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Found 10 results

  1. Maybe my fault, but the result of the Filter Unsharp Mask is not the same you see in the preview of the filter after a resample crop. 1. I cropped the image a bit (resample). Additional question: Why do we have no option for the resample methode like Bicubic, Bilinear, Nearest Neighbor etc.? 2. I opened Filter Unsharp Mask and preview was showing what I wanted. 3. After hitting "Apply" the result had nothing in common with the preview. unsharpmask.mp4
  2. 1. Create a new document, and a text frame with a misspelled word in it. For example, HavanaX, and then use Text > Spelling > Show Spelling Options. You'll see something like this: 2. Click on Havana in the suggestions, then on Change. You'll get this, as expected: 3. Now, click Change again. You'll get the following unexpected result: Each time you click on Change you'll get another Havana added to the text. This seems to happen only with the last misspelled word in the text.
  3. Die aktuelle Version vom Affinity Designer unter Win10 Pro, aktuelle Updates, ist die fehlerbehaftetste seit langer Zeit. Es funktionieren das Subtrahieren von 2 Formen sehr oft falsch, nach einem Neustart verschwindet der Fehler. Es werden übereinanderliegende Ebenen falsch verdeckt angezeigt, und, dafür habe ich einen hübschen Screenshot, nicht vorhandene Konturen angezeigt. Ich hoffe, dass es sehr, sehr bald ein Update gibt. Bis dahin werde ich sicherlich die vorige Version installieren, denn mit der macht die Arbeit keinen Sinn. The current version of Affinity Designer on Win10 Pro, latest updates, is the most buggy version in a long time. Very often the subtraction of 2 forms works wrong, after a restart the error disappears. Layers on top of each other are displayed incorrectly hidden, and, I have a nice screenshot for this, non-existent contours are displayed. I hope that there will be an update very, very soon. Until then I will certainly install the previous version, because with the work makes no sense.
  4. Normally there is no Replace-button for images that are rasterised, which would be helpful. But I thought I could work-around by moving the rasterised image into a picture frame of the same size. By doing so and clicking the picture frame the Replace-button is back. If you are now "replacing" the image, the image is put underneath the rasterised image and not replacing it. No problem with this, because this was intended?!? My problem / bug is the wording: A) "Replace image" is wrong in general, because you can add other files than images to a picture frame. B) As I see it, "Replace image" is not replacing, but adding something (called it "something" to avoid the word "image"). C) Related to B): When you place an empty picture frame ... as a sidenote why is it called a picture frame, when the button is called "Replace image", it should be then "Replace picture"? ... there is literally nothing to replace, but to add.
  5. Working with the Node tool the status bar text is cut off. You can see this during different "mouseovers". As German is a "lengthy" language I guess this is happening at other places too. This "bug" applies for the complete Affinity range. Maybe Serif should make a 2-lines status bar for some languages or at least an option for it?
  6. Strange things happen to night after playing with three layers and a mask i version Trying to set a mask on upper layer. AP freeze, after minimized the app and get back the mask is there, but ... I can't remove or doing anything the mask from this layer, and at that moment AP quit without any warning total.
  7. Hello, it seems like Publisher is automatically rotating an image after it is converted to a picture frame, but only if the image got rotated before the conversion. Here are steps to reproduce the issue: Place an image. Rotate the image by some amount. Right click the image and choose "Convert to picture frame". Expected behavior: Image is converted to picture frame without moving/rotating the image. Observed behavior: Image is rotated by same amount as in step 2 within picture frame. Kind regards
  8. Never had to do this with APu before and had to go an extra mile to achieve what I want. 1. I had a three pages (non-facing) A4 document with text frames linked throughout all pages. 2. The manual was a bit too small on A4 so wanted to combine the three pages in a 50x70 cm landscape document. 3. I copied all page content one by one to the new document. Result: The complete text was copied three times (for every single A4 page) into the new document. So I had to decide to make new text frames or deleting text. Wouldn't it be nicer copying all the elements and breaking the text flow per page? This is how it is working in ID (CS6). Simply relinking the frames would be much faster than deleting text out of the frames. Or allowing selections across multiple (non-facing) pages. Something else I noticed: Imagine 2 pages each having 10 elements. Zoom out a bit, select everything on page 1 with the mouse. Top left in the toolbar you get the information that 10 elements are selected. Now hold the Shift-key and click an element on page 2. Now you get the information that 11 elements are selected? How is that? To my knowledge you cannot select across multiple pages? Now cut / delete the selection. Only the clicked element on page 2 is deleted, but the toolbar is saying now that 10 elements are selected.
  9. I created a text frame with a number bullet inside. Resizing the text frame from the center bottom handle works, while resizing the text frame from the center right handle reliably crashes. Attached a video and the .afpub file. crashing-textframe.mp4 crashing-textframe.afpub Edit: This is not font related. This bug is related to the fact that there is no text following the bullet.
  10. I would call it a bug if something bugs me, but I bet it is just a feature request or feature requests. For the three annoyances I made a small movie so that you can visualize it. Annoyance 1: Selecting text in cells. Starting with a zoom of 99% placing the cursor the first text seems to be quite easy, but marking the complete text inside this cell or selecting other text in another cell results in just selecting the cell. So I have to zoom in until the cursor changes from "Arrow" to "Text". Annoyance 2: I mark two rows (on purpose) and want to delete them. I hit the tiny triangle and select "Delete row". I would expect to delete both rows, but only one row is deleted. Of course it is saying "Delete row", so only one row is deleted. If I want to delete both rows I have to right-click to get "Delete row(s)". Inconsistent! The programme should detect that two rows are selected. Annoyance 3: Starting with zoom of 99%. I want to select the first three columns, where column 3 is merged. At a zoom of 99% it is impossible to get all cells selected. So again I have to zoom in to get the cells selected. Annoyance 4: Not in the video. I simply want to insert a row below. Impossible. Always a row is inserted above. Annoyance 5: Not in the video. Speaking just for me I need tables that could span over several spreads instead of splitting them per spread. Tables are such a powerful tool, but right now they need more love from Serif. tablemovie.mp4
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