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Found 23 results

  1. Has anyone else have this problem? 1.8 seemed to fix my gray box problem in my intensity brushes but now the repeat option won't work? I click it shows it's selected but the image doesn't repeat. Anyone know a fix for this? I'm on Windows 10 updated, home version. Working in CMYK for home printing.
  2. When making a selection on the canvas and bringing my mouse down to the bottom, the document would auto scroll downwards allowing me to make additional selections as and when objects were revealed in view. Alternatively I used to be able to make a selection and use my mouse wheel to scroll the document. Both of the above features in the recent Affinity Designer for Windows update have appeared to stopped working V1.8 (just checked and can confirm this has also stopped working in Affinity Photo, however it worked in previous versions for both Photo & Designer)
  3. Hello, I've just updated Affinity Publisher to version 1.8 and wanted to open some of my previously edited documents used for layouting an app's UI. When I try to open (via file dialog, per drag & drop or double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer) the Publisher application opens up, shows the default empty interface (without an opened document) and closes again. It does not provide any error messages or crash messages to me when this occurs and it is 100% consistent with one file I have. Unfortunately I didn't looked up the version I've opened it with last but I assume it was 1.7.3 as I didn't get any update notifications for a longer time. The mentioned file contains several linked designer or publisher documents (if this might be important). If it helps I might provide the affected file and all related documents to you (via PM or mail etc.) When I try to embed or link the mentioned file into a new empty document it works as expected and I can double click the embedded document and change it or even copy all elements into another new empty document. I also tried to copy all elements to a new empty document and save it as a new file, which does not change the behaviour when opening the newly saved file as Publisher closes itself without displaying anything but the empty UI. Best Regards Tobias
  4. Hello! It seems like even after switching on "Copy items as SVG" in preferences, I can't copy vector items (for example, the icons that I create in affinity designer) as SVG into UI & Prototyping apps like invision, figma or similar apps. What is the reason for this? Is there a way to fix it? Has anyone faced similar issues? If anyone knows to fix it, please let me know. I use affinity on windows 10 laptop. (Believe hardware wouldn't matter, so not mentioning them) Have a great day!
  5. Hi Tried installing 1.8 and got message Setup Failed. Tried both Photo & Publisher with same result. Tried switching to native Windows Administrator account, same issue. I've seen other threads and have attached 3xsetupui.log files and screen grabs after trying publisher install Any help appreciated. Process I followed Rebooted Created restore point Ram Photo install and received Setup Failed message. Product no longer active. Ran restore and all AOK on previous version again Rebooted and logged in to Windows Native Administrator account, did same as above and failed again. Ran restore and tried with Publisher, same result just tried on user account Didn't try with Designer as assumed it would be the same issue. SetupUI.log SetupUI.log SetupUI.log
  6. I downloaded the Publisher 1.8 update. Now none of my Affinity apps will start up. What the heck is going on?
  7. Hi! Please, teach me how to create lot of lines that emphasize the perspective of the bridge, as in the main illustration for version Affinity Designer 1.8 (marked in red in my picture). In the Welcome window, there is a sample file with this image and even a mention for a tutorial, but I did not find such a lesson. Get sample file in AD: Help→ Welcome→View Samples→(Page2) Sunset Bridge Marianna Orsho Large preview from this artice.
  8. Hi, I updated affinity from 1.7 to 1.8 before a couple of days and from them, I'm not able to see a selection box for text when I select multiple objects along with text. Refer the following image for reference. When I select one text item: When I select two or more text item: Even if I select one or more text item along with other objects, the same happens: The object's selection box is highlighted but not the text's selection box. This is very frustrating when I work with a lot of objects and text, I am not able to identify if I selected a text item or not: What could be the issue? Will changing some preference fix this or can it be fixed only with the next affinity update? Please advice. Thanks.
  9. Downloaded Affinity Publisher 1.8 today. Completely useless. Opens document then freezes ... and doesn't unfreeze ever so have to unplug laptop to switch off and start again. Only downloaded as version was using previous day started freezing as well, though not as badly. I am not a technical person at all. I am just making children's books with text and photos (around 70 pages-- around 50% photo pages 50% text pages-- and photos are linked not embedded, not by choice but seems that was all it could handle) and very very simple graphics. So it's no use asking me or sending me any technical stuff. Having wasted a lot of time in the last 2 days I am up to here with this programme as it is! PLEASE can somebody tel me which previous version is most stable? I think I can access 1.7.3 OR from my downloads file (though haven't yet tried to re-install either). Is there something better and how do I access that. Help would be gratefully appreciated. Amy
  10. Hello, I want to migrate from Adobe Illustrator, but fail to find how to do basic pen actions. I'm looking for how to join two existing paths while drawing a new path between two anchor points. How do I achieve the same effects as attached video? Thank you in advance Screen Recording 2020-03-15 at 16.47.04.mov
  11. Since upgrading to 1.8 yesterday Affinity Publisher has crashed a dozen times, always when changing the font. This only happens when searching for a font. For example, if I am looking for palatino, and I scroll no problem. But if I type 'pal' then the application crashes. Previous version had no issues with changing or searching for fonts. I've lost my work a few times because of this bug.
  12. I purchased Photo from the App Store back in 2015. Since recently receiving an email to advise of the 1.8 update, I waited patiently for weeks for it to show up on the app store updates, but so far, nothing. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  13. Hello, When I try to open a pdf (17xA1, pdf version 1.3, pdf producer- Adobe pdf library 15.0, app-adobe indesign cc13.1 mac) some of the pages seem sliced with text as image and then editable text overlayed so I am unable to replace the text without having to remove and recreate the rasterized text slices. how can I open a pdf correctly. I can send a pdf I am having problems with via private link if possible. Regards Chris
  14. You guys are saying that graphic designers will love the accuracy of the expand stroke feature when it can't even properly expand the stroke of a 45/45/90 triangle that's been rotated 45°. Is this a bug? Please fix this asap (and please add envelope distort and offset path as well). affinity_problem_lq.mp4
  15. Hello, I have some issues with the Designer 1.8. Everytime I select and object and change the color, Designer freezes 😞 I've alreade set it back to default and installed it again. Same problem. It might be a problem with the color pallete dialogue? Is there a log file to find somewhere? Best Regards, Ben Win10, Wacom Bamboo, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 200
  16. Hello, I am having serious problems with Publisher 1.8 too. It keeps hanging when I try to add new pages and I am forced to restart the computer I am willing to reinstall 1.7.3 and have a question : My work document, a 300 page book, is in 1.8 afpub format How do I open 1.8 files with the 1.7.3 Publisher? There doesn't seem to be an option to "save as" with an older format in 1.8 I'd be thankful for an answer
  17. The sequence of actions affect the result. See this thread for details:
  18. If I just move a duplicated object, the next duplication is translated relatively in the x/y space, as expected. However, if the duplicated object is rotated after being moved, the next duplicate action leaves the new object at the original object's position. I expected both translation and rotation to be applied. Am I missing something?
  19. When I try to import a new brush for the design I am using, 1.8 simply hangs,,, eventually it will crash, if it fails to crash I have to force a shut down. Windows 10 Dalebb
  20. In Pageplus 9 if a photo was low resolution Preflight would pick it up (great now included with 1.8) and you could adjust the dpi in the picture size and resolution box in the properties right click. You then just moved the slider to the right to increase the dpi for commercial printing. This was a great feature but there does not appear to be a similar option in publisher 1.8 . This, for me, is the only missing feature now. Any help? Thanks
  21. When you convert a sheared object to curves, it retains the bounding box of when it was not converted. I don't think this is correct. This is in v1.80. Example:
  22. I have purchased Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer from Apple Store and my laptop runs on macOS Catalina. I do not find the 1.8 updates for the software. For the Affinity Publisher that I had purchased form the your website I did find the update. Why are they not available on Apple Store for macOS Catalina? And when will they be available?
  23. UPDATE: This issue is now resolved in the 1.8.1 update which is now available from the Mac App Store.
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