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Found 5 results

  1. Status: Public Beta Purpose: Stability Requirements: None Download: Beta Here As this is a beta release, it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that you may be adversely affected by the application failing. In addition it is worth noting that files created in Affinity 1.5 cannot be opened in 1.4, which means files created with the Windows beta cannot be opened in the Mac AppStore version of Designer, instead you will need the latest macOS beta. We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback. If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum. Fixes Fixed UI Gamma slider in preferences Fixed Guides Manager to display in preferred number of decimal places Fixed Corner Tool to allow numbers greater than 5 Added embedded document assets to Assets Panel Added subcategory Move Up / Move Down to Assets Panel Added search control to Assets Panel Fixed crash when changing paper size in Printer Properties dialog Fixed PDF font replacements so they are now remembered Fixed Measurement mode on Artboards Fixed boolean operations not invalidating after undo / redo Fixed disappearing symbols when docking / undocking Fixed fx button on Layers panel to show for the row that was clicked, not the current selection Updated Artboards to disallow constraints (because they define the document size, which in turn would affect them) Fixed Pen Tool to draw the tool when editing nodes during creation Fixed trivial bool operations generating invalid curves Fixed crash when scrolling through History Fixed Align Distribute not working correctly from the context toolbar Added dragging to opacity label on the Layers panel Fixed placing images/embedded documents to use their DPI rather than assume 96 Fixed History panel not scrolling to latest item when after not being visible Fixed copying of Export settings to clipboard Fixed Layers panel continuously redrawing Fixed Tools column width setting reverting to 1 Fixed Show Tools causes a crash if it has already been hidden Fixed right click on document causing the selection to hide Fixed scroll speed with mouse wheel / trackpad (it nows moves a quarter of the distance it did previously) Fixed message dialogs not closing with the correct option when using the Escape key Fixed copying and pasting a nested Symbol between documents so that it no longer sets up a cross-document link Fixed import and export of RTF to correctly load fonts and characters in codepage 1250 Added RTF text to clipboard when copying text Fixed PDF export to prevent named layers from being optimised away for PDF formats that support them Fixed Text tool so right-click changes the text selection (unless it hits the current text selection) Fixed Alt+Click on Layer thumbnail on already selected item not solo'ing the selection Fixed SVG import to load <a> tags as a group Fixed SVG export of relative coordinates to use a relative “m” for a move to a subcurve of a polycurve Installer The installer now requires Windows 7 Platform Update (https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=36805) before it will install (previously it would continue the installation, but the app wouldn't let you start it) Default install location is now C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer (upgrades will continue to install into the previous location) The %APPDATA% folder has now moved to Affinity\Designer\1.0 (Beta), so your next start will lose your preferences
  2. Open the Character panel and choose 'Web' from the category dropdown list. Observed: The dropdown list on the right includes Comic Sans MS. Expected: The dropdown list on the right does not include Comic Sans MS, since it is not present by default on iOS devices and it can therefore no longer be regarded as a 'websafe' font.
  3. According to this thread, holding down the Shift key while dragging on any of the colour slider controls should make the other controls move in step with it, but there is no obvious difference between dragging without a modifier key and dragging with Shift (or any other modifier key) held down.
  4. Hey Serif, I just updated my Affinity Designer to from the previous version and now my scroll wheel doesn't do anything in the program anymore, can't zoom or scroll up and down and to the sides using the mouse. Funny enough this works on my stationary PC But the issue is on my laptop. I didn't touch any settings and even after a restart still nothing. Disabling touch pad didn't fix it either.. Anyone knows what the issue is?
  5. Just a small glitch, but on my system the text on the splash screen is getting resized while loading.
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