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Found 6 results

  1. I have some text I was unable to mark italic so I applied 5 degrees of shear from the Character > Positioning and Transform properties. It looks fine on screen, and in an exported PNG, but I just noticed that when printed the shear was not applied and it was standing straight. I just tested this in a blank document in both Designer and Photo and it wasn't a one-off: Choose Artistic Text Tool Select a typeface that doesn't have a real italic (I just tried Impact) and type some text. Window > Text > Character > Positioning and Transform > Shear set to 5 Print (you can use Microsoft Print to PDF if you don't want to waste paper) Windows 11, Affinity 2.1.0
  2. Just trying to move from InDesign to Affinity, but it is quite essential for me that I am able to use Thai Font (IBM Plex Sans Thai, and other Thai Fonts). In Thai we have vowels that stacks up (sometimes double stacking) on top of our letters. In Affinity, these vowels are squished together in one line above the alphabet (see 'Incorrect Text.png' ). I would like it to be spaced upwards like I could in Adobe ('Correct Text.png'). Is there any way that I can do this? I have tried: 1. Changing Typography Script / Language Character > Language > Typography Script Selected 'Auto' and 'Thai' in Typography Script. Neither Worked 2. Changing Typography Settings Ctrl + Shift + T Tried all the alternative and no change (See 'Topography Settings.png') Please help, being able to edit Thai documents is essential in my job, this is a bit of a deal breaker that I will need to fix. Any suggestions? Preferable I would like to be able to use IBM Plex Sans Thai as it is consistent with my client's brand guidelines and they had no problems before I switched to Affinity.
  3. Check it out! If the text box isn't big enough to handle a hard or soft return my whole canvas zooms out to some unknown area! I'm using an M1 11in iPad Pro. RPReplay_Final1680459285.mp4
  4. In a bit of rush here, excuses for shortness. This might be related to this report. Problem When applied to (in this case) frame text with character style(s) applied, Contour tool produces unexpected/unwanted results. I behaves alright when applied to 'untouched' text. (clearer to see in the file attached) — Theme song: Enya/Björk mashup... but I was unable to find any. Contour tool not working on text with character style.afpub
  5. Steps to reproduce: Pin an object to a word, especially at the start or end of a paragraph. Double click the word Press delete Object is deleted along with the word See attached video for a visual guide. Expected behaviour would be for the pin to be impossible to select, and impossible to delete by text editing, especially this easily. Even if the whole paragraph were to be deleted, the pin should simply move to the next available position. If the entire text area is deleted, then the object should be unpinned, but kept on the page. double clicking to select only the text, and the object anchor. As it is now it's almost impossible not to delete pins by mistake. The documentation also makes this the expectation, as the only way listed way to unpin is: Thank you! recordedVideo.mp4
  6. Hello, Two images attached. First one shows black warped text. layer was duplicated and converted to curves. Then outline added. The outline doesn't conform to what the warped text was in Black. Gary
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