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Found 9 results

  1. Summary: In Export to SVG, if you use Enter to submit the form instead of using the mouse to click the button, the Preset settings are not used, and the Preset is cleared next time. Application: Affinity Designer 2.1.1 OS: MacOS 13.5 Reproducible: Yes. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a new document, and in Document Setup, make it as shown (note the resolution is 300dpi). 2. Go to File > Export. Create a Preset for Export to SVG, named "Glowforge", as shown in the screenshot. (Note particularly that "Use DPI: 96" is set, and the "Raster DPI" field is not set.) 3. Select the "Glowforge" preset. Click the "Export" button with the mouse, and export the file. 4. Go again to File > Export. Observe that the "Glowforge" preset is the default, because it was the most recently used. 5. Observe that the cursor is in the Raster DPI field, which is blank. (I don't know whether this is important.) 6. Hit Enter (don't use the mouse to click Export) and export the file. 7. Result: for me, this results in a file exported at the wrong scale (300dpi instead of 96dpi). 8. Go again to File > Export. Observe that the "Glowforge" preset is not the default. (Normally the previously-used preset is the default. Notes: I can see the result in the file's svg tag; the width and height are affected: (A) Correct result, from step 3 (clicking "Export" with the mouse) <svg width="8640px" height="8640px" ...> (B) Incorrect result, from step 6 (hitting Enter) <svg width="27000px" height="27000px" ... >
  2. Hi, the User variables within the export persona are not working at all. You can add new variables in a slice, but they don't appear in other slices Affinity Designer 2.1 and 2.1.1 Mac Mini M2 Mac OS Ventura 13.5 No recent change in my system Definitley reproducible. Tried everything for hours old documents New document Updated AD (2.1 => 2.11) Tried to manually recreating the variables Tried to copy and pate the slice settings to clipboard => The variables are only valid within a slice Would be great if you could fix that in the near future. This will save me hours of work, since I use the export persona very extensively (with dozens of slices for each document). One of my main (and most annoying) tasks every day is to rename slices in Affinity Designer... (sorry that I recently suggested that as new feature (I just missed it) Best regards, Dave
  3. Hi! I am having a problem exporting a PDF document. I believe the preview can not be generated somehow causing Publisher to crash. I created a completely empty document of 200 x 100 cm. This one also crashed when trying to export to PDF. The 'Creating preview' freezes right away. Not spinning what so ever. But when I reduced the image size to 190 x 100 cm the preview was created and I could export a PDF. So this seems to be a size issue? The export of the 200 x 100 cm document works fine for jpg, png. But also not fo webp or jpg XL. I tried disabling hardware acceleration but that did not help. I will attach the test file (200 x 100 cm) so maybe others can verify this issue. Or not... Tips or workarounds are welcome. test.afpub
  4. Hi, just found this. The dialog does not show the lock icon to clamp | unclamp proportional resize on export. This has been present in v1 and is also in customer v2.0.4
  5. Using a Mac M1, Ventura 13.2.1 There's a bug in the export preview (.jpg/.png) which shows kind of a transparency in the file. The exported file is fine, no transparency, it's just the preview of Affinity 2 apps. It's not 2.1 Beta-specific, it happened in the Version 2.0, too.
  6. Hi there, having a bug in the export UI. Please look at the screenshots in the attachements. The UI is messed up and visually destroyed when exporting a new, blank file or any edited file. I updated the newest iPad OS Version 16.3 and the newest App Version: (after the Export UI fix). Still there is a mess when skipping through only 2 file-format buttons (like PNG, JPEG) and also if I skip through all file-format buttons (like PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.). Every newly chosen file format menu, creates a new layer over the earlier menu. Please help me with this!! Have a nice day. Best, Gregor OS: newest iPad OS (16.3) App: Affinity Designer 2 (Version:
  7. I created a book with 4 chapters in seperate files. If I export the book als spreads, all pages will show the bleed as intended. But if I export the book als "all chapters as pages", the bleed will be ok only for the first page. book_export_missing_bleed.pdfbook_export_missing_bleed.pdf book_export_ spread.pdf
  8. usecase: stitching A4-like cuts for my wife on our A1 printer - i take PDF, drop in on the paper, select pages and copy them around and move precisely to match the borders. So far so good. then i want to export and all breaks. PNG/JPG previews Fine(1.JPG), when i hit export to PDF, transparent bg shows in export preview (2.JPG). When i export, i got same error as in test.pdf. Nomatter if its PDFs are embedded or linked. Plenty of RAM, plenty of disk space. Cannot publicly add the cut here because of copyrights, but if anyone contacts me from serif, i can send it privately for examination. Also, some times after export in version 2 the whole view f... up and i see only first pages of the PDF allaround as i never changed it to other pages with no possibility to step back. (in version 1 no problem. all exports fine and without problems) To be honest, i think the new export in PDF is somehow broken, i have problems with it all the time, in publisher it crashes often, when im exporting the book, here aswell problems.... test.pdf
  9. When you export to TIFF or JPEG and the keywords are comma delimited only the last keyword entered shows up in the exported file. This same thing happens on iPad with latest updates and Mac running Big Sur OS. This has also been reported in the Mac version portion of the forum. UPDATE: Tried to test on iPad by changing commas to semicolons. In multiple tries the keywords field was no updated after clicking OK. I believe there is a serious problem with the whole keywords module when it comes to editing and exporting. 2ND UPDATE:This morning I tested by exporting a JPG file with several keywords. Like previously when I checked to see if keywords were fully copied to the JPG file only the last keyword in the list was this displayed. However, I then did something I didn't think of doing yesterday when testing, I opened the same JPG in the software NeoFinder and all keywords were displayed. So, there is a problem with the way keywords are being handled but it appears that they are not being lost upon export. Instead it appears to be the display of all keywords in JPG and TIF files generated by AP. Hope this info helps.
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