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Found 9 results

  1. Yesterday, while experimenting with object pinning parameters, I experienced something that appeared similar, if not identical, to what others have reported in the past, i.e. pre-v1.10. Including on the Mac version. At one point, the backspace key no longer worked as expected. Instead, a hollow square, similar to the one that is displayed if your font does not support a particular character/glyph, would appear. Additionally, pressing the Delete key (with the cursor inside the text) would result in the entire current text frame disappear. (I believe, although I'm not 100% sure about this, that all other linked text frames on other pages also disappeared) As with the other reports of similar issues, mine fixed itself by restarting APub and reloading the saved document. Just a heads up to the devs that an old problem is still present in the code somewhere, although it seems rare and hard to reproduce.
  2. I cannot use the patching tools like Patch Tool, Clone Brush Tool, Inpainting Brush Tool. Selection of the Patch Tool has moved. As if it is getting an offset parameter from somewhere. It doesn't stay where I want to use it. Here is a video of it: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ar9GB-v89284g6p37yENdcp-QtEXtw I can't repair and expand the image because the tool jumps to a different place. If I can get a dropbox upload, I will post the project file.
  3. In the latest version ( I'm seeing this consistently, as demonstrated in the attached file. Steps: Create a new document Set up a simple master with text frames. Add some text Add a table Try to move the table into the (non-master!) text frame The table is now stuck / locked and can not be manipulated in any way. Is this a bug, or am I just causing this by being inept? Locked table - test.afpub
  4. drag and drop (from Explorer) / open (via the File->Open dialog) *.heic is instant crash *.heic created with iPhone SE 2020 iOS 15 and cropped therein 20220109_205214856_iOS.heic file is located / dragged / opened from My Pictures folder which also happens to be synced to OneDrive, Windows 11
  5. As already described/discussed in the support questions, colours are displayed incorrectly when a monitor profile is active in the system. The problem can only be reproduced with Affinity Photo and does not show up in Adobe Lightroom, Chrome, FastRawViewer or Irfanview.
  6. Maybe I missed something? When I try to e.g. downscale from A3 to A4 everything is scaled, but elements are not "moving" accordingly. Attached a sample file. rescaling.afpub
  7. If this is intended or looks like a feature request, feel free to move or hide the post. When I am in the Develop Persona and select a lens profile the window stays open, even after I selected a profile, which means another click. I would expect that the window closes after my selection. And is it correct, that it looks that way (screenshot), when I clicked Favourites or Detected before and there are no Favourites / Detected? When I hit the arrow on the pulldown only this tiny window appears. lensselection.mp4
  8. Anyone else seen this? I'm using styles and created a linked text frame to contain overflow. That overflow, no matter where the frame is placed, appears tiny.
  9. The title is not very precise, so here is the recipe. 1. Have a formerly saved document open. Do some changes to the document, so that the document tab shows [Modified]. 2. Switch e.g. to Preferences > Performance and turn on / off Hardware Acceleration and click Yes for restart. 3. You get a warning that there is an unsaved document. Click Yes to save. Result: Application closes, but it is not restarting.
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