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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, viewing grid does not work, see attached screenshot. Photo V2.0.4, but same for V2.0.X. Please fix it. Edit: Posted in wrong thread, please move if you can. Grid is OK in Designer 2 and Publisher 2.
  2. Can someone explain why does Photos 2.2 messes up the colours when i make a change to the image and SAVE rather than EXPORT with this JPEG? In some other image, it adds a green background and pixelate it.
  3. In the Sources Window for the Focus Merge, the Toggle Sources Preview eye does not toggle between grey and white (i.e. preview off and preview on). While AP does functionally toggle between preview on and preview off on source images, the eye is always white, never grey. This makes it difficult to know if I'm in preview mode or not on a source image. This also occurred with the previous version of AP. Windows 11, Surface Pro 8, Affinity Photo ver 2.2 Thanks Gary
  4. Affinity Photo Beta on Windows. Program crashes when I try to open a file saved in a previous beta version (attached). Rys0001.afphoto
  5. This effects all three programs: Photos, Designer, and Publisher. When i minimize the program to the dock, clicking on the docked icon does not expand the program to the desktop again. it does however make it the active window. to expand the program i must right click on the docked icon and and select the currently opened file in the program.
  6. I have some text I was unable to mark italic so I applied 5 degrees of shear from the Character > Positioning and Transform properties. It looks fine on screen, and in an exported PNG, but I just noticed that when printed the shear was not applied and it was standing straight. I just tested this in a blank document in both Designer and Photo and it wasn't a one-off: Choose Artistic Text Tool Select a typeface that doesn't have a real italic (I just tried Impact) and type some text. Window > Text > Character > Positioning and Transform > Shear set to 5 Print (you can use Microsoft Print to PDF if you don't want to waste paper) Windows 11, Affinity 2.1.0
  7. I have "Force Pixel alignment" enabled. When I drag-and-drop a picture file (png or jpg) from explorer into a photo ducument, the file is not aligned to whole pixels. I have to release the mouse button, grab the file again and move it a little to force pixel alignment. I have "Move by whole Pixels" and "Snapping" disabled. If I had "Move by whole Pixels" enabled, the above workaround would not work, since "Move by whole Pixels" has higher priority then "Force Pixel alignment", thus moving the misaligned image by whole pixels to a new misaligned position (e.g. from 1498.2 px to 1500.2 px). There is a similar bug report on Designer 1, which seems not to be solved either: Regards Max1Josef
  8. Hey everyone, unfortunately, the menu item Select → Deselect Layers does in fact not deselect Layers inherited from Designer (and probably Publisher, haven't tested) documents. (E.g. opened a logo constructed in Designer for further post-processing-effects via File → Edit in Photo). Attached is a short demo, recorded with Photo V2.1.0. Cheers Dennis Deselect_Layers_Bug.mp4
  9. Not sure if this is some weird settings i've enabled or something else. But a few days ago all my brushes are showing these annoying noises. Anyone else having this issue? Using: Affinity Photo v2 iPad (v326)
  10. I found a breaking bug in the live perspective filter. If you clip an image that has a live perspective filter associated to a vector object, the image and perspective don't move together as a single object. To verify whether this is a V1 or V2 bug, I backtracked to Photo V1 to capture this demo (it applies to both versions of the software) 2022-12-08 15-16-14.mp4 Steps to reproduce: Add an image to the canvas (in this case it fills the entire canvas) Create a vector object as clipping frame. Apply a live perspective filter to the image to 'warp' it to the vector object from step 2. Put the image together with the perspective filter inside the vector object. Move the vector object around Notice how the image no longer corresponds to the vector frame. For reference, if I move the image with the live perspective filter attached around, it works as expected. If I change the 'Lock Children' setting, you see that the non-locked behaviour is not what is expected. 2022-12-08 15-17-12.mp4 Workaround Also note that if I put the vector object and the image in a group, the problem is solved. This is how it should behave when clipped as well (this time in V2): 2022-12-08 15-17-12.mp4
  11. I have affinity photo 2 and am trying to open my .Gpr raw file from my hero 10 black but affinity seems to not recognize it. Serif labs states that hero 10 raw is supported. Am I missing something? My go pro has the .Gpr and .jpeg file side by side, Gpr file is smaller in size compared to the jpeg which doesn’t make sense unless the go pro does something special and embeds the Gpr file into the jpeg? Surly not.
  12. Greetings all, I have a document in Photo v2 that has a model holding a credit card. The card is an embedded Designer v2 document of the card artwork. When I save the document, load up Designer and make changes to the card design and save it, shouldnt the changes be reflected in the Photo document when I reload it? This isnt happening.. when I reload the photo file with the model, she's still holding the old card design.
  13. Whenever you enter the toolbar customiser (for the top as oppose to either of the sides) and try to drag around the existing tools that reside in the tool bar you drag the entire application window around instead of just adjusting the position of the tools in the toolbar. Not sure if it is specific tools or not, in my experience it varies and can be random which it does this with. This happens on Mac OS as of the most recent update, and I believe before that. It also happens in Photo and Publisher, not just Designer. Toolbar Example.mov
  14. Another user reported a crash using Dust and Scratches filter that I can confirm, but I'm opening another thread because the report should not be related only to that specific filter. It seems to affect many of them. I've experienced a consistent crash while using Unsharp Mask filter, both in live and normal mode. I've noticed it always happened when bringing the radius down to zero. I investigated further and noticed that sliders can strangely have a negative value applied with even stranger results (e.g. Threshold in Unsharp Mask can go negative making the layer transparent). I've tested other filters (not all of them). All sliders could go negative and eventually (which happens easily when you simply want to bring a value down to zero), many of them made the app crash immediately or very soon. AP 2.0.3 IpadOs 16 6th generation iPad
  15. Hi, I am having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around how this magically starts happening, because I have not changed anything in my device recently, only when I installed AP 2. The official DAUB W&W Bristles pack sold on your store causes the program to instantly crash whenever I open the subfolder. Affinity Photo 1 did not have this issue. It happens on all files I've tried to use the brushes on. I've removed and re-imported the brush pack but that did not fix anything. Device and Affinity Photo 2 info: AP 2 version: Hardware Acceleration is turned on. (And turning it off makes it impossible to work with at decent file sizes). Windows 10 Home 21H2 Huion Inspiroy Q11K v2 graphics tablet (not sure if relevant but it's the main external device I use). I've added what I understood to be the crash files, please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you. attachment_Log.txt d7953454-ff0f-45bd-97aa-591343955311.dmp
  16. AP 2.0.0, macOS Ventura 13.0.1, Intel iMac AP Settings: Retina Rendering: Automatic (Best) Hardware Acceleration: Enable Metal compute acceleration, AMD Radeon Pro 555 (Metal) When trying to enhance multiple scans from diapositives, AP crashed several times when cropping the image (JPEG): Cropping with Custom Ratio Straightening the image by ⌘-dragging the mouse Dragging handles to set crop size to eliminate transparent edges: AP crashes When I restart AP, cropping the same image as before works without crashing AP. After processing more of such images (without restarting AP each time) AP breaks again at the 5th to 10th image while cropping. I reported the crashes to Apple and also got several crash reports in Console. Grüße Hans-Peter
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