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Found 6 results

  1. Don't know, if it really is a bug or not. Not sure, because I first thought it has sth to do with monitor profiles. It only occurs with the attached external monitor. With notebook screen only everything okay. I noticed it when I placed a logo-eps of a customer. I wouldn't have listed it here if it hadn't been okay in Indesign!! I create an eps in Affinity Designer. Blank Background (white), black empty rectangle, into this rectangle I place a rectangle, filled with white. Store it as test01.eps. I started wondering, when in Affinity Designer, the workspace background was yellowish and the white rectangle the same. (That's not nice, but consistent, because both yellowish.) When I open it in Adobe Illustrator, everything okay (white background, white rectangle) Then I open Affinity Publisher, place the test01.eps. The workspace is okay, white. The inner (should be white) rectangle is shown yellowish. No matter, if it is linked or embedded, no matter if it's preview mode or not. Placing the same test01.eps in Adobe InDesign, everything is okay and white. Exported pdf out of Affinity Publisher, everything is okay and white. In Affinity Publisher, the workspace background is white, but the colour swatch is ..... yellowish!!!!!! Showing CMYK 0/0/0/0 See attached screenvideo and example files. ?????????????????????????????????????????? additional hint: If I open the file, before attaching the 2nd monitor, everything is working fine and white as it should be. white_is_yellow.mp4 test.pdf test01.afdesign test01.afpub test01.eps
  2. The "lock guides" button disappeared since the latest beta. I really miss the function!!!!!!! Of course you could place your guides in a Master page. But if you need different guides for different pages of a brochure, you would have to set up many master pages, what makes no sense, I think. At present version, you can place guides for the Page. But now you can't lock them anymore. That's rater not so good. It would be a better solution if you would be able to place guides in a layer. So, who wants, could lock the layer(s) in which the guides are placed. (That is how it is soved in InDesign and it's really helpful.)
  3. It would be a great help, if colour coding of layers coud be better visible. For example like this:
  4. Hi Just been playing with the place options again but came across a critical bug which has caused the APP to close instantly 1.Created a sample PDF export file 4PP (yesterday to test import from saved APu files)..very simple but for purpose of testing switching page option [Dropdown] 2.Create new file (A4) 1pp in this case 3. Select Place from File Menu and import saved 4pp PDF (as attached) 4. Select Page thumbnail in Pages Panel 5. Right Click and duplicate 6. Apu has been closing instantly NB:Place using Place image Tool did not fail 162_exportPDF.pdf
  5. 1. Loaded up old test file (maybe the problem!) 2. On open registered as font missing (Passion One in this case)...Document opened Ok But... 3. Go to Font Manager to change font...caused a few issues a.Initial effort on selecting and trying to replace font caused app to collapse and close b. Re-open..same process..Select font for substitution..pick new font+Style from dropdown fields = a delay but worked. APP not responding initially on close of Font Manager c. When Complete the font is substituted in visible text frame but...but still highlights as missing font in the Font Field on context menu. Also when you return to the Font Manager the missing font is still displayed under 'Name' even though you have just replaced it... I pulled the text frame with missing font out and placed in a new v.162 document..as attached 162_missingFont.afpub
  6. Style and colour of column guides that I am adjusting in Guides Manager are not persistant after having saved the file and restarted Affinity Publisher. see Screenvideo _Guides Manager.mp4
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