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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, My first time creating a topic on this forum, please excuse any errors / oversights. Today I encountered this error on Affinity Designer on Windows 10. I had 6 artboards in a file. I created slices and exported jpegs and closed the file. Later on when modifications were done to some of the artboards and ready for exporting slices again, the file kept on crashing when the slices panel was opened. On searching the forums for similar issues reported by others, I came across this (and other similar) thread(s):- I think this issue was addressed earlier, but has resurfaced in this version. I updated Affinity Designer to last Saturday (19th Sept 2020) from the earlier version 1.8.4.x. Since my workflow (almost always) involves creating multiple artboards and exporting slices I can say with confidence that I have never encountered this issue earlier, i.e. since Nov 2019 when I began using Affinity Designer. In the meanwhile, I copied the artwork to a new file and refrained from creating slices. The new file has been behaving OK. Please let me know if you require additional inputs from me.
  2. Maybe this is reported already. Subtracting something from something and scaling afterwards leads to strange results. I subtracted two elements from the background and scaled it afterwards. On the image top left you see the result with "Scale with object" unchecked, whereas top right you see the same with "Scale with object" checked. Why do we see lines and transparencies top left? This was originally made in the Designer Persona, but also "works" in AD as well.
  3. Hello Fantasy Flight Games has released a template for their Genesys line of Roleplaying Games here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284422/Genesys-Foundry-Graphic-Design-Templates Included there is a .zip file containing all the fonts required for their template and a .idml version of the template. After installing all the fonts I've tried opening the file on two different computers in two different locations and the same happens, Affinity Publisher immediately crashes with no explanation when opening the file (i.e. Genesys Foundry Template v3.5.idml). This is happening with Affinity Publisher version I've attached the .idml file here but am hesitant about doing the same for the .zip file containing the fonts as I don't know how they're licensed. Best regards Genesys_Foundry_Template_v3.5.idml
  4. No matter if it is a picture frame polygon or a "normal" polygon. Both get rotated by 90° when I open the IDML in APu. polygonidml.idml
  5. I guess its by design, but you'll never know and it feels to me like a bug. This "bug" also applies for the current retail version. 1. Uncheck the preference named in the title of this post. 2. Make a CMYK document and place a linked RGB image. Save the file. Look at Resource Manager and you'll see that the image is correctly marked as RGB. 3. Click and Edit Image within APu and switch to the Photo Persona. Turn the image CMYK and do some adjustments (not merging in my case). Close and save the image. 4. Visit again the Resource Manager and you'll see that the image is still RGB. Even preflight says so. 5. Check the preference and visit again the Resource Manager and you'll see that the image is now CMYK. IMO the wording of the preference is completely wrong: a) The image is not modified externally, because I never left APu. b) When I change the colour format at least the image should be shown as Modified.
  6. The moderators should feel free to remove this post if Serif is not to blame. Yesterday I copied some text from APu and pasted it into the JCE Editor from Joomla. Everything looked good so far on various destop browser, but in Chrome for Android several crossed rectangles appeared at the end of the text. EDIT/FOUND OUT: Obviously these were the paragraph breaks. Some editors had no problems, some editors had problems. Seems to be that APu is behaving correctly.
  7. Bug? Feature request? By design? If an image has the status "Modified" in the Resource Manager it is not possible to use "Show in Explorer". I would expect that for status "Missing", but not for "Modified".
  8. I can crash every Affinity application with my recipe. Plus there is a graphical glitch. So starting with the crash: 1) Open the application and do not create any document. 2) Click on the "Outline Colour". 3) Pick a colour and the application immediately crashes to the desktop. Crash report is attached. Now here the graphical glitch: If you look at the attached image the right border of the Outline Colour button is missing. 2fae9c01-6e43-4f82-aea0-605e775e8ea6.dmp
  9. Hello! So, i was working on a new template for a CD cover, and as i was doing my thing, it crashed. I tried again, same results without knowing why. Then i discovered that writing the word "oeuvre" without the œ is fine, until i press spacebar to go to the next word, the autocorrect from Publisher that switches "oeuvre" into "œuvre" is causing the crash. I searched for similar problems, tried the cache clear, tried different fonts, same conclusion. BUT something is odd because when i'm trying to reproduce the crash, it doesn't come necessarily on the first try (i mean just writing the word oeuvre for example), i can write 5-6 times the word. FUN FACT : c/c the word with the œ included doesn't make the software crash. Sometimes it crashes right away, sometimes i have to write with the text tool, sometimes with the image box converted into a text box, sometimes i can do both. And the crash has two "endings", one is a clean crash, Publisher closes itself, the other Publisher freezes (blabla is not responding), and i have to close it manually in the tasks manager. I've been using Publisher since march 2020, never been bothered, even with the font i used to crashtest the problem, already used the word oeuvre for sure, so the question is : is it a bug from my side, or from the software side ? Sincerely, Azs.
  10. Exporting a sequence of pages overwrites existing files without warning. When a user exports a sequence of pages there's currently no warning that it will overwrite files naming the sequence <filename>_{x}, where x is the page number. If files already exist with this filename they will be overwritten with no warning to the user. This is a problem as this could overwrite existing work/files. Proposed Solution: There should be some sort of preference to indicate whether a warning should be given on filename conflicts. ***NOTE: Also occurs in beta
  11. 1. Place an image. 2. Rotate the image. 3. Convert to picture frame. Result: The image gets bigger + even more rotated. Perhaps a moderator wants to split this: Doing this with a PDF in the latest beta and undoing the last step results in a crash to desktop. 3cbca36e-5270-40ce-9c9e-86528cf1a6c7.dmp
  12. Assume your Preflight Panel with trigger "Live" shows some errors and warnings. When you switch the trigger to "Never" the error and warnings are still displayed. Never checking would mean to me, that no warnings / errors are displayed. Maybe this is just cosmetic and for this case I made my own preset with everything turning off.
  13. Is this covered somewhere or am I too stupid (no serious answers please)? Yes, it is possible to place an APu document in an APu document (embedded or linked). But how do I place an APu document with facing pages? First spread of the document is no problem, but what about spread 2-3? Page 2 places fine, but I cannot select page 3. To display page 3 I have to double the size of the image, switch from MediaBox to TrimBox and crop page 2. Is there an improvement to come or is it a bug?
  14. I found a bug in AP, just follow next steps: open a picture select an item with Selection Brush Tool click to Refine in window change Output to New layer with mask, click OK turn on Background, and turn off mask see the results: you get a border (?) around selected area on image. If selected New Layer with mask the duplicated image will not same as Background! Need delete second image, duplicate background, and move mask under this third layer. Please fix this! I attached my screenshot from this "border".
  15. Just do a "Select All" and then use "Outline Selection" with a pixel value of your choice. In the attached example I used 2px and alignment Inside. In this case the selection was 1px on the left and 2px at the bottom plus a rounded edge. Played with various settings and they all "appeared" wrong to me.
  16. I know this sounds like / this is nit-picking zooming to 107374206 % and complaining about "Select All" not selecting everything. At this zoom level you'll see a tiny area that is not selected. This happens only on the right side.
  17. With the attached document, if I do a RegEx Find for h[ea]*d Publisher returns 6 entries in the result list. Pressing Find after that will give me the second, then the third entry, but will not advance to the 4th/5th/6th entry in the list. It stays stuck on the 3rd entry (and the 3rd occurrence on the document page). Find-Bug.afpub
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