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Found 14 results

  1. Dear developers, I have a problem with EPS import. I downloaded this vector pack what include an EPS and a JPEG: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/set-people-character_4486128.htm When I opened in AD, then I get a few group, but thats no correct, curves mixed. If I open this EPS in Illustrator, then I get correct groups: every person a group. If I export this EPS to SVG by Illustrator, and open exported SVG in AD, then groups will ok. Please check, what's problem with groups in EPS import, because I don't want use Illustrator. Thanks!
  2. The Fix button in the Preflight panel is quite useless, when the font is inside a linked document and Preflight has to look up this. Clicking the Fix button leads to the Font Manager where the missing fonts are not listed.
  3. Hello, I make a bookmark, and I add exposure to image, but this doesn't work on bleed area when I use as sub-layer, and no like mask. See my example, and please fix this in next version if bug: This working as mask:
  4. I created a new document and copied a couple of vector shape layers from another document. In the new document, the Pen Tool pointer has and icon that looks like a light blue circle with a 6-point star inside attached to it. I have no idea what this represents or how it can be deactivated. But in this mode, I can no longer join paths with the Pen Tool. Any idea what this is, and more important, how to get normal behaviour back?
  5. Yesterday I spent several hours drawing maps. After several hours without issues, I noticed the Pen Tool pointer had acquired a new symbol: the Circled Asterisk. This means the tool will "create a new curve from existing curve's node". In this mode, the Pen Tool will no longer extend a curve when you draw from an end node. I have no idea how the tool became stuck in this mode, nor how to remedy it. Most of my layers contain multiple curves and doing a Layer -> Geometry -> Separate Curves solved the issue for a little while, and the Pen Tool operated as normal. But shortly after the issue returned, including on the newly separated layers. The issue follows the saved document, so a restart doesn't help. Not sure if this is me doing something wrong, but I'm reporting it in case it's a bug.
  6. 1. Having an A4 portrait document. 2. Spread Setup. Make sure aspect ratio is locked. 3. Type in 50 mm for height and hit the tab key or click into the other dimension field. Result: Width and height are now 50 mm and Portrait is unchecked. Same behaviour when you type in bigger values. Always square dimensions.
  7. 1. Create some artistic text, e.g. 70pt size. 2. Change the font size, e.g. to 30pt size from the context toolbar. Result: Text frame changes its position. See image attached.
  8. I don't know if it's already reported here but I'm annoyed by this switching behavior when I switch from "Designer Persona" to "Pixel Persona". When I close the tab "Assests" in "Designer Persona", they still appear in "Pixel Persona". Also the colour tabs on the right side jump between "Swatches" and "Colour". So for my understanding, if I close the "Assets" window in one editing area it should not appear in the other editing area and if I select a colour tab it should not be toggled. AD_1.8.2.620_view_studio_assets.mp4 AD_1.7.3.481_view_studio_assets.mp4
  9. It is sad to see, that the Swatches panel is still a mess, even after years of development and bug fixing. This is so annoying, that I rate this a bug / several bugs. Want examples? Case 1: Make a rectangle with different colours from the Swatches for stroke and as last step fill. Now click on top of the panel on the stroke symbol. The fill colour is still selected. You have to deselect the element, click again the element to see the correct colour selected in the Swatches. Case 2: Make a rectangle, assign a gradient and pick one colour for the start from the Swatches inside the small window. Close the colour select popup and visit the colour selection again. The selected colour is not marked in the swatches. Case 3: Select a colour from the Swatches and try to make it a spot colour. Not possible.
  10. Found a problem with the language conversion here. For me personally it is not so tragic. I have already got used to the English version and so have my customers. Besides it is easier to get along here in the forum! I use Win10 German Version and after every update of Affinity products I change the language to "English". Everything works except under the menu "Swatches", color names appear in German. I suppose it is related to the language of the operating system! What to think: For me it would make sense if there was a language selection menu during installation where the operating system language is automatically selected and the user has the choice to install in another language or just click on "Install"! E.g. My colleague always switches the programs to his native language (since operating system is Win10 in English, he works in Germany and his native language is Spanish)! Is logical or?
  11. Hello, Affinity Team, with the new version you have once again done a great job and got Designer more stable. First of all big praise for that! Now to the problem: In the new version I read the point "Fixed several boolean operations and expand stroke issues on simple geometry or compound objects" and was really happy! But after the installation the big disillusionment, "it" is still there! Please try to solve the problem once and for all, I have a lot of work here and can't get any further. I have to export my drawings to Illustrator and edit them there AD_1.8.2.620_expand_stroke_problem.mp4 AD_1.8.2.620_expand_stroke_problem.afdesign
  12. Maybe this is expected behaviour? 1. Place an image from Stock panel, edit it a bit so the type changes from Image to Pixel (or rasterise to get this bug report quicker done). 2. Crop the image a bit. 3. Apply an adjustment e.g. black/white on it. 4. Hit the Merge button. Result: Image vanishes. If the stock image has not been changed to a pixel layer you can hit the Merge and nothing happens. As a side-note: Dragging a stock image out of panel and onto the page takes now quite a long time on my average machine. I had in mind, that this was quicker in older versions (1.7.3). As a side-note on this side-note custom scaling on placing / dragging a stock image onto the page would be nice. Right now most stock images are bigger than the page itself, so that you have to rescale the image.
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