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Found 17 results

  1. I waited all summer to catch this female of natural aviation at the lunch counter getting her fill up. I'm glad Affinity Photo was there when the waiting was over.
  2. Hi, I have been designing new 'Nature' brushes in Affinity Photo so that I can create nature scenes, micro worlds and greeting card designs. Its only a 'rough'; needs a bit of work... I have been using Affinity Photo for a while now - ever since Adobe decided that they were going to force their users to 'RENT' their software and that they are no longer interested in lowly individual designers, they are only interested in large corporate accounts. So I switched to Affinity Photo/Designer. And I am SO GLAD that I did. They are awesome! I also have been using CorelDraw and Corel Painter for many years (longer than I used Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign). I started using CorelDraw with version 5, and Painter when it was owned by Fractal Design, also version 5. I can remember opening CorelDraw when I first purchased it and just staring at all the tools and the blank page. Previously I had only used Word. I tried to type something. Nothing. So I closed it. I kept opening it up and just looking in awe at the tools, then finally I read some of the manual, checked out the Help files and figured it out. This started my interest in digital design. Later, I became a Graphic Designer and worked for nearly 20 years at Deutsche Bank doing cover design, Powerpoint template design, redrawing logos and maps, animation and so much more. There is a whole hidden industry of design, 'Presentation Design' and 'Presentation Specialist' jobs and you can get into this market if you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Its a great place to start your design career. Not only London, but all over the globe - Sydney, Australia, New York, Paris, Frankfurt... anywhere large corporations have a 'Presentations' department. Check out the job opportunities by typing 'Presentations Design' in Google. Create a portfolio. And if your portfolio is good, they will train you. I usually use Painter to create my greetings cards and have hundreds of Painter brushes - gold, jewels, silver, glass, diamonds, pearls, satins and silk brushes, and, of course, hundreds of 'Nature' brushes. This is the first one I have done using Affinity Photo. It has taken me a long time to create all the brushes of stones, rocks, rock faces, trees, lichen, toadstools, twisted branches, moss, ferns and to adjust the brush settings just to begin painting with them. Hope you like it... Del Hope you like it...
  3. Half of a masthead I'm working on using Affinity Designer for the very first time. All vector oil brushes including Outstanding Oil Brushes, Ult Brush Toolbox, Sav's AD brushes, CD Monet and default oil. My website: https://edagawin.carbonmade.com/ and IG: https://www.instagram.com/edagawin/
  4. I am new one and probably my work is not perfect. I just try what all i can do or not with affinity.
  5. Hi guys, I just made this brushes 2 days ago. Here's the link if you want to download it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19yzrVPnG8VIdnJzcJsHqzf8Hi6ALiIww/view?usp=sharing You can also check out the video below to see how I use these brushes. Hope you like it, thank you!
  6. Normally, I'm not one to mess about with my own photos in an editorial sense but, after I captured this I though I would try and . . .erm . . . improve it?
  7. Non disponendo di attrezzature fotografiche di grande livello, mi limito agli aspetti superficiali della natura, giocando con le forme senza necessariamente assumere rigore scientifico o plausibile nella ripresa. Con Affinity Photo mi sono limitato a correggere le temperature colore, ripulire la foto da polvere, polline e pelucchi, in qualche caso de-saturare o esaltare le luci ed esportare in .Jpeg. Il software si è comportato molto bene. ricordo un solo crash che si è risolto senza perdita del lavoro alla riapertura del programma.
  8. — part one may be seen here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29419-ap-•-early-morning-birds-at-the-marsh/ • Having a boring corporative Christmas event to shoot that day at 10:30, and since I was up and ready quite early, I went to the close by marsh to see the sunrise. I had a good (but too short) time with the light and the birds though most foliage is down. Cold, crisp, clean air granted me some cool light conditions. As always, 600mm ƒ4 @ ƒ8 on D810 combo. Have a look, have a good time! C&C welcomed… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I was very moved by this scene of the little boy sharing for a moment his grandpa's passion for wildlife 10 This will need some words. That little fellow (swift like nothing else) was hunting at +/- 290m from my position. So this image is no more than 6% of the original frame… but I could'n resist!!!
  9. • — following and completing this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27639-no-ap-•-first-snow-—picture-heavy/ … ​ Very heavy clouds and fog were not helping me in this but the equation remains and should be completed: I got the gear + here is the challenge = I'm gonna do what? By law (physics laws that is!), birds will fly at the same speed (flight is flight!) in good or bad lighting conditions. I should try to get good results and the solution resides in tweaking the shooting settings accordingly, accepting to compromise here and/or there: higher ISO, same ƒ stop, and, when possible, slower SS. Every time it is different and, today, some Great Egrets really outperformed all the others birds show wise. The light was alien somehow but that did not bother the birds. Have a look, have a good time… C&C welcomed! 1 2 3 4 5 It was also breakfast time for what we call a "Blue Heron"! 6 7 8 This Great Egret is getting dangerously close to the Heron which is a much stronger bird. 9 This hybrid Goose (Greylag + ???) brought a rather modest contribution to the show! 10 "Clear the runway, here I come"!
  10. • Having a boring corporative Christmas event to shoot that day at 10:30, and since I was up and ready quite early, I went to the close by marsh to see the sunrise. I had a good (but too short) time with the light and the birds though most foliage is down. Cold, crisp, clean air granted me some cool light conditions. As always, 600mm ƒ4 @ ƒ8 on D810 combo. Have a look, have a good time! C&C welcomed… Part 2 is here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29470-ap-•-early-morning-birds-at-the-marsh-•-part-2/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 AP was used to clean up debris from the water surface!
  11. Recent edit .. The Zwin Nature Reserve
  12. That's why photography is such a inspiring Hobby. Also on Google+ : See the link below
  13. • Introduction. Since some 10 days, I'm going around (not fast nor far!) with a set of crutches after a severe fall in an icy outdoor stairway that twisted my left ankle. —"That 's a good one"… said the surgeon, "No need to operate though that will nail or slow you down for some time, I'm afraid!" Yesterday, I couldn't stand it anymore. I asked a friend to help me put the wildlife gear in the car and drive me to the marsh for a couple of hours. Do you remember this girl (young female Mandarin duck) who grabbed my heart in the middle of December? Though I was hooked in a rather platonic affair, she broke my heart… but I'm happy for her… I had the feeling that this romance had no future. Followed in the next post…
  14. A little test based on an illustration from a cereal box. Playing around and getting use to the pen tool and shapes...
  15. So tonights late night doodle is dedicated to the special lady in my life... Ok maybe this was an excuse to play with creating my own custom brushes. I am building a nice little collection of brushes. So tonight was about brushes and mixing up some vectors with some pixels all in one image. You work in this application long enough you start jumping between the pixel and Draw Persona and you dont even think twice. I love to know what everyone interpretation of the story is in this image. (Squirrel) ohh did I mention I say Big Hero 6 the movie today? Go see it !!! It is worth every bit of the coin. Anyway enjoy.
  16. Only Mother Nature could make an image like this. I am still messing around with the new release of Affintiy Photo. Once again this is one of my macro photos of a small cut and polished stone. The RAW file was processed through AP with only slight adjustments to bring out the color. It is still a little rough and needs further work but AP makes it easy. I hope you like it as much as I.
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