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Found 11 results

  1. Right now, if you want to drag a masterpage to a document page that is not in view in the pages studio, the panel does not scroll, so you have to escape out dragging the masterpage. Instead, if the pages studio were to be able to scroll down if you hover at the bottom while dragging a masterpage, you will be able to drag and drop a masterpage over a document page that is out of view.
  2. This was not an issue on 2.0, just appeared after the 2.1 update was installed. The image below shows a PDF I exported before the update. When I opened the file to apply reviews on the document, I'd noticed that all brands that should include a non-breaking hyphen had a non-breaking space instead. And even when I tried to apply the hyphen back, it just doesn't work anymore. Hope this could be a quick fixed or I have to installed 2.0 back again. I need this project done today or tomorrow.
  3. When the dash pattern for a stroke is clipped (meaning the stroke is too short for the dashes to apply) the pattern is ignored. Steps to reproduce 1. Create a line with the pen tool| 2. Apply a stroke colour and set the stroke to be dashed 3. For the dashes, set increasing sizes, like 1 | 1 | 4 | 4 | 10 | 0 (cap type doesn't matter) 4. Change the length of the line, if the line is too short to display all dashes, only the first two 1 | 1 will be used, rather than clipping off the parts that are too long (e.g. the last 10 should become 5 to make the pattern fit) Video 2023-10-04 09-41-45.mp4 This is on Windows 10.0.19045, Publisher/ Designer 2.2.0.
  4. When I develop a photo inside Publisher and have a gradient ramp applied to the RAW image prior to developing it, the show clipped colours don't show as intended. This is on Windows 10, Publisher 2.1.1. Steps to reproduce 1. Place/ open a RAW image in Publisher 2. Apply a gradient map adjustment to the image 3. Select the image and click the develop button 4. Tick all the show clipped highlights/ tones/ shadows buttons 5. Notice how the clipped colours are no longer red/ blue/ yellow, but instead follow the gradient map colours
  5. This effects all three programs: Photos, Designer, and Publisher. When i minimize the program to the dock, clicking on the docked icon does not expand the program to the desktop again. it does however make it the active window. to expand the program i must right click on the docked icon and and select the currently opened file in the program.
  6. Whenever I apply my master page that has a RAW image (developed in Publisher, default linked setting), to another master page, the app crashes. I have tried to go back to a simple and clean file, it still crashes. I went to the release version and the software crashed before I could even develop the RAW image, so I am reporting this with a Beta build. Cut out the part where it crashed: 2023-05-16 07-57-08_Trim.mp4 Steps to reproduce Create two master pages, one with a text frame for a title and one with an image frame. Place a RAW image in the image frame. Click on the RAW image and go to Develop it (e.g. change the exposure) When done, apply the master with the RAW image to the master with the text The software crashes This is on Windows 10.0.19045, using Publisher Hardware acceleration on. Also, it appears that if I change the way the image is developed (from linked to pixel layer) it works as expected. However, there seems to be no way to revert back to the linked file nor to replace the image like you would with any regular image.
  7. I've already seen other bug reports about the transform origin (so I think this is related and you already know), but none on Windows or reporting specifically this. I've met this bug both on Photo and Publisher. Right after resizing an object (be it a vector shape, a pixel layer or a placed image), the transform origin starts to be affected by a fixed offset that makes impossible to put it where you need. I can't screen record my pc now, but it's really that easy to reproduce. To workaround it you need to unselect and reselect the object again. Then the origin point starts to behave properly until a new resize will make it go crazy again. Affinity 2.0.4 on a Windows 10 machine
  8. Whenever you enter the toolbar customiser (for the top as oppose to either of the sides) and try to drag around the existing tools that reside in the tool bar you drag the entire application window around instead of just adjusting the position of the tools in the toolbar. Not sure if it is specific tools or not, in my experience it varies and can be random which it does this with. This happens on Mac OS as of the most recent update, and I believe before that. It also happens in Photo and Publisher, not just Designer. Toolbar Example.mov
  9. I wasn't sure if this was normal or if it was something on my machine causing it, but this issue is present in V1 & V2 beta. Pixel mode displays jaggies and does not represent 100%. PNG Export looks the way it should. I attached a recording trying out different DPI+zoom combos to show the results. I suspect it may be helpful for determining the cause. FYI: The issue is present in Publisher Designer Persona as well. Video has sound. 121213_V2_pixel-mode-is-not-pixel-mode-above-150p-dpi-windows-10.mp4
  10. Good morning, I switched from Affinity 1 to Universal Licence Affinity V2. When I use Affinity publisher on my iPad I cannot open a file stored on google Drive. I just cannot tap on it to open it. But if I move the file to the Affinity publisher folder stored locally, then it works! Why? Not being able to work on afpub files stored online defeat the purpose of working seamlessly between Mac and iPad How can I solve that? Thank you very much Sapaka
  11. 2022-11-17 18-05-33.mp4 I have my shortcuts setup to increase or decrease the stroke weight with the bracket keys. However, this does not apply to text. This is on Windows 19044.2251 (21H2).
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