to see if estimated file
  9. When I package a document with images and open the package file afterwards, all images in the Resource Manager are shown as Modified. It makes no difference if the files came from a local or network drive or their file type.
  10. Hi, when using a RGB document and then a curves layer with LAB color space, affinity becomes totally slow. I added a DOF filter like James Ritson in his 1.9 Youtube today, when you mode the center it takes about 1 second to update. rainbow lab curves slow.afphoto
  11. After the upgrade to 1.9 the typing text into text frames was very laggy. After a complete reset this problem vanished for a while. But after setting up my Studio the problem was there again. For a test I removed ALL panels + hiding the Right Studio and saved it as Studio Preset. Guess what? Typing was fast again. So I switched to my Standard Studio Preset again. Turned panels off one by one always typing some text inbetween. And finally after closing the Paragraph Panel the lags were gone. This works even, when the Paragraph Panel is not active in the foreground within a "panel grou
  12. May lead to irritation, may not. Every collected font is renamed to uppercase characters. E.g. arialbi.ttf is now ARIALBI.TTF. Why not leaving the file names as is?
  13. Some are saying: "Outline view mode" is part of AD not APu. Correct. Some are saying: You can use "Outline view mode" with "Edit in Designer". Correct. But I liked the workflow to switch once to AD (and back) to change to "Outline view mode" and keeping that view in APu. It had some benefits for me and they (Serif) took it away from me. 😢 I had in 1.8x the impression that the wireframe mode was much faster in sense of rendering the content of the pages. Does anyone experienced a significant difference when changing View Quality / Retina Rendering in Preferences >> Performance?
  14. "Einblenden" is not exactly describing the action here. This means more something like showing often with a fade in. More accurate would be "Datei zeigen" or "Im Explorer zeigen".
  15. Give the Blemish Removal Tool a width of 4096px and click on the image. This results in hanging or crashing. Crash report is attached. While examining this: High (not 4096px) values can lead to black circles instead of removing a blemish. Seems to be a result of hardware acceleration. 549859f3-bb47-46d4-a0d9-5fe105a61031.dmp
  16. Maybe I am too stupid (especially) this morning? Records seem to be not advancing anymore with the Data Merge Layout Tool. Only the first record is going to be displayed. Attached some sample files. businesscards.afpub sample3.xlsx
  17. Happens only after the first start. 1. Start AP, create a new document. 2. Pick Paint Brush Tool. I guess it would happen with other tools too. 3. Draw a wavy line (like in the attached video). Result: The line is not wavy, but more or less straight. Only start and end point seem to be correct. If hardware acceleration is turned off, everything works normal. Hardware specs see my signature. initiallag.mp4
  18. Hello, Is there a requirement of OpenCL acceleration? And why does it have to be specifically DirectX 12 feature 12 when it's meant to be using OpenCL? I'm getting a message telling me I need to be on the latest Windows, or use a newer GPU but I'm on a GPU that should be capable of Direct X 12. It's a Quadro M2000M. I'd appreciate any insight to this, as not only I'm confused but a little disappointed. Thanks
  19. The passthrough option in the context toolbar is missing in Designer and Photo. It's only in Publisher.
  20. I have two objects in a document (below), a green rectangle and a pink ellipse. And I have a document palette. If I right-click on the pink ellipse and choose Add to Swatches > From Fill as Global, the color is added to the document palette. However, if I right-click on the green rectangle and choose Add to Swatches > From Fill as Global, the color is not added to the document palette. Why not? I can right-click on the green rectangle and choose Add to Swatches > From Fill, and it is added to the document palette. I can then right-click on that swatch and choose Make
  21. Not a bug I guess, but an improvement for the next round of updates. There are some nice new assets coming with the latest version, but they are barely visible when using the light UI. The marking on the right side of the screenshot is something I complained before. Perhaps it would help already, when the assets would have a border. There are more assets than you see and that there are more, you see only when showing the assets as list.
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