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Found 8 results

  1. When using "Refine Selection" and "Feather" in a macro Affinity Photo crashes immediately without error message. Disabling Metal does not help. Best, Chris
  2. Whenever I apply my master page that has a RAW image (developed in Publisher, default linked setting), to another master page, the app crashes. I have tried to go back to a simple and clean file, it still crashes. I went to the release version and the software crashed before I could even develop the RAW image, so I am reporting this with a Beta build. Cut out the part where it crashed: 2023-05-16 07-57-08_Trim.mp4 Steps to reproduce Create two master pages, one with a text frame for a title and one with an image frame. Place a RAW image in the image frame. Click on the RAW image and go to Develop it (e.g. change the exposure) When done, apply the master with the RAW image to the master with the text The software crashes This is on Windows 10.0.19045, using Publisher Hardware acceleration on. Also, it appears that if I change the way the image is developed (from linked to pixel layer) it works as expected. However, there seems to be no way to revert back to the linked file nor to replace the image like you would with any regular image.
  3. I'm finding that Shape Builder operations frequently crash my Designer 2.0 system out to the OS (Windows 10). Hopefully you can repeat the problem: Open the attached file. Select the Inks and Shapes layer. Click the Shape Builder tool. Start building shapes. For example, I just built shapes to try to make one shape out of the right arm and to attempt to add the circles into the pants where they intersect. Anecdotally I have the impression that if I reboot the PC, I can resume work for a little while longer than if I just start up Designer again. Memory leak, perhaps? lucy drawing.afdesign
  4. Another user reported a crash using Dust and Scratches filter that I can confirm, but I'm opening another thread because the report should not be related only to that specific filter. It seems to affect many of them. I've experienced a consistent crash while using Unsharp Mask filter, both in live and normal mode. I've noticed it always happened when bringing the radius down to zero. I investigated further and noticed that sliders can strangely have a negative value applied with even stranger results (e.g. Threshold in Unsharp Mask can go negative making the layer transparent). I've tested other filters (not all of them). All sliders could go negative and eventually (which happens easily when you simply want to bring a value down to zero), many of them made the app crash immediately or very soon. AP 2.0.3 IpadOs 16 6th generation iPad
  5. Hi there, having a bug in the export UI. Please look at the screenshots in the attachements. The UI is messed up and visually destroyed when exporting a new, blank file or any edited file. I updated the newest iPad OS Version 16.3 and the newest App Version: (after the Export UI fix). Still there is a mess when skipping through only 2 file-format buttons (like PNG, JPEG) and also if I skip through all file-format buttons (like PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.). Every newly chosen file format menu, creates a new layer over the earlier menu. Please help me with this!! Have a nice day. Best, Gregor OS: newest iPad OS (16.3) App: Affinity Designer 2 (Version:
  6. Hi, I am having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around how this magically starts happening, because I have not changed anything in my device recently, only when I installed AP 2. The official DAUB W&W Bristles pack sold on your store causes the program to instantly crash whenever I open the subfolder. Affinity Photo 1 did not have this issue. It happens on all files I've tried to use the brushes on. I've removed and re-imported the brush pack but that did not fix anything. Device and Affinity Photo 2 info: AP 2 version: Hardware Acceleration is turned on. (And turning it off makes it impossible to work with at decent file sizes). Windows 10 Home 21H2 Huion Inspiroy Q11K v2 graphics tablet (not sure if relevant but it's the main external device I use). I've added what I understood to be the crash files, please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you. attachment_Log.txt d7953454-ff0f-45bd-97aa-591343955311.dmp
  7. 写给Affinity Photo的建议信 你好,我是来自中国大陆地区的Affinity Photo的用户, 我使用Affinity Photo已经有两年了, 主要用于对绘画进行图像处理, 很高兴能看到的Affinity Photo 2.0的出现, 我第一时间进行了下载试用。 我有以下的一些建议,用在我的流程上,方便使用: 01.增加图层的显示/隐藏的切换,只绑定一个按键, 而不是两个不同的键。 我经常使用shift+d来检查一个图层的开启效果与否。 02.能给宏设置快捷键, 我自己制作了些对于我的工作流程很高效的宏, 希望能更加高效地使用键盘快捷键调用。 03.能给滤镜插件也设置快捷键, 我经常会使用到nik collecion的插件。 还有我还发现一些bug: 01.在使用BorisFX Sapphire 2023的.8BF插件的时候, Affinity Photo 2.0会直接崩溃。(在PhotoShop2023中正常使用) BorisFX Sapphire是个很强大的后期滤镜, 我希望Affinity Photo 2.0能支持它。 02.在保存了afphoto的时候,只有等到关闭文件的时候才会写入略缩图。 1.0的版本的时候是立刻写入的样子。 我的操作系统环境是 win10 21H2。 ———————————————————— Advice For Affinity Photo 2.0 Hello guys,I am user of Affinity Photo from China. I have used Affinity Photo for 2 years. I always use Affinity Photo for adjust my Illustrations by filters. I am glad that Affinity Photo 2.0 is comming.I try it at a first time. I have advice for Affinity Photo in order to use it for more efficient. 01.add a switch function to hide/show a layer using 1 shortcut,not 2 buttons. I frequently use shift+d to hide or show a layer to check effect. 02.add shortcuts for calling macros. I make some powerfull macros for my workflow, I want to call them using keyboard. There is no way to use them by shortcut, it is uncomfortable for me. 03.add shortcuts for calling filter plug-ins. I offten use "Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro 2" There is no way to use it by shortcut, that also makes me uncomfortable. I have also find some bugs in Affinity Photo 2.0 01.When I using "BorisFX Sapphire 2023"(.8BF plug-in), Affinity Photo will crash immediately.(It works fine in PhotoShop2023) "BorisFX Sapphire" is a great amd powerfull filter plug-in. I hope Affinity Photo 2.0 support it. 02.When Affinity Photo 2.0 saving .afphoto file, Thumbnail will not be saved and refreshed immediately until Affinity Photo 2.0 close the file. Affinity Photo 1.10 will save and refresh.afphoto Thumbnail immediately My OS is Windows 10 21H2. and have a nice day.
  8. I have opened a v1 document in order to take a simple graphic from it and re-use. It is a group made of two curves and a placed embedded SVG file, the intention to copy to multiple locations and replace the embedded SVG with alternatives to label a diagram. First issue, the SVG didn't visibly transfer - just the curves - but it existed in the layers menu. Subsequent it cuts and pastes in OK, but as soon as I replace the SVG in any location it crashes. When I looked in the resource manager there was the embedded file but no preview. Using the resource manager I replaced the SVG in all 11 locations with one I planned to use somewhere within the document. It showed in Resource manager as preview and populated document OK. So I went on to attempt to replace a single SVG again in just one selected location. Same CRASH. (SVGs in the original file opened in V2 edit, swap and save as expected. New document has been working with different structure perfectly well but had not swapped SVGs only Jpgs. Tried switching paste format to SVG - no change) So I have further explored and this is an SVG for SVG swap issue. I can swap the existing SVGs for another file format JPEG, PNG, etc and then import the SVG I want. However I cannot swap that SVG for an alternative SVG. This is the situation for any document I create Publisher, Designer or Photo SVG swap crash log Publisher.rtf
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