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Found 11 results

  1. Collecting images files is not working with all formats like PSD, EPS. So I would guess this is not working for all formats that are editable? Haven't tested this completely.
  2. There are some differences how text will be hyphenated. Have a look at the attached screenshot. Most values will be converted correctly, but the first "Minimalwert" = 5 (IDML import) and 0 (default) has no counterpart in Indesign CS 6 (mainly the reason, why the text will not be hyphenated good enough). The last 3 input fields in have also no counterpart in Indesign CS 6. I have no idea if there a more options in later versions of Indesign. This could be fixed easily, but when you first open the file the whole appearance of the text feels like a complete mess. What I also noticed is, that the hyphenation is better in Indesign. Although not written wrong, the words won't break in APu. I do not know the internals of the APu code, but could it be helpful if you make your own proposals for hyphenation in the dictionary, like this -> Sil~ben~tren~nung?
  3. A simple Indesign document, mainly containing tables, text and some vector elements instantly crashes (closing the app) the beta during opening the IDML. How could I assist? If the IDML file is needed, I need a private upload link. TIA
  4. Stumbling (again? Topic sounds so familiar to me, but again means not fixed in the meantime) upon this while opening an IDML with a footer meant to be vertically centered in a text frame and the text was not vertically centered. Text Frame Baseline Alignment was off, Paragraph Baseline Alignment was off. But the Baseline Grid was used in the Baseline Grid Manager. I am wondering what the functions calculate to produce the result shown in the attached image. The image shows that text is not aligned to the grid and it is not vertically centered.
  5. Maybe there is a valid workflow for resizing picture frames. Sure, basic knowledge, but right now I am stuck / puzzled / astonished / clueless. 1. Create picture frame, place image inside and scale the image inside proportionally with 200% around the centre. 2. Place another image (smaller than the picture frame to see the effect) and move it into the picture frame on top of the other image. 3. Now resize the picture frame with the handles or the Transform panel. What I want: Just make the picture frame a bit higher from top (best with the Transform panel for precision reasons). Properties of the picture frame are set to None. What I not want: Use the Crop tool to make the picture frame bigger, this is a manual way. Result: The upper image gets distorted, the lower image shrinks to the width of the upper image. Example file attached. imagescaling.afpub
  6. A landscape oriented document in Indesign will be opened in APu as portrait orientation. Another bug: If you use View Rotate the units on the rulers go bezerk depending on the zoom used. The Transform panel shows the correct position.
  7. Original setup was an Indesign document containing no RGB colours and having Colour profile PSO Coated v3 assigned. When I open the IDML in APu and visit Document Setup, the Colour Format is now RGB/8 and Colour Profile is sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Changing both has no negative imact on the colours used in the document as far as I can see.
  8. In my Indesign document text was formatted with styles including colour definition. One text style had the text colour HKS 7 and one of the others Black 80%. When I open the IDML in APu and select the orange text HKS 7 is correctly highlighted in the Swatches panel. But when I select the Black 80% text there is no equivalent in the Swatches panel. In fact in the Swatches panel are the colours None, HKS 7 and Registration. So here is the mismatch: When I switch to the Colour panel the sliders show me Black 100% although visually not.
  9. Congratulation to Serif! Import of IDML works good so far. The files I had to import were not fx packed and rather simple and I found only just one thing not working properly so far. In the original .indd-/.idml-files were AI files placed and Publisher decreased the size of those AI files to nearly invisible. First thought was, that the PDF stream is missing in the AI files, changed that, but still displayed distorted. One more, but this has nothing to do with IDML import: If there are images multiple times placed in the document and they are shown as Modified, you can not pick one image and update only this. All images with the same name are updated altogether. Maybe there could be a "switch" programmed? Clicking and updating all images when clicking the entry with the triangle in the Resource Manager and updating only selected images, when list is expanded. Hope this was clear enough? Strangely I can not make screenshots right now. If the developers send me a link, I can upload the IDML with the placed AI.
  10. Opening IDML with PSD inside has some problems. Problem 1: Paths to other files are ok, but PSD files are missing in general. Tested this on network drive and local disk. Having e.g. German Umlaute inside the path gives a resource missing warning for any file type. Problem 2: Paths in PSD are not converted correctly. The clipping layer is much smaller than the original. Did I miss a changelog? I thought Photoshop paths would not be recognized by Affinity apps and to use vector masks with PSDs instead.
  11. In the original document there are some pages where elements from Master Pages were detached / deleted. If you open the IDML in APu now, the formerly detached / deleted elements are again visible on the layout spreads.
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