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Found 3 results

  1. Steps to reproduce: Create a new document Draw any vector shape Attribute a fill colour to the shape (for easier bug visualisation) Attribute a stroke colour to the shape Set the stroke width to a large value (for easier bug visualisation) Set the stroke colour to none, but leave the stroke width unchanged Notice the object is only showing the fill colour as expected Use the command Layer > Expand Stroke Expected result is for nothing to happen, as the object has no visible stroke. Instead an empty shape in the form of the invisible stroke is created. See attached video for a visual guide to this bug. I can see the logic of why this is happening, the stroke is still "there", it just has the colour of none. But that's not what a user would be expecting when using this command. It particularly aggravating if you have hundreds of objects with tiny stroke widths (the 0.2pt default), and then you expand everything at one to "bake" the design for print production. And do printers hate invisible objects with a passion, it can really mess their low memory equipment. You can't even use the Select Same command to catch all these objects because of this other issue I reported: Suggested remediations: Make the Expand Stroke command ignore any strokes with the colour of "none" Force the object's stroke style to "No Line Style" when it has its colour is set to "none" Either remediation would fix the problem, but implementing both would probably be the ideal as that's what I'd expect the app behaviour to be anyway. EDIT: Additionally, setting an object stroke style to "No Line Style" should force the stroke colour to be none. Otherwise you end up with the situation you select a shape apparently without a stroke, then use the Select Same > Stroke Colour and... nothing happens. The object you selected happened to have a orange stroke set to 0pt width. You can still try to use the Select Same > Stroke Weight > Equal to try and get around this, but it sure is a lot of workarounds to workarounds. Also, why is it Select Same > Stroke Weight if the Stroke panel refers to this object property as Width? Temporary workaround: Select one object with the stroke colour of none Use the command Select > Select Same > Stroke Colour Open the Stroke panel and set the stroke style to "No Line Style" Expand Stroke should now be safe to use (maybe, triple check just in case, you don't want to rouse the anger of a print plant operator) Thanks! Gravação 2023-07-20 144004.mp4
  2. I seem to unable to set the stroke size for my linework correctly, the values I input are changed and the slider jumps. 2022-12-24 10-12-45.mp4 2022-12-24 10-18-35.mp4 This is on Windows 10 22H2, Hardware acceleration is disabled. I am using a GTX 1070 (notebook version) with last standard GPU driver 472.84 (for some reason, I encounter bugs on the DCH drivers). But this never led to issues in Designer 1.9 and up. Nor did I see this in 2.0.0.
  3. 2022-11-17 18-05-33.mp4 I have my shortcuts setup to increase or decrease the stroke weight with the bracket keys. However, this does not apply to text. This is on Windows 19044.2251 (21H2).
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